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New Year’s Eve and the Obligation to Party

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It has become mandatory to party on New Year’s Eve and hang out or else the occasion will be considered “boring”.

The new year is not far away and everyone is busy making plans on how to spend the night of 31st December. People who seek to enjoy this day to the fullest are filled with enthusiasm. However, the celebrations now seem to have become a battle of not being left behind in terms of partying and hanging out.

It is a pity that what was once seen as an option to spend the eventful night has now become a compulsion. Having all that alcohol running down one’s body while wildly jumping and listening to famous trance music in a club seems to have become “partying goals”. There is hardly anyone left who plans on doing things differently. The problem is that we want to appear cool by uploading fake candids and putting catchy captions and the urge to do so, unfortunately, is completely natural given that everyone around is doing the same.

Among everyone’s “cool” plans, if there is someone who plans on spending the night with their family, taking a nice ride, or maybe simply cutting the New Year’s cake, that person will instantly be labeled boring. We need to accept that we are obsessed with alcohol, and a great chunk of it is because we have seen things that way. We have seen it in the movies, we have heard it from our elders and we have watched others do it. We have been waiting for the chance to experience drinking on our own, and celebrating without alcohol isn’t worth thinking of anymore.

If we think about partying during the New Year, it is funny in many ways. For instance, before starting anything new or commencing with any activity, we are praying to god or maybe eating something sweet. But when it comes to the New Year, we end up welcoming it by intoxicating ourselves with different substances i.e in an unconscious state. If we really expect to have a positive year ahead, how positively do we welcome it?

The New Year celebrations too seem to have become a victim of a party-frenzy attitude. And talking about doing something special, what’s special in doing something that we do on any random weekend? So, let’s break this obligation this year and actually do something different — something worth remembering!

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Karan Singhania

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