Many students studying Journalism Honours and Psychology Honours under CBCS guidelines received information about the Skill Enhancement Course’s external and internal assessments’ final marks distribution from their college’s faculty members close to the date of their final examination. With the dates of receiving this information varying in different colleges, students from Journalism Honours in Kamala Nehru College (KNC) learnt about the same from their teachers hours before their examination. Interestingly, the confusion of the Psychology Honours’ batch of Daulat Ram College (DRC) was clarified only upon receiving the question paper.

The discrepancy was found out in various colleges upon receiving the admit card. Students of Journalism Honours in KNC and Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) found a 50-50 marks distribution for external and practical assessment for SEC in their admit cards. While KNC students had been studying the course keeping the 50-50 distribution in mind, LSR students were uncertain as they had been following the 75-25 marks distribution, with 25 being allotted for internal assessment. Students from other colleges also underwent similar confusion. “Our admit cards said that the SEC paper that was documentary production would be of 50 marks. But the paper actually was for 75 marks.”, said Aditya, a Journalism Honours student from DCAC.

The situation varied across different colleges and different departments. In certain colleges, the final distribution came to the students’ knowledge quite late, while in certain colleges like Indraprastha College for Women (IPCW), there had been no discrepancy about the same neither in the admit cards, nor with the faculty.

The entire situation around the distribution of marks created confusion and hustle among students. “We were pretty confused since we didn’t know how the marks would be divided and how we are supposed to answer had it been for 50 marks.”, said Utkarsha, a Psychology Honours student from Daulat Ram College, where no clarification from the faculty had been received regarding the SEC Emotional Intelligence paper.

DU Beat reached out to faculty members, but received no comments from their end. There is still uncertainty whether the discrepancy had been for the Journalism Honours and Psychology Honours courses only.

Such action by the college administration as well as the faculty members makes us question whether the students’ best interests are really at heart. After all the formalities and unnecessary steps the students are forced to go through to receive their admit cards, such a massive error with regards to the marks distribution is a careless mistake by the authorities. Students who prepared accordingly, having faith in the college administration and the teachers, were shocked on the day of the examination. With all the buzz around exams and the pressure on students, why was this matter handled so inadequately by the authorities?


Priyal Mahtta
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Komercio 2016, the two day combined annual commerce festival of four societies of DCAC’s Commerce Association- Club For Leadership, Innovation and Finance, Comania, the Commerce Society, Mercado, the Marketing Society, and Rokda, the Finance and Investment Cell, was held on 17th-18th March 2016. The festival witnessed substantial participation from the students of various colleges across the Delhi University. The first day began with a series of events and competitions like the inaugural session by Mr. Madan Lal, MLA AAP, followed by Navin Gullia a world record holder in adventure sports, Stock-o-holic – Mock Stock in association with Bombay Stock Exchange, and the first of its kind, the Food Triathlon.

The second day began with the most awaited event, EDManiacs, and was followed by 50 shades of Bollywood, the bollywood treasure hunt, and Prom Night. EDManiacs, in association with CLIF, was the first EDM centred competition ever held in Delhi University and provided a perfect platform for true EDM lovers to showcase their skills and dedication to this genre.

The first round of the event was a simple pen-paper round where the students, in teams of two, were given 15 minutes to answer 30 generalized questions regarding DJs and everything surrounding the beat. The shortlisted teams then proceeded to the second round, i.e, Human Shazam whereby sets of 10 songs each were put forth and the contestants were required to identify the correct name of the track. The final round was where the contenders had to go through a series of questions about album covers, logos of various artists, record labels and lastly the HOTS round, Bragging Rights. Anant Kasana and Akshay Dotiyal, from Amity University bagged the first prize. The whole idea of setting up an event like this was brought forward by Sidhantha Jain, an EDM blogger who believes “No matter who you are what you do or wherever you are right now, your passion will take you somewhere nice.”

