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Auburn Umbrella: Leggings, Fashion, and Comfort

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This Auburn introduces you to a staple for dance, dramatics and many other societies, Leggings. Something so simple, yet so necessary.

Like the nation we live in, University of Delhi (DU) is an amalgamation of many fashion trends, the infamous Kurta trend, the ripped jeans trend, and T-shirt-skirt trend. Among all of these, Legging Fashion is the newest trend on the list.

When I joined the Dramatics Society of my college, I was oblivious to the many rigorous physicals we have to endure. Amidst, all the running and fainting from fatigue, the toughest was to select an attire. This constant confusion between-can’t come to college in pyjamas, can’t wear skirts or jeans because of the physical restriction, and forget the beautiful summer dresses. Leggings came to my rescue, a tool that provides one with a perfect attire looking fashionable. All my shopping trips with my mother just low-key turned into who would find the brown-edgy leggings, and who will find the classic black ones.

Aditi Kekre, a student from Sri Venkateswara college said, “Leggings are so comfortable. They allow you to be so fun and free. You can do a split in them, you can dance and yet you’ll look formal if you choose the right one.”

The other bigger development in this revolutionary attire is its forms. There are yoga pants, styled bottom jeggings, the Jean Jegging, the cotton ones that can be worn under kurtas, the embellished tights, and so much more.

Most people also choose them for their convenience. It supports their many looks of ethnic outfits and work wonders on even the western ones.

Mehak Bhatia, another student from DU, told DU Beat, “Leggings according to me to are comfortable. I would prefer wearing them over Jeans and tights any day. But it’s difficult to match them my tops. Leggings only go with Indian kurtas etc., that’s the only drawback.”


Just like the T-shirt that goes with every outfit. The jegging has become the perfect staple for all. You tuck in your T-shirt and you’re ready for class, you add a jacket or a kurta and it’s a new look altogether.

Other than this, Social media and Fashion influencers have created a platform to advertise, sell and buy jegging. With so much variety, it becomes an unaffected item.

So, for all the students with dreaded faces, contemplating what to do, what to wear and how to creep up, just tuck in your graphic tee in blue jegging and welcome themselves with a nice day.

Feature Image Credits: Scopio

Chhavi Bahmba

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