The Indian attire saree goes centuries back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, and has transformed rapidly. Saree is a social evidence to the evolving Indian culture.

The evolution of saree moves parallel to the history of India, representing that it is not just a simple garment worn by Indian woman, but a symbol of India’s past, present, and future. Saree, a garment as traditional as it can be, yet represents contemperary women, with diverse choices. However, it has been wildly sexualised by Bollywood, with its tip-tip brass paani, yet saree was a choice of fierce women. This International Women’s Day, bask in the glory of Saree.

Ancient India

Called the ‘Sattika’, the attire consisted of a three-piece poshak which was an ensemble of antriya, the lower garment, uttariya, a veil worn over the shoulder and the head, and a stanapatta, a chest band, which later evolved into a choli.

Mughal Period

The Mughals contributed not only to the architecture of India, but also to its dress sense. This period focused on a bright and lavish saree look. The Mughals perfected the art of stitching and had a great fascination with silk clothes. This era was obsessed with elegant, embroidery-rich, silk clothes. The modern way of draping sarees originated during this period. This period made the sari look very royal and graceful.

British Raj

Indian women owe the modern jewelled pins and brooches for the draping of saris to the British, who transformed the way Indian women used to dress to suit their own rules. Many British colonies adopted western clothing during the British rule, but India held onto its traditional clothing.

The Late 90s

The late 90s focused mainly on the colour and the fabric. Highly influencedby Bollywood, this period witnessedwomen wearing bolder colours with sheer chiffon fabric, embracing and accepting, more than ever.

The 2000s

This era witnessed ample experiments with the traditional saree. Apart from colour and fabric, the way of draping saree also saw major changes. The concept of fusing with the western look was attained in the early 2000s giving the traditional saree, a stunning, and wholesome look.

Saree is widely diverse when it comes to the geography of India, blessed with the cultural diversity of our nation. There’s no particular style that can define the beauty of this Indian attire, as it evolves to something even more mesmerising with every state we cross, and every cultural difference we comprehend.

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Avni Dhawan

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Denim finds its way practically into every wardrobe and is versatile enough to go with all kinds of clothes, prints and fabrics. Here’s how you can style four very basic denim pieces for the fests.


An oversized sweater paired up with a denim skirt, along with boots, is the go-to look for girls. A solid coloured top tucked in a denim skirt can be paired well, with junk jewelry or simple hoops. Janpath or Sarojini Nagar market, must have them for as low as Rs 200. Experiment with printed and knotted shirts. Wear sneakers and go all comfortable while dancing around in concerts.


Black jeans compliment any gradient of denim shirts. Tuck or no tuck, just add a belt and shoes. The shirt doesn’t necessarily have to be buttoned up. Wear it over a tank top or crop top, and t-shirt for a casual look. Half tucked shirt worn over a crop top and black jeggings are very comfortable. Play with accessories but don’t go too overboard.


Denim jacket is a literal savior for all, and is always in trend. Wear a denim jacket, over a dress, to perfectly execute your answer. Girls can always pair palazzo pants with a tucked top and wear the jacket as a cape. A white t-shirt and jeans worn with a denim jacket, if it gets too monotonous, simply, wear loose t-shirts with distressed jeans. If you’re planning to pair denim with denim, experiment with two different shades, say lighter and a darker wash or colours like black or white.


Kurta and jeans are almost synonymous with University students. Paired with kolhapuri flats and a tote bag, this combination is worn by both, boys and girls on a daily basis. When it comes to fests, bling up these looks by accessorizing. Junk neckpieces, and sunglasses. Drop the jholas and opt for backpacks for fests – much more comfortable and easy to carry. Jeans for guys go best with V neck t-shirts, sweaters, and hooded sweatshirts. Distressed jeans with kurti, paired with jhumkas can transcend a regular day look to a fest outfit.

Priyanshi, a second-year student at Indraprastha College for Women, says, “I usually attend fests after class and a sweatshirt and jeans is what I wear to college but not on a fest. I’d rather put an acid-washed denim jacket as a cape over the same outfit and be ready in no time. Of course, I always have a pair of big hoops and bandana in my bag to accessorise”.