Feature Image Credits: Sidhantha Jain

Tamanna Goel

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With inputs by Sidhantha Jain

Street Dance, for all those who do not know, is a very unique dance form that originated in North America and Australia a few decades ago. There is no strict dance style but it comprises mainly of jazz, hip-hop and break dance. Much like a flash mob, a group of dancers set up their portable music systems on the street or a ground and start dancing to a crowd of onlookers.

Until recently, this dance form was relatively unknown in the University Circuit, with very few colleges actually having a street dance society. However, in recent times, especially in the last couple of fests, street dance is gearing to change that.

With a confident future, street dance societies are yet to get the kind of acceptance as that of the conventional western dance societies in Delhi University. Every fest season sees a large number of dance competitions, most dance competitions comprise of Western and Folk Dance categories.

The past fest season saw only a few fests like Crossroads, by Shri Ram College of Commerce(SRCC), hosting a Street Dance Competition. Though colleges like  Hindu College did have a street dance competition, but they were held during departmental fests. Some other Delhi University colleges, which held this competition, were Sri Venkateswara College and Maharaja Agrasen College.

   The Street dance society of College of Vocational Studies, CVStreets performs at Crossroads 2014    
    Member of DCAC street dance society responds to the challenge. 

Even among the colleges that have street dance societies, the dance form is waitingt to gain popularity, with Western Dance hogging the limelight. Dennis Anthony, the President of CVStreets says, “SRCC was the first time we took part in a DU competition and we stood first. The opportunities in DU may be lacking, but every year we plan to get bigger. In the past five years, our society has grown immensely. We won at Nokia India as well, the Delhi zone winners. We came fourth at the main event. Next we plan to take on Hiphop International and I hope we’re able to crack a dance reality show as well!

The second day of Ambrosia 2014, the annual cultural fest of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce concluded with a series of cultural events and finally the performance of ‘Rap Da Badshah’-Bohemia live on stage.

The day kicked off with a multitude of people turning up for the Scavenger Hunt competition where the crowd searched for various odd items to complete the list in order to win. A team from DCAC which included Manan Chaudhary, Ennam Pathak, Rishabh Jain, Ravinshu Kumar Jain and Mitul Nanda won the Scavenger Hunt with the maximum items collected on the campus. This was followed by ‘Swarachit Kavita’ a self composed poetry competition where Rachita from P.G.D.A.V College won the first prize followed by Saksham of Dyal Singh College. After that there was a ‘Bad Singing’ competition which was won by Aditya Mehra of Maharaja Agrasen College.

The college also witnessed some powerful dance performances in the competitions of Western Dance and Street Dance events. Western Dance was won by ‘The Immortals’ of Satyawati College and Street Dance by ‘Zorks’ of Trinity College. The Battle of Street Dancers was won by a group called ‘Breaker 4’.


After the competitions, DJ Hitesh and rapper Dahek opened the stage for Bohemia’s performance. They interacted with the crowd and cracked jokes engaging the audience. Dahek performed his songs like ‘Aao milo’,‘Sorry Shaktiman’ and the Bollywood number ‘Mera Mann’.

Bohemia finally arrived at the stage around 6 pm amidst a large crowd that had been waiting for his performance since noon. He performed all his popular numbers like ‘Kali Denali’, ‘Sahara’, and ‘Future’. He also introduced Daler Mehndi’s son, Gurdeep Mehndi on stage and talked about their upcoming collaboration.

Image credits: Vipul Langayan


The Advertising association of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce (DCAC) held its annual advertising festival ‘Parivartan’ on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014. The one day festival began with a panel discussion on the topic – ‘Communicating brand values to the Facebook Generation‘ followed by an array of events like Ad-Mad competition, Minute to win it & Scavenger Hunt, all idealized on the theme of festival ‘advertising’.

The panel discussion highlighted the role of two way social media and its rapid advancement into the advertising sector. The distinguished panel of speakers consisted of Mr. Sandeep Bannerjee (VP,Hammer Communication, Ex GM, McCanne Healthcare), Ms. Shweta Baxi Tyagi (VP, Digiqom) and social media expert Mr. Anshuman Gandhi.

