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Antiquity, 2013: The Annual Academic Meet of the History Department of LSR

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Antiquity is the annual History Department fest of Lady Shri Ram College and is one of the most renowned History fests in the University of Delhi at the undergraduate level, primarily. Each year, this academic meet at LSR is graced by the presence of famous historians like Prof. Arvind Sinha, Dr. Upinder Singh, Prof.  Amar Farooqui, and enthusiastic participants who make the events of Antiquity an amazing experience.  Last year, we had events like Paper Presentation, Quiz, Guest Lecture by Professor Arvind Sinha, Photography and Dastangoi- traditional Indian art of story telling in Urdu. Throughout this  academic year the department organized guest lectures by famous historians like Dr Vasant Shinde,  Prof. Rudrangshu Mukherjee, Dr. Irfan Habib, Prof. Farhat Hasan,  Dr. Madhavan K. Palat  along with Heritage walks and Research methodology workshop to provide better insight to the students. The objective of Antiquity is to ensure a healthy competition and interaction among the best minds of Delhi from different colleges and disciplines. The fest is not just for undergraduates pursuing History but for everyone who has an interest in the subject, in spite of their academic backgrounds. This year we desire to have antiquity more innovative, inclusive and interesting based on the theme of Myths and Legends. Our myths and legends as much as our Past, form the basis of our identity. These are often the basis on which are History is made and from them our History is culled out. Myths and legends surround and consume us yet we remain unaware of them. Every day, one would run across instances where we can feel the influence of mythology- in names and places, yet rarely would we stop to think about it. As students of History, the one thing that we have come to realize is that it is important to question our identities and the myths and legends that create it. Only when we stop reigning in our curiosity and enquire can we stop the blind acceptance of certain myths that govern our lives. At the same time, it is important to treat myths and legends as a part of our priceless intangible heritage. Though our myths and legends continue to be a part of our oral histories, they are also becoming a part of a dying tradition due to lack of documentation. The Events in Antiquity 2013 include Paper presentation on “History down the ages”, a Quiz with the theme of “Myths and Legends” and a conventional debate with the motion “This house believes that myths are a means of oppression in the modern society”. Prof. Narayani Gupta and prof.  Shirin Moosvi will also be gracing us with their presence at Antiquity,2013. While Prof. Mosvy will deal with the extremely interesting topic of The Legend of Anarkali, Prof. Gupta will speak about legends of Delhi. Prof. Moosvi. Renowned professor of the Aligarh Muslim University, Ms Moosvi is the author of a number of books and written extensive papers on economic, gender, social, administrative and demographic history. Prof. Gupta is the author of Delhi Between Two Empires and a name to reckon with where history of Delhi is concerned. For further details visit You can also contact the History Union of LSR at [email protected]. If you want to speak to an union member directly contact- Vidushi Singh                                    Diksha Jhalani                            Madhurima Chaudhari President                                               Secretary                                           Treasurer 9899091975                                        8447500932                                    9810137315]]>

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