Denim can be styled in multiple ways. It is the versatility and comfort of the material that makes it all the more popular amongst college students.

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A Leather Jacket is the most vogue, versatile and flexible piece of clothing that every college student must have in this freezing weather.

Leather jackets come in a host of colours that go well with everything, thereby, ensuring that you always stay at the top of your fashion game.

Leather jacket, an apparel that has the striking capability to enhance your look in seconds, and is unquestionably the easiest way to keep warm during the chilly winters.Regardless of what you’re sporting, you always will have the opportunity to throw on a leather jacket and up your vogue to another level! So, here are some flamboyant types of leather jackets to help you in the task of picking the right jacket outfit for you.

Black Leather Jacket

The way to go with black leather jacket is a polished look. It is one of the most- liked colours by men and has been wornby them for years, but hasn’t gone off theramp nor the streets.

Brown Leather Jacket

When you’re bored with the generic black, then the next best outfit would be a brown leather jacket to stand out of the ordinary! It perfectly balances between a dark and soft colour which is soothing to the eyes. Brown leather jacket is a bit hard to figure out, but the general rule is simple- Never Pair Brown with Brown.

Leather Shirt Jackets

If you’re searching for an effortless, versatile attire, you’ll find a plethora of choices with a leather shirt jacket. It has a similar style as button-downs, but it’s made from leather for durability.

Leather Moto Jackets

Also known as the classic Motorcycle jacket, this jacket will lend a shade of attitude to your look of classic elegance. Pair your  jeans and cocktail dresses—or floral skirts for a stunning contrast. For a winter look, pair a classic black jacket with denim and a colourful scarf to keep you snug.

Aviator Jackets

The leather jacket with a faux fur collar or lining has its origins in the rugged jackets early American pilots wore to stay warm at high altitudes, hence the name – Aviator Jackets. Go retro and pair yours with jeans and a graphic tee or elevate your look by wearing a jacket with an elegant dress or trousers.

Leather Jackets in Funky Colours

These jackets with a matte leather finishand quirky shades are the best way to sparkup a boring outfit. Just throw it on over basic jeans and leggings and pair with a pair of sneakers for an effortless, versatile look.

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Got a literal cold feet situation? Boots. Broke your toenail while dancing your heart out at the New Year’s party? Boots. Feeling as active as a sloth? Boots. Feeling “Vogue”? Boots.

Boots are the ultimate saviour. With “Dilli ki sardi” hitting us hard, the halos over boots only become more visible.

With winter in full bloom, it is time to go back to your cart where you saved those pair of boots to combat Delhi’s very own feet freezing January.

For the days when you feel like life is not that bad, take out your old friend out- jeans! Pair it up with a pair of calf-length boots, put on a high neck sweater and a long coat and you are good to go. Here is an advantage- the traitor denims that left you midway for those dirty ankle ends might not be an issue anymore.

For just another lazy college day, get your hoodies to work, put on your denims and get yourself a humble pair of flat-fleece lined boots.


Feature Image Source: Anushree Joshi for DU Beat

We have got you covered even for days when sudden parties and dates knock on your door. Get your acquaintance- loose sweater from the bottom-most shelf of your wardrobe, get a wide belt and put on knee-high boots. If you feel like the inner diva needs to vent out, do not hesitate from adding a bold element of thigh-high boots.

For the street style look which needs no introduction, get your cargo pants, oversized knitted sweater, an infinite scarf, a beanie and lace-up boots. Viola! Your Instagram feed gets a treat.

 Pull off power dressing with the “bell-bottoms & boots” master plan. Take out those bell-bottoms and tuck in a knitted sweater. Put on a blazer and finish the look with classic leather boots. A statement piece adds a kick to the outfit.

When it comes to boots, one cannot help but think about fests. Don’t look at, but look like the Vogue model you had your eyes glued on to. Fetch a well fitted high neck sweater, denim skirt a chunky pair of earrings and ankle boots for the perfect chic look.

