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Bombay Bhel Puri wala outside LSR

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His menu boasts of no more than two items: Bhel Puri and Sev Puri. And both these items cost no more than Rs 20. Needless to say, one will always find him crowded by a bunch of girls after almost every class. He is present on all working days, Monday to Friday, at the same spot.  A chaat lover’s blessing, this man.

Of the two items, Sev Puri is a super hit among the students – Although the Bhel Puri doesn’t lag far behind. If you are a fan of spicy chaat, showered (yes, showered. Not just sprinkled) with jhaal and coriander over it, served with a dash of lemon – this is a must try for you! Reasonable, delicious and a filling mid day snack – it doesn’t get better than this. The demand for this chaat is so high that the Bhel Puri wala makes about Rs 1,500 – 2,000 each day.

And to add to all this goodness, he even gives you a complimentary matthi or bhel if needed to reduce the spiciness.

Image Credits: Additi Seth

[email protected];A History Hons student studying in LSR. Passionate about Photography; Considers herself to be a Big Foodie. AND, a major Chelsea supporter. Currently holds the position of a Community Engagement Head in DU Beat.

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