Revisiting your alma mater after many years is a dream come true for anybody and the Alumna Cell of Lady Shri Ram College acts as a facilitator between the alumna and the college, years after they pass out. The Alumna Cell is one of the most active societies of the college and every week they organize the Alumna Bazaar, a platform for the alumna to showcase their skills. Numerous alumnae, ranging from the batch of 1956 to 2008, visit LSR every week to set up stalls and exhibitions. The items range from chocolates, kurtas, flowers, candles, diyas and Tihar jail cosmetic products!

“The Alumna Bazaar is a platform for showcasing the talent of the alumna. It is really fascinating to see our alumna pursuing their hobbies as their passion and setting up such innovative stalls. Ours is one of the most active alumna cells of Delhi University and we also have a grand home coming in the form of ‘Nostalgia’, our annual alumna meet. Once, one of our alumna’s came all the way from Thailand just to re-visit her college!” said Kajal Kalsi, one of the co-ordinators of Alumna Cell. The Alumna Cell does indeed provide a wonderful opportunity for the alumna to re-live their LSR days, and the current co-ordinators, Kajal, Vatsala, Meghna and Jaya are working really hard to make each and every day memorable for every alumna that visits college.

It is hoped that Nostalgia continues to be a grand success and the Alumna Cell continues reaching great heights!


Every college of Delhi University has a culture of its own which defines it. The culture is as instrumental in getting the college a ranking on the glossy pages of the most-prestigious education magazines, as it is in getting its students to feel what they do about the dynamics of the subject that is, “college and me”.

One of the most unfortunate things that could ever happen to a student, all strapping him up for the big-bad world is that he finds himself fenced in by people, fellow students he is not able to associate with. (This statement is made, notwithstanding the age-old adage- “It’s all in the mind”).

Following is what the self-confessed misfits had to say about the college they are still struggling to adapt to the ethos of.:

Shri Ram College of Commerce:

I have always been rather flippant about things and more creative and subjective than moulded into a thought frame which gives me opinions about what’s happening in this world in general. Encountering people by the dozen everyday in college, who would kill to glamorise their CVs and who swear by the “B-plan and Case Study lexicon” in all their discussions, and with little encouragement by the college authorities to talk about activities I could more relate to, like music and Art, I have just never been able to feel that sense of belongingness to this place, or more precisely, to the crowd. Also, the course (in my case) has never been an incentive to feel happy about the place.

Lady Shri Ram College:

I longed to find nutcases of girls around me in the campus, but in vain. The girls were (with no offence meant) always prim and proper, with hair in place, and a certain “LSR twirl” on their tongues. The fantastical college world I had imagined for myself in my dreams came crumbling down when I first set foot on the grounds of this institution. I almost resigned, calling “this” part of the world extensively phony. Though I still feel lost, I think I have come to terms with the culture of the college.

College has a huge role to play when it comes to shaping the person you would be. When they regurgitate the idea of, “choosing course over college”, they’re not entirely wrong, as when the chips are down, you have the refuge of your books at least because if the college refuses to choose YOU, you’re in for trouble for the next three years of your life.


Vatsala Gaur
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Image credits: Additi Seth
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For someone who has had to endure as much as Burmese pro-Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi for such an extended period of time, it is no less than fascinating that she still retains a youthful charm, made even more potent accompanied now by an ethereal aura. One would imagine that the unrelenting crackdown on their cause, the innumerable attempts at their life, the taxing period of house arrest and the pain of separation from their loved ones would be adequate to crush anyone’s spirit. But like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, she has risen again, with a renewed vigour towards the realization of her cause for democracy for her people. This was something that was visible to all this morning, at her alma mater, Lady Shri Ram College.

Suu, as she was lovingly called during her college days studying Political Science here, arrived at the college for an emotional ‘homecoming’ just past 9.30 am. Accompanied by Hon’ble Minister of State for HRD Shashi Tharoor and several other dignatories including former Union Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar, she was greeted by current students of the college sporting traditional Burmese skirts or longyis, staff as well as her former teachers, as she made her way through a packed college auditorium up the stage for the commencement of her felicitation ceremony. After welcome addresses by the Principal, Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath, the Chairperson Mr. Arun Bharat Ram and Dr. Shashi Tharoor, the Nobel laureate renowned for her intransigent fight for democracy, was honoured by the distinguished panel.