Style tip #101: Get your peep toe heels out of the closet’s darkest cranny and find stockings of the same colour. Prick a hole at the bottom of the stockings and wear the stockings over the heels, letting the hole fit under the heel and slide the stockings up to achieve the sock-fit boots look without burning a hole in your pocket.

 Feature Image Credits: Instagram: @streetstylestoreofficial

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This Auburn introduces you to a staple for dance, dramatics and many other societies, Leggings. Something so simple, yet so necessary.

Like the nation we live in, University of Delhi (DU) is an amalgamation of many fashion trends, the infamous Kurta trend, the ripped jeans trend, and T-shirt-skirt trend. Among all of these, Legging Fashion is the newest trend on the list.

When I joined the Dramatics Society of my college, I was oblivious to the many rigorous physicals we have to endure. Amidst, all the running and fainting from fatigue, the toughest was to select an attire. This constant confusion between-can’t come to college in pyjamas, can’t wear skirts or jeans because of the physical restriction, and forget the beautiful summer dresses. Leggings came to my rescue, a tool that provides one with a perfect attire looking fashionable. All my shopping trips with my mother just low-key turned into who would find the brown-edgy leggings, and who will find the classic black ones.

Aditi Kekre, a student from Sri Venkateswara college said, “Leggings are so comfortable. They allow you to be so fun and free. You can do a split in them, you can dance and yet you’ll look formal if you choose the right one.”

The other bigger development in this revolutionary attire is its forms. There are yoga pants, styled bottom jeggings, the Jean Jegging, the cotton ones that can be worn under kurtas, the embellished tights, and so much more.

Most people also choose them for their convenience. It supports their many looks of ethnic outfits and work wonders on even the western ones.

Mehak Bhatia, another student from DU, told DU Beat, “Leggings according to me to are comfortable. I would prefer wearing them over Jeans and tights any day. But it’s difficult to match them my tops. Leggings only go with Indian kurtas etc., that’s the only drawback.”


Just like the T-shirt that goes with every outfit. The jegging has become the perfect staple for all. You tuck in your T-shirt and you’re ready for class, you add a jacket or a kurta and it’s a new look altogether.

Other than this, Social media and Fashion influencers have created a platform to advertise, sell and buy jegging. With so much variety, it becomes an unaffected item.

So, for all the students with dreaded faces, contemplating what to do, what to wear and how to creep up, just tuck in your graphic tee in blue jegging and welcome themselves with a nice day.

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Chhavi Bahmba

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We bring to you some tips for styling your attire comfortably in the hot and humid weather of Delhi.

Dressing up is a task in this weather, where the temperature is usually more than 35 degree Celsius and the humidity levels do not drop below 70 percent. All the cute outfits get ruined by sweat as soon as you step out of your home. Still, there are ways to save the day by being comfortable yet stylish even on the hottest days. Here are some tips to handle the heatwave in style:

Go Light and Bright

An important thing to consider while picking an outfit is the colour of your clothes. Dark shades are a big no-no. Opt for lighter shades that will reflect heat and light, and keep you cooler. Choose pastel shades or floral prints which are in vogue these days. White shirts and dresses are not a bad option either.

Image Credits:
Image Credits: Balderdash Apparel

Flowy over Sticky

On the humid days, opt for clothes that do not stick to your body. Such clothes allow for the much-needed ventilation; think flowy dresses, loose-fitting jumpsuits, palazzo pants, etc. Choose straight-fit pants over slim-fit ones. Avoid wearing clothes that are tight or hug your physique uncomfortably, if you wish to stay away from sweat marks.

Image Credits: Shoppers Stop
Image Credits: Shoppers Stop

Do Away with Synthetics

Choose cotton, linen, or rayon fabrics if you wish to avoid being sweaty and itchy all day. These fibres absorb moisture and let some air in, allowing you to feel cooler.

Image Credits: Pinterest
Image Credits: Pinterest

Cut-outs are in

Tops and dresses with cut-out designs are a good option to consider as they help your skin breathe by letting some air in. Besides being summer-friendly, these clothes are fashionable too.

What’s on Your Feet?

