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Auburn Umbrella: How to Style Socks

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Socks have evolved from warm and fuzzy utilities of winter to a veritable fashion statement. With celebrities sporting bold socks paired with their couture outfits, there is  no reason why we should hold back.

In today’s market, where anything and everything is available if you look hard enough, it is not difficult to fall in love with that perfect pair of socks. Emboldened by the trends in the fashion industry – be it stylists, YouTubers and fashion bloggers, or our very own Ranveer Singh, we need not hesitate before letting it all out.

Image Credits: Business of Cinema
Image Credits: Business of Cinema
  • Now a lot of people might be confused about how to style socks. We are here to help with a few tips and tricks.Get socks in a similar, but not the same shade of shoes that you will be wearing. So, think of jeans that are folded a tad bit above the ankle, a pair of fawn-coloured boots, and dark-brown ankle socks poking their way through. You will have a whole westernised vibe going on. This is the initial, safe choice in your journey of making socks into an accessory.
  • The world is divided between if they like this trend or not. Some are all up for it, while others are repulsed. To be very honest, I, personally, belong to the latter category, but hey, just throwing another choice in your direction. Many fashion bloggers are big fans of wearing socks underneath their heels – stilettoes, peep-toes, or the good ole. If you feel like you are into that, by all means, go ahead.
Image Credits: Be Asia-Be Magazine
Image Credits: Be Asia-Be Magazine
  • I am a believer in looking good when you are chilling because it makes you feel good about yourself. Guys and girls, put on cute-looking socks over your pyjamas, not only will they keep you comfy, but that peek in the mirror will be all the more worthwhile.
  • Moderately daring, but outrageously bright, polka-dotted socks are a thing, people! Up the style and up the gumption and wear them with the most formal pieces of clothing you own, after all, you only live once!
Image Credits: Rockmysocks
Image Credits: Rockmysocks

Try sticking to breathable fabrics like cotton in these summer months to keep you comfortable. Explore all possibilities and see what works for you, and don’t let anyone, us included, govern your fashion choices.

Feature Image Credits: The Idle Man

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