Perhaps the most riveting of the moments was her stirring unrehearsed speech, in which she reached out to ‘her girls’, and all young people at large. She acknowledged the support she always received from the institution, even in times when she had little contact with the outside world and remarked, “… My faith in the oneness of human aspirations is justified.” She further touched upon the “emotional connection” she had with the people of India, and thanked them for their support through trying times. “I feel myself partly a citizen of India”, she said. Addressing young political aspirants, she warned against “unprincipled politics”, urging them to never compromise on their principles if they were to enter the political arena. She concluded by asking for continuing support in the last few steps that Burma had left towards democracy, effectively consolidating all the hearts she had already conquered.


Tanya Dua
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His menu boasts of no more than two items: Bhel Puri and Sev Puri. And both these items cost no more than Rs 20. Needless to say, one will always find him crowded by a bunch of girls after almost every class. He is present on all working days, Monday to Friday, at the same spot.  A chaat lover’s blessing, this man.

Of the two items, Sev Puri is a super hit among the students – Although the Bhel Puri doesn’t lag far behind. If you are a fan of spicy chaat, showered (yes, showered. Not just sprinkled) with jhaal and coriander over it, served with a dash of lemon – this is a must try for you! Reasonable, delicious and a filling mid day snack – it doesn’t get better than this. The demand for this chaat is so high that the Bhel Puri wala makes about Rs 1,500 – 2,000 each day.

And to add to all this goodness, he even gives you a complimentary matthi or bhel if needed to reduce the spiciness.

Image Credits: Additi Seth

The English Department of Lady Shri Ram College for Women organised a talk by the much-acclaimed author, William Dalrymple, on 27th September. The excitement was palpable in the room overflowing with students as they eagerly awaited the arrival of the author for a talk on Travel writing. Others stood at a Penguin Publishers stall outside, buying his books in the hope of getting a signed copy from him.

William Dalrymple was greeted with hearty and enthusiastic applause as soon as he stepped into the room, slightly flustered and out of breath. The talk proceeded smoothly as everyone listened in rapt attention to his elaboration on the significance of Travel Writing and its relevance in today’s time. This was followed by the author reading a couple of excerpts from his books such as City of Djinns, based on Delhi and his most recent novel Nine Lives, a book about nine individuals on their path towards spirituality and salvation. He also read out a couple of paragraphs from his current favourite Travel book titled The Wild Places, by Robert Macfarlane.

With a great sense of humour coupled with an equally wonderful portrayal of sensitivity, Dalrymple managed to capture the imagination of every person sitting in the room. “Thank you Sir, we felt like we were travelling with you and experiencing your adventures first hand as you narrated them to us,” was one such heartfelt comment from the audience. A busy round of question and answer followed the talk, where students and staff members quizzed him on varied topics such as his inspirations, the language barrier, stereotypes present in various cultures, until there was absolutely no time left to answer more queries. The two hours ended with hoards of students rushing towards his table as he signed personal copies of his books. The talk succeeded in leaving its audience with a sense of wanderlust after William Dalrymple’s vivid descriptions and poetic narration.

Image source: The Hindu


The National Sports Organization (NSO) of LSR organized its Annual Cross Country run on September 21, 2012 under the theme, ‘Run for solidarity with the people of North East’, in light of the recent violence in Assam between the Boro community and the Muslim community. The registration for the run began at 5.30 am, with hundreds of girls huddling around the Union members and other team members for attendance. One could feel the enthusiasm in the air, with excited girls all around looking forward to running for a cause. “The Cross Country run is a special event for it is one of the very few occasions when the entire LSR community comes together, and participates for a cause”, stated Ms. Meenakshi Pahuja, Head of the Department of Physical Education of LSR. The sponsor for the event was UniStyle Image, an eminent clothing brand that has been associated with the LSR NSO for almost ten years. All the participants were given t- shirts from USI before the run, and one could see enthusiastic participants in colourful t- shirts, waiting for the event to flag off.