It is said by our grandmas and grandpas that heat escapes through our head and our feet. So, choosing the right footwear is important too. Try wearing sandals or slip-on’s as much as possible. Avoid choosing closed-toe footwear that leads to sweating in the feet and does not let your feet breathe. If you wish to wear shoes, then go for canvas shoes rather than leather ones. Uncomfortable footwear in humidity can lead to foot-sores, making life more troublesome than it already is in the long hours at the University of Delhi.

Accessories to Consider

Sunglasses, hats, or umbrellas are a must in this weather. Choose bright-coloured frames of sunglasses, hats, or caps. Pick small stud earrings rather than bigger ones, and prefer not wearing bigger neckpieces.

Feature Image Credits: Purnima PV for DU Beat

Priya Chauhan

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Traditional clothing like kurtas, palazzos, dupattas, and sarees are a new favourite for many students at the University of Delhi (DU). 

The richness of the culture and heritage of India is oozing out of the patterns that have made a comeback in fashion trends. These patterns can be seen accessorised with jhumkas, monochrome kurta salwar with colourful Bandhani or Leheriya dupattas, or it can be worn in contrasting combinations. These can also be styled to create an Indo Western look by wearing a pair of jeans with kurti, printed tee with a palazzo, or a short kurti with shorts.


This ancient style of hand-printing is a popular choice among the University students, and can be found in all items of traditional clothing, as it is suitable for all occasions. It is available in the classic tamarind colour, khadi colour, blue, green, orange, and yellow. From adorning an oriental Kalamkari saree on your farewell to a casual Kalamkari kurti in college, you can pick your occasion to slay in this style.

Image Credit: India Mart
Image Credit: India Mart


This light cloth is an all-time favourite for many. Blue colour comes naturally from Indigo. It comes with dabu or block prints of flowers, designs, umbrellas, and much more. These prints can be enhanced by coordinating them with whites; for example, a simple, plain white blouse with a traditional Indigo saree, or an Indigo kurti with a white palazzo.

fabindia indigo
Image Credits: Fab India


This dyeing technique, found mainly in men’s fashion, is used to pattern kurtas. It is a very toned-down pattern that adds a subtle touch to liven up your usual clothes. Ikat designs can go from being simplistic to loud, colourful, or abstract. It catches the eye due to its unique ethnic tribal art, setting a trend that many fashion brands have incorporated.

Image Credits: Fabrics
Image Credits: Fabrics


You can identify this technique with its distinct lines, dots, and heavy floral designs. This is suitable to be worn on a special occasion or a day-out. The best way to style a Batik is to let it be the star of the outfit and stand out, with simple accessories or add-ons. This design can help you look your best for any cultural event or celebration!

Image Credits: India Mart
Image Credits: India Mart

While these patterned clothes are entering our wardrobes, one has to spend a lot to buy these. The good news is that cheaper alternatives to Dilli Haat, Fabindia, and Global Desi, and others like Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Rangmanch, and Westside are also launching these designs to cater to our fashion needs. Markets like Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, and Kamla Nagar are every DU student’s all-time favourites for affordable fashion where these prints can be easily found.

Feature Image Credits: Namrata Randhawa for DU Beat

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Socks have evolved from warm and fuzzy utilities of winter to a veritable fashion statement. With celebrities sporting bold socks paired with their couture outfits, there is  no reason why we should hold back.

In today’s market, where anything and everything is available if you look hard enough, it is not difficult to fall in love with that perfect pair of socks. Emboldened by the trends in the fashion industry – be it stylists, YouTubers and fashion bloggers, or our very own Ranveer Singh, we need not hesitate before letting it all out.

