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DUSU Converts Office Common Room into Open Library for Students

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The Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) decided to convert the common room of its office space into a library for students, which is supposed to remain open throughout the hours of the day, all days of the week. Read on to know more. 

The North Campus of the Delhi University (DU) has, for a protracted amount of time, longed for a good place to study. The students often complain about the lack of 24×7 libraries and moreover of quality libraries itself.

This problem is more visible during the exam season at the Varsity. As students aren’t able to study in hostel or PG rooms as the rooms are primarily small and the libraries seem to be full all the time. The present libraries either lack the seating capacity or updated books and internet. The students thus, are forced to go to private studying spaces and libraries which are chargeable based on the hour. A large amount of the students hence find this to be very expensive and therefore aren’t able to study properly.

DUSU has, on various occasions, tried to overcome this problem by sending letters to the DU Administration, but the same has not resulted in any positive reaction by the latter. Seeing the gravity of the issue, DUSU led by its President, Akshit Dahiya, has tried to deal with the problem on its own. DUSU has converted the meeting/waiting room in its President’s cabin, at the DUSU Office, into an open library.

Speaking to DU Beat, Dahiya said, “DUSU has for a long time demanded to turn regular libraries into 24×7 libraries in order to help the students. I have met with Proctor and the Rector several times over this issue, as we in our manifesto promised for better and increased number of libraries. During the exam times, several students have conveyed to me that their rooms are too small for studies and that college libraries are always full. Thus, they are forced to go to private libraries and as many of the students cannot afford the same, they face a lot of problems in managing their expenses. Thus, I opened my meeting room for these students to study. I have even sent a letter to the Proctor and other concerned authorities and have warned them that, if no action is taken to solve this library issue, I will even send these students to their offices itself. However, they seem to understand the gravity of the situation and have agreed to meet me on Monday. We are providing the students with internet for e-books and a space to study to the students at the DUSU Office. The students are supporting us a lot and are giving us positive feedback too. I aim to get a solution out for this issue in my meeting on Monday with the Proctor.”

This is a welcome step taken by the Union. However, its implementation and security will be seen only as time comes


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