The event began with a speech by the guest of honour, Ms. Shweta Choudhary, who is an international level shooter, and won a silver medal at the Doha Asian Games, 2006. She is also an ex- alumnus of LSR, belonging to the 2007 batch of B.A program. Accompanying her was Mr. Abhijit Bhattacharya, captain of the Indian volleyball team, who is also a very ardent promoter of sports in his home state, Assam. Both of them urged the students to work hard towards their goals to achieve success, and have an unfailing determination. After their speech, Suparna Sinha, a third year Sociology student of LSR, addressed the crowd, and spoke to them about the situation in Assam. Suparna, who originally hails from Assam decreed the massacre of innocent people in Assam as not a political issue, but a breach of solidarity. “We should help overcome this imbalance. This is a cause I really feel about, and it is something that the youth should tackle with in order to bridge the gap between different communities”, stated Suparna, whose words set the crowd thinking about the true cause of their desire to run in a marathon, thousands of kilometres away from North East India, yet bound by sentiment and understanding.

The run was flagged off by the Vice Principal of LSR, Dr. Priti Dhawan. Within less than ten minutes of the run being flagged off, the first winner, Aanchal Bohra came to the finishing point effortlessly and her win wasn’t a surprise for anybody for Aanchal is a national level runner, a silver medallist at the CBSE championships, and the pride of the Athletics team of LSR. An Economics student, Aanchal described her win as a step towards her goal of running for India at the international level in the future. “I wish to represent LSR in the Commonwealth Games in the future, and I dream of competing in the Olympics too someday,” stated the enthusiastic second year student. The run was highly successful and enjoyable for all the

students, and one could see the really satisfied students at the refreshment counter. The run went off without any glitches, all thanks to a brilliant Union, comprising of Pratibha the President, Shivangi, the Vice President, Saumya, the Secretary, and Somya the treasurer. They were assisted by a huge volunteer team that provided water and first aid to all the participants, diligently waiting at different locations to help.

‘It is our privilege to be associated with the LSR NSO, and we wish to see the Cross country run bigger and better in the future,” said Mr. Ashwinder, part of the sponsorship team of USI. The Cross country run ended on a bright note, with all participants and volunteers receiving refreshments, and enthusiastically clicking photographs. It is hoped that the LSR NSO continues conducting such events which bind the LSR community together, and create such a vibrant atmosphere.

On 18th September, Google organized its pre-placement talk in LSR. Being one of the most sought after and innovative companies, Google had ‘do cool things that matter’ as its theme this year to attract prospective applicants in their pre- placement talk. The talk was led by Ms. Shwetambari, a senior executive at Google, India, and the talk began with a little quiz on Google and its products, to see how ‘Googly’ the LSR girls were. The ones who gave the correct answers received goodies from Google, and with a brilliant start, Google managed to capture the attention of all the girls from the various departments of LSR, sitting in that small room, dreaming about working for a company like Google in the future. Apart from departments like Economics and B.com, which are standard departments sitting for placements, the Google pre-placement talk saw students ranging from departments like English to Political science. The job profile offered was the business analyst program, which entailed tasks like reviewing Google advertisements, servicing global small and medium business customers, etc. Apart from these, the program also trained the employee in selling skills and business management. The employee would also learn how to use the Google Adwords product. The pay package offered was good, considering the fact that a company like Google was employing fresh graduates. The employees would have to work and learn with Google for two years, before they could move on to other job profiles. One thing extremely special about Google was- its emphasis on employee satisfaction, and Ms. Shwetambari kept stating throughout the presentation that Google did not believe in binding unhappy employees to the company, and if an employee wished to leave, they could do so, without facing any penalty. In fact, they could also keep the ‘gift’ stocks that they are given at the beginning of their tenure in office (considering the fact that Google stocks currently value at around 270$!). Google also seemed like a really ‘cool’ place to work in, with parties being thrown at the end of every week, and guest speakers like Lady Gaga coming to sing and speak to the employees. The office would be located in Hyderabad and Gurgaon, and Google also offered free accommodation for two weeks in a guesthouse, to give time to the employee to settle in the new city. The facilities and bonuses offered by Google were also very lucrative, and after the talk, the first round of the placement process was held. It was a written round, in which all the candidates had to complete a quantitative and verbal analysis test in 40 minutes, and a writing test in 30 minutes. The test by and large tested the aptitude of the students, and there was a round of positive feedback after the entire session got over. The results are now eagerly awaited for the girls who managed to crack the test and move towards the next round of placement in the ‘cool’ place to be: Google. Do cool things that matter.  ]]>

