Organising a new year’s party can be tricky business.

There’s a lot to account for and take care of- food, drinks, decoration, lighting, music, guest lists, etc. The sheer profundity of the list is quite overwhelming in itself. On top of that, the fact that in the end we’re all students and are hence almost always financially insecure, can create more issues for us rather than solve them. To make things a little bit easier, we at DU Beat present to you a catalogue of ways in which you can have a pocket-friendly new year’s party.

 Here’s what you can do:

1. No Decorations:

If you’re exceedingly low on budget while planning a party, you might want to do away with decorations altogether. Afterall, eventually you just make a huge lump of the waste decorations and toss them into trash. Hence, by avoiding them, you might end up saving on a fortune. The best part is, you won’t even have to make the effort of taking them off once the party is over.

2. Chic-styled decorations, if no decoration is not an option:

If you can’t say NO to decorations out of your sheer love for a humble ambience, you may want to settle for classy, chic, yet pocket friendly themed décor style. For example, dual tone interiors with black crockery and a white table cloth, sprinkled with black glitter, can create a real classy ambience at a pocket-friendly cost.

3. Re-use of left-overs from the festive season:

Since the New-Year’s party falls just a couple days after the Festive Season of Christmas, you can even try re-using things from the Christmas party. For example, empty liquor bottles can be placed all around to give an aesthetic appeal to the place. Similarly, Cartons from boxing day can be re-used for storing food items. In fact, you can even re-use fairy lights from Christmas to lighten up the room.

4. Food

You don’t necessarily have to have a full-fledged 4 course meal for your guests during the party. New Year is the time of festivity and carnivalesque spirit. Even though food is considered to be the biggest bundle of joy by some, New Year’s Eve is still a time frame when people devote more of themselves to dancing and revelry, rather than hogging on food. Thus, you may decide to cut down on the number of food items that you place. An alternate to organising all the food by yourself, is a potluck, where each guest brings one dish. After all, tis’ the Season to be generous! 

5. Avoid Bonfires

New Year’s Eve witnesses a customary phenomenon in most cultures- the lighting of the Bonfire. Although it is more or less a part of a tradition now, but we must note that the materials needed for the bonfire- wood and the fuel needed to trigger initial combustion may take up a substantial amount of your budget. It is thus more like literally burning your money. Also, we live in an environment that already reels under pollution. Hence, Bonfires are not a good idea, and therefore, must be avoided.

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Aashish Jain

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It is very easy to forget yourself under the college workload but in order to be as efficient as required one needs to reconnect with themselves every once in a while. Here are some of the ways to do that.

1. Begin early
It is very important to begin your course a little early. It may sound ironic since studying should not be a piece of advise when one wants to just focus on reconnecting with oneself under the college workload. However, one of the ways to reconnect with oneself is not having too much of work at once. If one begins early then, the workload gets divided into the several days and you will end up having time for yourself every day!

2. Pursue a different hobby
It is important to have a hobby that is different from your course and challenges you. If a student is pursuing English Honours, then in his/ her free, it is better to play guitar than write a poem. In order to keep pace with oneself, one needs to understand and fulfill one’s desires too.

3. Indulge in self-care
It is very easy to forget oneself when loaded with work. You forget to sleep well, eat well, and rest well. But, every once in a while, you should indulge in self-care. Eat healthy and sleep till you wake up naturally. Meditate or go out to play some tough football. Self-care could sometimes also mean taking a day out for yourself, just doing nothing. Go to the fancy cafe you had been planning to go or read that book in the park. Come on, create that blog! Whatever makes you feel eased and relaxed is important for you. Be sure to take out 30 minutes every day to do at least one of these. It is even more beneficial if you do not invite company and just spend time building familiarity with solitude.

4. Party!
Every once in a while take out time to party! If you’re a workaholic, chances are you won’t be able to party peacefully unless you are done with your work. Therefore, set your target, feel accomplished, and then call your buddies home to have a blast! And, when you party, make it wild enough for you to forget about work. A little hangover after the party is great, too. Gather all amazing memories and remember you have to get to work again only to be able to relive another party whenever you make yourself proud.

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Khyati Sanger
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Still have no plans for the coming days? Worry not, we have a list for you whether you plan to go stag or make a bash with your friends.