Beginning with Mr. Bannerjee’s pointing out of the rather diverse variety of products that has bombarded the consumer with infinite choices today, the discussion unfolded with social media’s advantages as well as misuse in case of manipulations and overstatements. On being questioned upon, how social media could wrongly impact the brand image of product if a single customer states his dissatisfaction on a public discussion forum, Mr. Anshuman called such a scenario as an ‘opportunity’. “Someone who is annoyed with our product/service isn’t a liability, but an opportunity. He wishes to widen his outlook, is seeking attention and is ready for change. The organization should satisfy him, treat him wonderfully, make him the brand ambassador”, Mr. Anshuman added.

On the same lines, Ms. Shweta cited real life instances like the American Express & Jet Airways to explain as to how negative response from a customer could be successfully churned into a positive opportunity.

On being questioned upon the role of social media in establishing political brand names, the panelists took the example of the Kejriwal wave that swayed all people and simultaneously set a benchmark as to the best use of online media. “The live updates by political big-shots  on Facebook and Twitter keep the public informed and impressed. Numerous social media sites like Social Samosa carry out daily percentages of people supporting different parties/candidates.” said Ms. Shveta Tyagi.

Countering the attacks like online marketing being one sided, or over hyped or out of time, Mr. Sandeep Bannerjee said, “So long as we entertain the audiences, not merely engage them, social media would continue to be an eminent source of delivering brand values.”

Apart from the Panel Discussion, there were events like Scavenger hunt, Ad-Mad, Minute to win it, kite flying competition, Poster making, solo & group dance competitions conducted in the festival. The vigor and brain of the festival, Ma’am Neeru Kapoor expressed her happiness and contentment  saying, “All the competitions attracted significant participation and the panel discussion engaged the students very well. We’ve got appreciation from everyone alike, the goal of organizing Parivartan for us, stands fulfilled.”

Image Credits – Asad Khan (DCAC)

Spektrum, the two-day long commerce & management festival of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce was organized on the 24th and 25th of March, 2014. The festival, organised by the Commerce Association of DCAC was an amalgam of guest lectures, competitive events and the presence of Pulkit Samrat & Bilal Amrohi, the male leads of the upcoming Bollywood movie ‘O Teri’.

Guest Lecture Sessions

As the tagline of Spektrum’14 was, ‘Amaze. Inspire. Achieve.’, the festival opened with inspirational guest lecture by Mr. Maheshwar Peri, Founder, Outlook on the topic ‘Right Place, Right Time’. This was followed by another lecture by Mr. Anubhav Khiwani, Founder, Denetim and alumni of DCAC from the class of 2005. Apart from sharing his college memories and experience, the address had an inspirational angle to it too. “The killer instinct is always to prove yourself, so, never give up”, Mr. Khiwani said during his address.

The Array of Events

1. Polemic Foe: The Commercial Covert

The event was designed to test the knowledge, speaking skills and confidence of the selected six finalists on topics given extempore. However, this came with a twist, as each round had a covert, who was equipped with helping aid, in form of pointers related to given topic. Hence, along with the said, it also tested the presence of mind, balancing streak and ability to accurately guess and eliminate the covert.

Winner –  Anshul Gupta ( Delhi College of Arts & Commerce) 

Polemic Foe : The Commercial Covert.
Polemic Foe : The Commercial Covert.

2. Kaizen : The Inventory Management Competition

The event focused on the importance of inventory management in the cost profit relations of an organization.

Winners – Siddharth Jain & Utkarsh Srivastava (Delhi College of Arts & Commerce)

Runners Up – Vaishnavi Pathania & Monica (Motilal Nehru College)

3. The Sensatus Business Challenge

A flagship event of Spektrum’2014, SBC hosted a unique business and idea auction, inviting bids from various investors and arranging for a face off of ideas in front of a distinguished jury.