Image Credits: Business of Cinema
Image Credits: Business of Cinema
  • Now a lot of people might be confused about how to style socks. We are here to help with a few tips and tricks.Get socks in a similar, but not the same shade of shoes that you will be wearing. So, think of jeans that are folded a tad bit above the ankle, a pair of fawn-coloured boots, and dark-brown ankle socks poking their way through. You will have a whole westernised vibe going on. This is the initial, safe choice in your journey of making socks into an accessory.
  • The world is divided between if they like this trend or not. Some are all up for it, while others are repulsed. To be very honest, I, personally, belong to the latter category, but hey, just throwing another choice in your direction. Many fashion bloggers are big fans of wearing socks underneath their heels – stilettoes, peep-toes, or the good ole. If you feel like you are into that, by all means, go ahead.
Image Credits: Be Asia-Be Magazine
Image Credits: Be Asia-Be Magazine
  • I am a believer in looking good when you are chilling because it makes you feel good about yourself. Guys and girls, put on cute-looking socks over your pyjamas, not only will they keep you comfy, but that peek in the mirror will be all the more worthwhile.
  • Moderately daring, but outrageously bright, polka-dotted socks are a thing, people! Up the style and up the gumption and wear them with the most formal pieces of clothing you own, after all, you only live once!
Image Credits: Rockmysocks
Image Credits: Rockmysocks

Try sticking to breathable fabrics like cotton in these summer months to keep you comfortable. Explore all possibilities and see what works for you, and don’t let anyone, us included, govern your fashion choices.

Feature Image Credits: The Idle Man

Maumil Mehraj

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We all have days where merely getting out of bed is a mammoth task, let alone doing your makeup or getting dressed. Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of switching-off life and responsibilities, and have to show up. Here is a little support.

“Accept that someday what pains you now will surely pain you less.” – Cheryl Strayed.

The first thing we have to realise is that it is okay to have bad days. We are emotional beings, sensitive to feelings, and have a direct reaction to the situation that surrounds us. While there are so many stimuli, almost constantly tugging at our brains, it becomes impossible for us to always feel good. Flipside, this is actually a phase where we discover ourselves, get to know us better. We must cherish it as much as we cherish our good days, because these have more educational value in them.
Be it stress because of college, a change in relationships, or how your body is feeling, we may not necessarily want to dress up. For the people who menstruate, it may get especially uncomfortable and undesirable to get dressed while they are on their period. But we have places to go to, lectures to attend, schedules to follow, and can’t let go of all our responsibilities completely.
On such days, a little self-care can go a long way. When we put in just a little effort to look presentable, it instantly improves our mood and makes us feel better about ourselves.
“Getting up and getting ready isn’t about masking whatever it is that I am going through, it is really an outlet for me,” says Ingrid Nilsin, fashion and beauty guru. “It allows me to take care of myself in a way that feels good and allows me to invest time in myself.”
We all need to take care of ourselves on days only we can help us. Listed below are tips that could help you:
1. On such days, the best way to go is to stick to basics. Anything new or crazy could wait till a sunnier day comes. Psychology suggests wearing clothes that have good memories attached to them lifts you mood. Be it a T-shirt that you got at a concert, the sweater that reminds you of home, or the shoes that you wore on a particular picnic, wear them.

2. I would like to make it very clear that period, within itself, isn’t a reason to not wear white tights. There is absolutely no shame in staining your clothes. And a pair of black tights will stain just as well as their white counterparts, even if the world can’t see that. The real question here is that of comfort. I know there are people who are most comfortable in skinny jeans, and high heels. But if somebody makes it imperative for you to wear a certain type of clothing on your period, that becomes a problem. Wear whatever feels good to you, listen to what your body is telling you, and go from there.

3. We all have a ‘uniform’. These are the type of clothes we subconsciously gravitate towards, based on how they look and feel on you. According to Harper’s Bazaar, “Everyone should make the most of the knowledge of what suits (them), all stylish people have a uniform.” On days like these, it is best to stick to our uniform because that is a familiar and tested method of looking good.

4. It is best to keep the makeup minimal on these days, but paying attention to skincare. Most people do not sleep well or enough in such days, making their skin dry and dull. A hydrating face mask, a lotion that smells good, these are things that will make you feel better, and allow your skin to breathe.

Dressing up and doing your makeup is a privilege, and it should bring you nothing but joy. Taking the smallest of steps on down-days will make you feel infinitely better, and there is no reason for that to not happen. Apart from all this, eat healthy, stay hydrated, and remember that this, too, shall pass.

Image credits: Business World
Image caption: Bad days don’t mean the end of the world

Maumil Mehraj
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Diwali is here, and so is the burden of selecting the perfect festive outfit. This Diwali, revamp your Diwali look by trying out this eclectic mix.