The National Capital has a number of parties and events lined up for you across the upcoming days. We bring to you our top three pick specially curated for you, your friends, or your family.

1. Smaaash New Year Carnival at Gurugram

Located at the DLF Cyber Hub, Cyber City, Smaaash is the perfect destination for Arcade Games, food and Drinks. This is the go-to location if you want to step into the New Year high on action. The event gets rolling at 8 PM on 31st.

2. New Year Bash Party at JLN Stadium

With artists like Sharry Maan, DJ Sonali Katyal, Rapture Dhol Mix Nites, Qisaa The Band and many more lined up, this event at the JLN is the perfect destination if you want to start early, as the gala starts by 6 in the evening on 31st December.

3. New Year Bash at the Lord of the Drinks Meadow

Located at the New Deer Park in Hauz Khas Village, this certainly is the best choice if you are fine with shedding a few extra bucks for the classiest experience. With DJ Sam scheduled to arrive, this would be nothing short of a perfect way to look forward to a perfect New Year.

Go ahead, make your choice and secure your booking at the official website of these venues.


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Nikhil Kumar
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It has become mandatory to party on New Year’s Eve and hang out or else the occasion will be considered “boring”.

The new year is not far away and everyone is busy making plans on how to spend the night of 31st December. People who seek to enjoy this day to the fullest are filled with enthusiasm. However, the celebrations now seem to have become a battle of not being left behind in terms of partying and hanging out.

It is a pity that what was once seen as an option to spend the eventful night has now become a compulsion. Having all that alcohol running down one’s body while wildly jumping and listening to famous trance music in a club seems to have become “partying goals”. There is hardly anyone left who plans on doing things differently. The problem is that we want to appear cool by uploading fake candids and putting catchy captions and the urge to do so, unfortunately, is completely natural given that everyone around is doing the same.

Among everyone’s “cool” plans, if there is someone who plans on spending the night with their family, taking a nice ride, or maybe simply cutting the New Year’s cake, that person will instantly be labeled boring. We need to accept that we are obsessed with alcohol, and a great chunk of it is because we have seen things that way. We have seen it in the movies, we have heard it from our elders and we have watched others do it. We have been waiting for the chance to experience drinking on our own, and celebrating without alcohol isn’t worth thinking of anymore.

If we think about partying during the New Year, it is funny in many ways. For instance, before starting anything new or commencing with any activity, we are praying to god or maybe eating something sweet. But when it comes to the New Year, we end up welcoming it by intoxicating ourselves with different substances i.e in an unconscious state. If we really expect to have a positive year ahead, how positively do we welcome it?

The New Year celebrations too seem to have become a victim of a party-frenzy attitude. And talking about doing something special, what’s special in doing something that we do on any random weekend? So, let’s break this obligation this year and actually do something different — something worth remembering!

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Karan Singhania

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Politics never seizes to amaze me. Like art, at a different age, you decipher the riddles of various politically active figures and their vote banks in a different way. I always knew that a large part of it requires a lot of money and support, but that was all that I knew before I decided to contest myself. Throughout my second year, I had strived hard and made a ‘name’ for myself. I had started two societies, and being a university journalist added brownie points to my already sparkling repertoire in the college. I had a really nice chance of winning, or so I thought.

A month before the elections I stepped into the limelight, letting my friends know about my intention to contest for the elections. The response however took me by surprise – “You are not election material” and “you have achieved so much, why do you have to do this?” These responses made me more eager to prove my mettle. So I buckled up for the adventurous days that were deemed to come.
Here’s what I learnt while I was campaigning –

1) Your post is never decided until the last week – This is because people who handle your election portfolio need to constantly negotiate with the opposite party for the post of each other’s liking. At the same time, there is always a risk of you not getting nominated because of some discrepancies in the filing process.

2) Endless death-threats – Your opposition is always ready to either make fun of you or discourage you. And if the preceding acts leave no mark on your morale, then the obvious next action is an obscene amount of death threats either on your face or on the phone.

3) You have to organize a good unofficial fresher’s party – Wooing the fresher’s and securing a strong competent vote-bank never seemed more important.

