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Arthashastra, the economics society of Motilal Nehru College (Evening), organised its annual economics fest on 7th of April. This one-day entravagaza saw various colleges competing  in events such as Niti Aayog extempore, Chanakya business solution, stock guru and tycoon the youth entrepreneurs.
Different colleges participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The department congratulated the students for their contribution in making the festival a success. The festival saw footfall of about 500 people, making it a huge success.
“Tycoon”- Be the Job Creator, was a unique platform that provided an opportunity of accelerating the development of a budding start-up idea and kick-starting itself as an accomplished venture, if you believe your ideas have the ability to make a dent in the universe.
“Chanakya Business Solution” was an event based on solving the real world business problems by obtaining extensive in-depth analysis of persons, groups and phenomenon and add strength to what is already known through previous research.
“Niti Aayog” was an extempore which called out to all those who feel that they have it in them to think on their feet, maintain their temperament in the heat of the moment and effectively articulate their points.
“Stock Guru”, the Wolf of MLNCE Street, was a roller-coaster ride of derivatives and stock-valuations where participants were judged on their in-depth understanding of the dynamics of this tremendously volatile market-place.
The event wrapped up with a vote of thanks.

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Econvista is the annual fest of Department of Economics of LSR which was held from 19th Jan-21st Jan’17.  

Econvista 2017 – The International Economics Symposium was organised by Department of Economics of Lady Shri Ram College (LSR), University of Delhi from 19th-21st January, 2017. The first day of the fest began with a learning session ‘Ideas Conclave’ which was graced by speaker Arvind Virmani, an Indian economist who was appointed India’s representative to the International Monetary Fund in 2009 prior to which he was the Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India. In his talk he focused upon the issue of corruption that has paralysed the entire system giving the students a flavour of how policy making works.

Keeping in line with the theme of Econvista ‘17 of exploring alternative development paradigms, The Ideas Conclave witnessed a panel discussion on ‘‘Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Development: Feasibility & Challenges of Market Economy.” The Chairperson was Dr. Geeta Gouri, a former member of Competition Commission of India while the esteemed panelists included, Dr. Farzana Afridi, Dr. Surajit Mazumdar and Dr. Anirban Kar. The discussion began with Dr. Afridi highlighting the dire income inequality that exists today, particularly in context of the liberal market reforms of the past few decades implemented in emerging markets of the developing world. Dr. Mazumdar took the discussion further by bringing to the forefront the exclusive nature of our economy in status quo. In a labour surplus country like India, people face unemployment or are paid low wages as sellers of their labour services. Following this, Dr. Kar elaborated on problems that remain unsolved through free market operations, such as the under provision of public goods or coordination problems.

Ideas Conclave unleashed its third event of the day, ‘Theatrical Play’ by the renowned Chilsag Entertainment Network. The performers not only charged up the whole atmosphere by their chuckle some act, but also left the audience to ponder over the quotidian yet paramount subject of ‘Woman Empowerment’. The concluding and the most awaited session of the day was – slam poetry by a group called ‘Slip of Tongue’. The theme of Econvista 2017 was “Thinking Beyond the Invisible Hand: Exploring Alternative Development Paradigms”. This session can easily be accredited for having gathered the largest audience as compared to the other sessions. The slam poetry performances revolved substantially around the theme of development and its denotation to them. The first performance was by a trio of Diksha, Shubhra and Cheryl wherein they spoke about norms that women have been following till date.

The online events were Economic Reelties, Eco Trails and Eco Toons, and flagship events were Dr. Saroj Gupta Memorial Paper Presentation, Policy Dilemma, Eco Prayog, Mock IP, Checkmate and Eco Matters. Zestomania was, as per popular opinion, one of the most exciting events of the second day at Econvista’17. Also, the interactive events were Galloping Producers, M Triple A and Zest-O-Mania. The amphitheater became interesting with a flurry of activities as teams from colleges from all over the country engaged in a battle of speed and intellect. All these events entertained participation of students from most of the colleges of Delhi University, and from colleges outside Delhi.

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The Economics Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College hosted its annual Economics Fest, Econotize, on the 3rd and 4th of February on a massive scale.

The fest was officially kicked off by the Principal, DR PK Khurana, who showed immense pride in the stature of the event and showered praises on the Economics Society for their proclivity to innovate and generate awareness on the most relevant issues.

The two days that followed proved to be a treat for Economics buffs, as it attempted to explore the depths of the subject, ponder upon some of the biggest challenges to our nation, and apply logical thinking through a stellar line up of diverse events It pushed participants in their bid to understand how economic policymaking is done at the highest level through its committee simulations of G8+5 and the National Council of Sustainable Development.

It also combined the intricacies of the subject with the classic game of Monopoly through an innovative event, Ecopoly. Debate and Quizzing were also on the menu, as Econotize’16 executed a successful simulation of the famous Newshour Debate along with a multi-discipline general knowledge quiz.