Winners – Saurabh Jain & Aashika Aggarwal ( Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies)

Runners Up –  Akshay Bansal  ( Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies)

The auction winners at SBC being felicitated by Dr. Neeru Kapoor.
The auction winners at SBC being felicitated by Dr. Neeru Kapoor.

 4. Cricket Fever: The Speculation Game

The event put to test the analytic skills, speculation and calculations of all the seventy participating teams in the game which runs in the blood of all Indians – Cricket.

Winner –  Dev Khari & Deepak Kumar (DCAC)

First Runner Up –  Arjun & Rakesh Aggarwal (DCAC)

5. Commusic – The Commerce & Music Quiz

A far more interesting quiz than the traditional grilling & tough question-answers, Commusic questioned the participating  teams on easy commerce & music related questions, something everyone related to. The concept being new was widely accepted as 70 teams participated in the fun filled event that went on for three rounds.

Winners – Sushant Aggarwal & Krishna Chaudhary ( P.G.D.A.V. College)

First Runners Up – Savan Singh & Arunav Chaudhary (Zakir Hussain College/ Ram Lal Anand College)

Second Runners Up –  Shenjit Basu & Ridhiman Roy (Delhi College of Arts & Commerce)

6. Portfolio Perfecto : The B-Plan Competition

A platform for presentation, discussion and improvement of innovative business & entrepreneurship ideas and felicitation of the best one.

Winners – Rohan Kapoor & Himanshu Garg ( Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Institute of Technology)

Runners Up – Vipul Vaid & Shivani Garg ( Delhi Technological University)

7. Stock – O- Holic

The event which showcased an artificial simulation of a financial stock exchange with its dynamic streaks of bullish & bearish trends of market. Over 120 teams registered for the event, which went on for more than four hours.

Winners –  Adarsh & Salil Arora (Delhi College of Arts & Commerce)

Runners Up – Dilnaman Singh Sachdeva & Daljeet ( Keshav Mahavidyalaya)

8.  Odyssey – The Treasure Hunt

Winners – Ravinshu Kumar Jain, Rakesh Aggarwal & Prabhat Bahl ( DCAC)

Runners Up – Pramukesh, Ishana & Dhruv (DCAC)

9. Drift Up : The Street Dance Competition

Winners – Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology (FIMT)

Runners Up– Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology (MAIT)

10. Colors: The Online Photography Competition

First Prize  – Mahvish Hamid (Hans Raj College)

Second Prize – Chandani Khattar ( Gargi College), Vitthal Bhardwaj (Punjab University)

Third Prize – Nikhil Dhingaun ( DCAC)

The pinch of Glamour : Star Cast of ‘ O teri’

The closing ceremony of DCAC’s Spektrum was graced up by the presence of actor Pulkit Samrat & Bilal Amrohi, who had come to the college campus for the promotion of their upcoming flick – ‘O Teri’ scheduled to release on March 28th, 2014. The actors were seen interacting with students as well as teachers, distributing CDs , signing T shirts and dancing in their short fifteen minutes appearance to a packed audience desirous of witnessing more of the two leads.

As a head start to their annual fest Scoop, the Department of Journalism, Delhi College of Arts & Commerce is presents Ex Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in conversation with M.J. Akbar, Editor-in-chief of Sunday Guardian. Talking of the upcoming elections, the discussion will be on the topic, “Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Is the political Landscape Changing in India?”.

We present you live updates from the event!

On 17th January, the political science department of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce organised an informative seminar about different academic options offered at LSE to students globally. The guest lecturer was W.S Breare-Hall who is the Student Recruitment and Study Abroad Manager at LSE.

The seminar kicked off with introduction of London School of Economics which was established in 1895 by Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw and Graham Wallas. Mr. Hall illustrated LSE as an institution which strives to make a positive difference in the society by creative policy makers of tomorrow. He said, “People come to LSE not because who we are but because who we are. When you go home after your classes at LSE, you have a unique insight and far more exciting experiences, knowledge and skills.”

