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Fest Season Ends, Gloominess Resides

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As the fest season concludes, the alarm of upcoming semester examinations starts beeping.

Even semesters are filled with zest and euphoria. They bring with themselves numerous events and fests which keep the students across the colleges on their toes. Unlike the odd semesters, the lectures are less, bringing in more fun. Colleges are a sight to behold during the months of February and March as they gear up to present their extravaganza of talent. For societies, this is the most crucial time as they put their yearlong hard work on the stage and compete rigorously with other colleges. From attending numerous fests, struggling for passes, witnessing celebrity performances, and meeting new people, fest season fills the students with energy and exhilaration.

With fest season and the mid-semester break coming to an end, the same monotonous life of college awaits the students. The fear of upcoming semester examinations fills all of us with gloom and tremendous amount of pressure. The farewell and entrance examinations further accentuates the sadness as the third-year students start preparing themselves to bid adieu to the institution which shaped their last three years and gave them a head start for their future. The reality that there won’t be any more events to attend, competitions to take part in and academics will take the front row is a bit hard to sink in.

If you think this semester was only fun and games, then it would be utterly disappointing to learn that continuous strikes and numerous fests have left us with only few days to cover that huge chunk of syllabus lying unattended catching dust. Coming out of the zone of fun and party isn’t an easy task too. But well, not all is bad after all. There’s still over a month left for those dreaded days of exams to begin.

With the month of March coming to an end, it’s high time we gear ourselves up for the next two months and put our heart and mind in studies for the upcoming semester examinations. We need to fix our focus back to academics which we had been conveniently ignoring for the past three months.

Fest season this year was a totally enthralling time to be in and its end is sure to bring some gloom. But, let’s look beyond the gloom, cherish the memorable moments and get into action mode for the coming two months.

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Shreya Agrawal

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Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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