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Re-Living and Re-Cherishing One's Memories: The Alumna Cell of Lady Shri Ram College

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Revisiting your alma mater after many years is a dream come true for anybody and the Alumna Cell of Lady Shri Ram College acts as a facilitator between the alumna and the college, years after they pass out. The Alumna Cell is one of the most active societies of the college and every week they organize the Alumna Bazaar, a platform for the alumna to showcase their skills. Numerous alumnae, ranging from the batch of 1956 to 2008, visit LSR every week to set up stalls and exhibitions. The items range from chocolates, kurtas, flowers, candles, diyas and Tihar jail cosmetic products! “The Alumna Bazaar is a platform for showcasing the talent of the alumna. It is really fascinating to see our alumna pursuing their hobbies as their passion and setting up such innovative stalls. Ours is one of the most active alumna cells of Delhi University and we also have a grand home coming in the form of ‘Nostalgia’, our annual alumna meet. Once, one of our alumna’s came all the way from Thailand just to re-visit her college!” said Kajal Kalsi, one of the co-ordinators of Alumna Cell. The Alumna Cell does indeed provide a wonderful opportunity for the alumna to re-live their LSR days, and the current co-ordinators, Kajal, Vatsala, Meghna and Jaya are working really hard to make each and every day memorable for every alumna that visits college. It is hoped that Nostalgia continues to be a grand success and the Alumna Cell continues reaching great heights!  ]]>

[email protected];I am a third year History (Hons.) student studying in Lady Shri Ram College and I am extremely passionate about my subject. Writing is one of my favourite hobbies, and I am also a trained classical singer. DU Beat has fascinated me since my first year, and working for DU Beat has been the most challenging as well enjoyable phase of my life. I am also into archaeology, South East Asian studies and I am a big fan of Roger Federer (no offence to Nadal fans!). I religiously follow tennis, and I am also into judo. I hope to be a researcher in the future. Administration does not lure me, but the love of the past does, for history is what we make it, and what defines our very base of existence!

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