In a first of its kind simulation by the Society, the fest also featured a political event ‘Election Manifesto’ that enabled its participants to step into the shoes of politicians with them vying for the position of the Chief Minister of Delhi.

The society continued with its trademark event of ‘Paper Presentation’, that challenged its participants to delve into the some of the biggest issue that plague the world. A giant treasure hunt on the second day pushed all players to their limits, in a thought provoking and time bound event. 2 days, 9 events, 1200 participants from 50 different colleges, and one resoundingly successful fest. Econotize’16 was one to remember.


Guest Post by Anupam Gulati for DU Beat

The Economics Society, St. Stephens, organized its two day annual fest, National Economics Festival on 15th and 16th January, 2016. The festival witnessed substantial participation, with over 500 students, from various colleges across the Delhi University and provided assistance for those seeking an expressive platform for application of the theoretical knowledge and discussion of the nation’s economic scenario. First day of the festival began with an inaugural lecture by Dr. Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Executive Secretary of International Development Economics Associates, about the topic: ‘India’s youth: Demographic Dividend or Ticking time bomb.’ “We need strategies for changing the growth pattern, it’s not just enough to grow GDP if it doesn’t give us the structural change. We need to be proactive about employment generation, public education and skills development.” said Dr. Ghosh while discussing the problems of unemployment in our nation. Tito in Vegas (a gambling-based situation game), Eco biz quiz and Eco-Mediathon (a blend of economics and journalism), witnessed a huge participation on the first day.

Second day of the festival focused predominantly on debates and discussions through committee simulations. For instance, The European Council reviewing on the economic consequences of the ongoing Refugee Crisis, an advisory board on the Monetary Policy Committee and Narasimha Rao Cabinet discussing the aftermath of the 1991 BOP Crisis. The committee simulations were followed by N C Ray Paper presentation for the research enthusiasts. The highlight of the first day was the event ‘Underground Economy’ which involved facing a world full of criminal mafias, trading drugs, visiting brothels and playing till the moment one was caught by the cops. “It wouldn’t have been half as successful without our seniors, who started working months before the fest. They helped revive the society this year.” said  Dhairya Aggarwal, a second year member of The Economics Society.

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The Economics Society of Hansraj College organised Inceptum’15 on the 7th of November 2015. A number of the college’s societies pooled in their talents and formed events that challenge the economic, finance and business aptitude of students. The occasion was graced by the Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, who was the Chief Guest for the day and delivered the keynote address on the growth of India and the role that the youth plays in it.


The events were designed primarily to test the economic acumen of the participants as they navigated the twists and turns of time travel, ancient ideas and international economic turmoil. Chanakya Neeti, Policy Paralysis, Banca DelVaticano, Ecognizance and the North Campus Treasure Hunt managed to generate a footfall of nearly 500 participants from across the University. The aim was to bring a diverse set of future economists together to discuss pertinent issues that enable them to become personally associated with these problems and devise innovative strategies to approach the same.

After a day filled with debate, discussion, brain storming and evolution of ideas, The Economics Society, Lady Shri Ram College, emerged at the top of the table with the highest cumulative scores for all the events, followed by The Marketing Society, Shri Ram College of Commerce as the first runner up.


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Provided by The Economics Society, Hansraj College




Blisspoint, the Annual Economics Festival of Sri Venkateswara College is back with a bang. The 20th edition of the event is all set to be bigger and better than before. Serving under the theme of “Sustaining India’s Growth amidst the Global Crisis,” there will be focus on the imperatives of social development and broad-based growth.

Prominent names like Dr. Pronab Sen (Principal Adviser, Planning Commission) and Prof. Rohini Somanathan (Professor at the Delhi School of Economics) will serve as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively. With panel discussions by alumni and introduction of new competitions, one can anticipate a stellar experience on the cards. Events like Animal Spirits (Mock Stock), B-Plan, Be an Economist, Group Discussion, Siddharth Memorial Debate, Treasure Hunt (comprising two rounds; the first of which will focus on logical reasoning), Quiz (general, not economic) and Filler Events (including photography contests and Sudoku among others) will be making a comeback, while Sell the Sizzle not the Steak (essentially focusing on the product’s USP and not the product itself) and Marshal’s Dojo (Paper Presentation) will test the waters for the first time. BlissMUN which in its third year has managed to make a mark and be known as one of DU’s best MUNs will prove to be one of the most popular events of the festival.

Registrations for all the competitions are open and anyone wanting to participate can simply log on to the website or check out the facebook page.

Shevangee Gupta, vice president of the Economics Society said, “This edition is going to be absolutely fantastic and we invite all to participate and make it a success. We guarantee that it will be a huge amount of fun.”

So, mark your calendars for 27th and 28th of September for Blisspoint 2012 will truly be spectacular.