He described the procedure of selection programmes, scholarships, financial aids and accommodation facilities at London School of Economics. He went on to throw light on various graduate, undergraduate and general courses offered at LSE. On choice of degree at LSE he said, “When you are choosing a degree, look carefully. If it’s not according to your interests then it’s not right for you. Tailor the degree according to your interests.”

“Being the president of the department, I want to give my best to the students. In today’s world it’s essential to get global to understand the socio-cultural contest at the local level. The seminar was an attempt at this. We hope to keep having such informative seminars in the future too”, said Pooja, the president of Political Science Department of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce.

Mr.Hall concluded the event thanking the gathering,”It is I who must thank you for being such a welcoming and gracious host.I hope those present found my talk helpful and I would be delighted to visit you again in the future.”

A group of twelve students and five professors from the University of Delhi attended the 10th South Asian Economics Students Meet (SAESM) held at Lahore, Pakistan from 23rd to 30th December. This economic meet had an undergraduate students representation from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The entire event was divided into two halves. The conference and various competitions were held on the first three days, followed by a retreat on the next three. Political Economy in South Asia was the overall theme for this meet, conversely, there were six sub-themes. University of Delhi, Lahore University of Management Sciences, University of Kabul, Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune, St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and many more attended this event.

The students stayed in the Lahore University campus. The first day commenced with the national anthems of the seven South Asian countries being represented, which was followed by the opening ceremony- finally unraveling the 10th Annual Meet. Charvi Kain, LSR and Sambodhi Sarkar, St. Stephen’s College stood second in the quiz; Palaash Bhargava, KMC stood third in the Budding Economist and Chhavi Miglani from SRCC reached the final round for the Budding Economist.

Apart from leading the Indian delegation, Sambodhi Sarkar also won the Amartya Sen-Mehboob ul Haq Award. His paper on The Political Economy of Public Finance was deemed the best overall paper during the conference. Miranda House’s Amrita Garai won laurels for her paper on The Political Economy of International Trade as well.

Other students who represented the University of Delhi were Ishneet Kaur from KMC, Anuvinda PS from LSR, Manas Pathak and Jatin Bavishi of Ramjas College, Karan Kumar from DCAC, Stuti Oberoi of Miranda House and Ishita Asija representing IP College for Women.

After the hectic meet the students were taken for a day trip to Islamabad and for a short visit to the Harappan Valley. A professor of Lahore University also invited all students for lunch at his farmhouse.

The overall feeling by the students of India was that their image of Pakistan had changed and changed for the better. Charvi Kain said, “I felt as though Lahore was quite similar to New Delhi, the people were very warm and the experience had been quite enriching.” Whereas, Palaash Bharagava mentioned that he got to understand Political Economy way beyond the Indian way of learning. He even said that as Economics has various schools of thought, this event proved to be quite successful in making him understand different perspectives of Economics.

While Economics departments of other colleges go about organizing their departmental fests, Ecolibrium, the ecosoc of DCAC has come up with a new refreshing idea of`Ecolympics: sports day with a twist’ as they like to put it.

Ecolympics, to be held on 19th march, 10 am onwards in the grounds of DCAC seeks to bring together students, teachers and staff of the college for a fun filled day. With competitions like lemon race, tug of war, sack race, 3 legged race, taboo and 5 on 5 football, participants will not only get a chance to revisit and relive their childhood days but also a chance to win cash prizes worth Rs. 12000!!

The main attractions of the day however, will be the popular Paint Ball and the Segway. For those who don’t know, Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle and a fun ride.

To complete the day, there will be some good food too, to fill all those hungry stomachs after a day of jumping around.

In their attempt to make 19th a crazy and memorable day for the participants, Ecolibrium has received immense support and encouragement from their sponsors Jain art jewelers, Healthee.in, Sangeeta Bedi School of Economics and Math’s, DU beat, IATA Flight Center, Punjab sweet corner thy campus  and Spicy by Nature .

“We are expecting a participation of at least 150 people given all the excitement it has created among the students” Says Siddharth, Vice president, Ecolibrium.

Here’s a day dedicated to fun, freedom and of course spirit of sportsmanship spirit!