4) Wastage of paper reaches a record high in the election month – From posters on walls, to handed cards and even chits thrown on the floor, this menace never stops. Walls, eventually start losing colors because of these.
I ended up not contesting because of discrepancies in the form, but I have truly learned a lot from the experience of campaigning.

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Ishaan Sengupta
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According to a Supreme Court judgment the College Freshers’ party has to take place by the first week of August. Preparations have started all over. All colleges are hustling with activity and this week is all about fun and celebration.

It’s considered to be the first opportunity to socialize and take a peek at college life.  It’s also supposed to be the first party of sorts that they have in college and they can be seen preparing for it. In fact this is the time they get to interact with their seniors for a prolonged period of time.

This event sees a lot of participation from the juniors who are usually highly enthused about it. It includes a hunt for the Mr. and Ms. Fresher, including impromptu performances and games. Every college’s Student Union is usually digging into its contacts list to come up with the best Freshers’ party. Some even have media coverage to popularize the event. Most colleges have both the college freshers’ and the department freshers’. So for the juniors, it’s double the fun.

Last year, SRCC had a rain dance party with the theme ‘Western’. It was quite a hit, more so as SRCC is generally lenient with the timings. Speaking of rain dance, at KMC the rain was ‘created’ with the help of pipes and buckets.  At JMC, food from Mc. Donald’s is the big catch!

At Hans Raj there is a College Freshers’, department formal Freshers’ (where the staff is also present in the beginning) and the various informal Freshers’ that are organised by the seniors. The Hans Raj College Freshers’ party takes place in the LP (Lovers’ Point) and badminton court. Its organized by the student union that arranges for a DJ and live music.  The college canteen or nearby eating joints are approached to organize food stalls as well.

You can actually witness some union brawls in the middle of this whole function so police security is actually a must even in an event like the Freshers’. This caught quite a few eyeballs last year.

At Hans Raj, if you want to keep the fun going beyond 5 p.m., college is not the place for it. Stephen’s has both a college and department Freshers’. It’s based on themes yet again. There is a brief introduction after which the lecturers of the respective departments leave and that’s when the actual party starts…For example, a few years back it was on “School Uniforms” and last year it was “The Great Indian Epic” ,where everyone had to dress up according to the characters in the Mahabharata or the Ramayana and introduce themselves as those characters and do silly things. The prospective themes for this year are ‘Pirates’, ‘Las Vegas’ or ‘Cartoon Characters and Super Heroes’ .The music society organizes a gig for the Freshers’. Later, there is a concert by the freshers who join the society.

As for the department freshers’ , they are a proof of the hard work put in by different societies. The department freshers’ helps you to know seniors from your department better. The announcement of the theme is followed by a lot of looking around or borrowing which actually becomes a must when you have themes like LSR’s ‘aliens’, Hans Raj’s ‘Cartoon Network’ and IP’s ‘Fairy Tale’.  Most freshers take the theme of the party very seriously and dress for their part perfectly. Sometimes wrong or over interpretations of themes can lead to awkward scenes such as going out of their way to look like a beggar at the Hindu Freshers’  where the theme was ‘Beggars’.

At many other colleges the societies contribute a lot to the freshers’. Music, choreography and western dance societies welcome the juniors through their performances.

This year too, fachchas are geared up and waiting in anticipation for this year’s Freshers’ and are hoping for some positive changes and longer hours.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

What with the excessive heat that has transformed the city into a shimmering mirage a party seems to be exactly what we need. DU Beat invites you to celebrate Summer with NUN.

A party meant for you to jump into the twilight zone and find your rhythm on the dance floor. Sink into that favorite drink of yours as the beautiful hues of the evening are expressed in what promises to be a night of absolute euphoria .

Here is telling every hot Delhi belle to rebelle. This is an invitation you to let lose the wild child inside of you and get into those hot summer dresses! NUN is a lifestyle brand with a Cheeky Edge that lets every girl strut her stuff! NUN is our Associate for “Summer”.

The party starts at Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 9:00pm and goes on till the wee hours of the morning. And its happening at f Bar Gurgaon, Cyber City Bldg 9-A,Grd Flr, PH-3.

Entry is absolutely free and there will be a special 25% discount on all drinks. Rights of Admission Reserved.

For further details contact: 9811325443 (Danny)

Thanking You
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