While the traditional and modern combination of clothing has been quite common in our smart casual routine, the festival puts up a lot of pressure as everyone tries to incorporate something new and different.
Follow some of the tips given below and enchant the Diwali season!
1. Denims ain’t a worry!
Denims are by far the most versatile clothing you can get your hands on, and for what they are worth, a great investment. If you’re looking for trying out a new look, but want to be on a safer side, choosing denims is always an ideal option. It can be the typical denim jeans with a kurta, or you can add more flair to your outfit! Try incorporating your kurtas with bell bottoms or flared jeans to give a free look. You can also use a traditional blouse as a crop top and with a dupatta alongside to create a late 90s parallels fashion look. Denim jackets can also be used in a creative way. You can pair it up with an anarkali or an A line Kurti or for that matter, even a ghagracholi to give a bohemian vibe throughout.
Auburn tip: Load up on accessories. Heavy earrings or oxidized silver necklaces always work great with denims. This look definitely qualifies as a casual look, so choose it for a light function!

Image Credits: Thatbohogirl on instagram.com
2. Style your dresses in a more ‘desi’ manner
Dresses are another versatile option. You can create a more authentic and desi look with dresses. Pair up any of your favourite dresses with a palazzo or ‘churidaar’, to create a ‘kurti’ effect. To complete the look, a phulkari dupatta would be an ideal choice. You can also pair it up with a maxi skirt to give a more free-spirited look.
Auburn tip: Styling A-line or skater dresses in solid colours along with a patterned or a simple palazzo or salwar, would make for a good outfit choice.

Image Credits: Desidrapes on instagram.com

3. Crop top factor
To add a more Bollywood-ish feel to your festive season, pair up your crop top with a ghagra and voila: there is a trendy outfit. The best part about using this as a style is the versatility and so many different outfit combinations possible.

Auburn tip: a black crop top and black maxi can be paired alongside a heavy dupatta for a nice Diwali Party outfit or a nighttime outfit.

Image Credits: Rasnabhasin on instagram.com

4. When formals can become desi
Formals are restricted apparel, however, this Diwali, witness your formals being out to good use. Formal trousers can be a great option to pair up with your kurtis. A formal top can be tucked unevenly to create a messy look, pairing it up with a ghagra and jewellery.
Auburn tip: choose a white formal top along with a patterned skirt to create the ideal look.

Image Credits: Thatbohogirl on instagram.com

5. Saree with western tops
While traditional blouse sets in bell sleeves or gingham prints are worn in plenty, have you ever thought of a little mix and match with a saree? A bell sleeved crop top and saree would be a great combination if you’re looking for something new. Gingham prints, patterned t-shirts, kurtis, they can all be paired with a saree. It is also a
comfortable choice.

Image Credits: Thatbohogirl on instagram.com
6. Sparkle in Satin
While Satin is a more retro look outfit combination, jazz it up by pairing a satin top with a ghagra or with traditional palazzos to give a more ethnic look. An off-shoulder satin top or a strip-sleeved crop top, sparkle and add more glow to your outfit!
7. Wrap yourself in wraps and wraps
As marvellous and fun it is to wear wrap skirts and tops, this Diwali adds a new twist as we strike equilibrium to the best of both the worlds. Pair up your wrap top with ghagras or your crop tops with your wrap skirts to give a good mix and match look. Be cautious while choosing the right combination. You can get even more daring and combine the two, to have a full on wrap effect!
8. Mix and match accessories
Accessories make or break your outfit. To add a mix and match vibe, add hoops to your jewellery collection and flaunt the hoops with your outfits. Hoop earrings are a component which goes well with almost anything. Chunky necklaces, anklets and bracelets along with rings should always be in handy during a fashion emergency. They amplify your look!
Keep a stylish collection of bindi as well to highlight your eye area.

Hence, this Diwali destroy all evil by being the daring one, especially while choosing your outfits!
Feature Image credits: Thatbohogirl on instagram.com

Additional Image Credits: Rasna Bhasin, Thatbohogirl, Desidrapes on instagram.com
Avnika Chhikara
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