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Let’s Talk- An LSR Students’ Union and WDC initiative

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The Students’ Union and the Women’s Development Cell of Lady Shri Ram College organized a forum, “Let’s Talk” for the students on 22nd January. The idea behind this forum was to make the students aware of the violence faced by people around them, and to get them to open up and “talk” about these things without any apprehensions.

The one and a half hour event saw active participation from the 40 students that attended the forum, out of which 6 – 7 students mustered up the courage to talk about their unfortunate experiences. More students were eager to participate but could not do so due to time constraints. Out of the students who spoke about their experiences, some mentioned being abused by their fathers, while some were raped and never got to raise their voice thereafter.

The forum managed to leave an impact on everybody- some even left the place teary eyed. “I’ve been to such forums before, but it was really shocking to know that even around us, the people we pass by every other day have been victims of such awful acts”, said Sonakshi, a second year Philosophy Hons student.

This is the first of a series of forums to be held in the premises of LSR. It will be followed by “Let’s Act” and other such programmes to empower young people who have been treated in unjust ways and to give them a chance to speak up against such acts of ruthlessness.

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