The newest addition to the foodies’ list – this one is directed more towards those with a sweet tooth – is ‘The Colony Bistro’. Located in the famous market of Amar Colony, right behind Lady Shri Ram College, this little eatery is soon becoming the students’ favourite. The décor from outside sports the look of a typical French Bistro with the  shed, the plants, the wooden chairs and the blackboard proudly announcing the day’s special dish. The facilities provided here include an air conditioned interior, Wi-Fi internet and outdoor seating (for whenever the weather permits).

The food here is good and promises not to burn a hole in your pockets. Their menu ranges from street food to Italian to Chinese. The owner personally recommends the chicken wings, which are currently a favourite among the crowd that comes here. But the deserts are the reason you’ll probably like this place more. Banoffee pie, Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Truffle claim to be the best among the other deserts served. They also have an interesting variety of milk shakes to choose from- Caramel Dream, Blended Irish Cream Shake, Chocolate Hazelnut and many more.

Overall, a good place to hang-out and maybe chill for a bit while you dig into some mouth- watering comfort food.

Graphic credits- Siddhant Sharma

Stephen’s steamed chicken momos or LSR’s kathi rolls?
Not only is Stephens known for its “egg” recipes- the delicious omelettes served with a knife and a fork,and the cheese scrambled egg, it’s Minced chicken maggi and dosas are also famous.
LSR on the other hand has to it’s credit a vast menu which ranges from keema dosas to butter chicken and from pizzas and hot dogs to seek kebab rumali rolls. While both these canteens assert themselves as “cafes” , it is still tough to say which is better.

Leave your comments to give us a winner.

Post your argument below.

On the night of 1st September, a surprise raid was conducted in the LSR hostel, more popularly known as the Residence hall. The raid was conducted to find out whether the residents had any high wattage electrical appliances or items like spoons, fork, plates, etc. from the mess. A significant amount of items were confiscated, ranging from hair dryers, clothing irons, electric kettles, mess spoons to even vapourisers. The residents, specially first years, were in for a rude shock as members of the security committee of the hostel barged into their room at nine in the night, when they were actually expecting the Superintendant to be on rounds for attendance. The security committee members deftly searched nook and corner of every room and found out these ‘illegal’ items from the remotest of corners. The night turned a little dramatic, however, when one of the residents, who was ill, and distressed about the confiscation of her vapouriser, had to rush to the warden to re-claim it. The security committee members were considerate enough to return her vapouriser for an hour to relieve her from her distress. “We did what we had to do, it was our duty,” stated one of the security committee members. “We don’t care whether people hate us after this. There are stories about hostel fires due to circuit failures, and despite repeated warnings, girls still kept hair dryers worth 2000 watts. We hope this is a lesson for everybody, and they will refrain from keeping such items and breaking the rules in the future.”

The LSR hostel handbook states that hair dryers are allowed, but in the meeting that ensued with the hostel warden on Monday, the distressed and surprised residents were informed that only 500 watt hair dryers were allowed. The students whose items were confiscated had a long rendezvous with the hostel warden, who was extremely angry at the huge turnout of confiscated items including mess spoons. The warden gave the residents an ultimatum till October, and stated that if any resident was found with mess spoons, forks, or other mess items, then the hostel would stop giving the residents any spoons, forks or plates in the future, and they would have to bring their own. The owners of clothing irons as well as hair dryers were also given an hour long lecture and asked to leave their irons and hair dryers at home when they leave for the October holidays.

The LSR hostel had been repeatedly warning the residents, since last year, about not keeping any electrical appliances in the hostel, but even after numerous warnings, some girls kept high wattage items in their rooms. The hostel President has warned about  more frequent raids in the future, and with an effective security committee in tow, it is hoped that the residents do not keep any such items in their room in the future!