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The Economics Society, St. Stephen’s organizes National Economics Festival

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The Economics Society, St. Stephens, organized its two day annual fest, National Economics Festival on 15th and 16th January, 2016. The festival witnessed substantial participation, with over 500 students, from various colleges across the Delhi University and provided assistance for those seeking an expressive platform for application of the theoretical knowledge and discussion of the nation’s economic scenario. First day of the festival began with an inaugural lecture by Dr. Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Executive Secretary of International Development Economics Associates, about the topic: ‘India’s youth: Demographic Dividend or Ticking time bomb.’ “We need strategies for changing the growth pattern, it’s not just enough to grow GDP if it doesn’t give us the structural change. We need to be proactive about employment generation, public education and skills development.” said Dr. Ghosh while discussing the problems of unemployment in our nation. Tito in Vegas (a gambling-based situation game), Eco biz quiz and Eco-Mediathon (a blend of economics and journalism), witnessed a huge participation on the first day.

Second day of the festival focused predominantly on debates and discussions through committee simulations. For instance, The European Council reviewing on the economic consequences of the ongoing Refugee Crisis, an advisory board on the Monetary Policy Committee and Narasimha Rao Cabinet discussing the aftermath of the 1991 BOP Crisis. The committee simulations were followed by N C Ray Paper presentation for the research enthusiasts. The highlight of the first day was the event ‘Underground Economy’ which involved facing a world full of criminal mafias, trading drugs, visiting brothels and playing till the moment one was caught by the cops. “It wouldn’t have been half as successful without our seniors, who started working months before the fest. They helped revive the society this year.” said  Dhairya Aggarwal, a second year member of The Economics Society.

Image Credits:  The Economics Society of St. Stephen’s College

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