The DU Freshers’

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According to a Supreme Court judgment the College Freshers’ party has to take place by the first week of August. Preparations have started all over. All colleges are hustling with activity and this week is all about fun and celebration.

It’s considered to be the first opportunity to socialize and take a peek at college life.  It’s also supposed to be the first party of sorts that they have in college and they can be seen preparing for it. In fact this is the time they get to interact with their seniors for a prolonged period of time.

This event sees a lot of participation from the juniors who are usually highly enthused about it. It includes a hunt for the Mr. and Ms. Fresher, including impromptu performances and games. Every college’s Student Union is usually digging into its contacts list to come up with the best Freshers’ party. Some even have media coverage to popularize the event. Most colleges have both the college freshers’ and the department freshers’. So for the juniors, it’s double the fun.

Last year, SRCC had a rain dance party with the theme ‘Western’. It was quite a hit, more so as SRCC is generally lenient with the timings. Speaking of rain dance, at KMC the rain was ‘created’ with the help of pipes and buckets.  At JMC, food from Mc. Donald’s is the big catch!

At Hans Raj there is a College Freshers’, department formal Freshers’ (where the staff is also present in the beginning) and the various informal Freshers’ that are organised by the seniors. The Hans Raj College Freshers’ party takes place in the LP (Lovers’ Point) and badminton court. Its organized by the student union that arranges for a DJ and live music.  The college canteen or nearby eating joints are approached to organize food stalls as well.

You can actually witness some union brawls in the middle of this whole function so police security is actually a must even in an event like the Freshers’. This caught quite a few eyeballs last year.

At Hans Raj, if you want to keep the fun going beyond 5 p.m., college is not the place for it. Stephen’s has both a college and department Freshers’. It’s based on themes yet again. There is a brief introduction after which the lecturers of the respective departments leave and that’s when the actual party starts…For example, a few years back it was on “School Uniforms” and last year it was “The Great Indian Epic” ,where everyone had to dress up according to the characters in the Mahabharata or the Ramayana and introduce themselves as those characters and do silly things. The prospective themes for this year are ‘Pirates’, ‘Las Vegas’ or ‘Cartoon Characters and Super Heroes’ .The music society organizes a gig for the Freshers’. Later, there is a concert by the freshers who join the society.

As for the department freshers’ , they are a proof of the hard work put in by different societies. The department freshers’ helps you to know seniors from your department better. The announcement of the theme is followed by a lot of looking around or borrowing which actually becomes a must when you have themes like LSR’s ‘aliens’, Hans Raj’s ‘Cartoon Network’ and IP’s ‘Fairy Tale’.  Most freshers take the theme of the party very seriously and dress for their part perfectly. Sometimes wrong or over interpretations of themes can lead to awkward scenes such as going out of their way to look like a beggar at the Hindu Freshers’  where the theme was ‘Beggars’.

At many other colleges the societies contribute a lot to the freshers’. Music, choreography and western dance societies welcome the juniors through their performances.

This year too, fachchas are geared up and waiting in anticipation for this year’s Freshers’ and are hoping for some positive changes and longer hours.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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