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Ideas for a Pocket-friendly New Year’s Party

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Organising a new year’s party can be tricky business.

There’s a lot to account for and take care of- food, drinks, decoration, lighting, music, guest lists, etc. The sheer profundity of the list is quite overwhelming in itself. On top of that, the fact that in the end we’re all students and are hence almost always financially insecure, can create more issues for us rather than solve them. To make things a little bit easier, we at DU Beat present to you a catalogue of ways in which you can have a pocket-friendly new year’s party.

 Here’s what you can do:

1. No Decorations:

If you’re exceedingly low on budget while planning a party, you might want to do away with decorations altogether. Afterall, eventually you just make a huge lump of the waste decorations and toss them into trash. Hence, by avoiding them, you might end up saving on a fortune. The best part is, you won’t even have to make the effort of taking them off once the party is over.

2. Chic-styled decorations, if no decoration is not an option:

If you can’t say NO to decorations out of your sheer love for a humble ambience, you may want to settle for classy, chic, yet pocket friendly themed décor style. For example, dual tone interiors with black crockery and a white table cloth, sprinkled with black glitter, can create a real classy ambience at a pocket-friendly cost.

3. Re-use of left-overs from the festive season:

Since the New-Year’s party falls just a couple days after the Festive Season of Christmas, you can even try re-using things from the Christmas party. For example, empty liquor bottles can be placed all around to give an aesthetic appeal to the place. Similarly, Cartons from boxing day can be re-used for storing food items. In fact, you can even re-use fairy lights from Christmas to lighten up the room.

4. Food

You don’t necessarily have to have a full-fledged 4 course meal for your guests during the party. New Year is the time of festivity and carnivalesque spirit. Even though food is considered to be the biggest bundle of joy by some, New Year’s Eve is still a time frame when people devote more of themselves to dancing and revelry, rather than hogging on food. Thus, you may decide to cut down on the number of food items that you place. An alternate to organising all the food by yourself, is a potluck, where each guest brings one dish. After all, tis’ the Season to be generous! 

5. Avoid Bonfires

New Year’s Eve witnesses a customary phenomenon in most cultures- the lighting of the Bonfire. Although it is more or less a part of a tradition now, but we must note that the materials needed for the bonfire- wood and the fuel needed to trigger initial combustion may take up a substantial amount of your budget. It is thus more like literally burning your money. Also, we live in an environment that already reels under pollution. Hence, Bonfires are not a good idea, and therefore, must be avoided.

Feature Image Credits: Toledo City Paper

Aashish Jain

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