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DCAC holds seminar on career aspects in LSE

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On 17th January, the political science department of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce organised an informative seminar about different academic options offered at LSE to students globally. The guest lecturer was W.S Breare-Hall who is the Student Recruitment and Study Abroad Manager at LSE.

The seminar kicked off with introduction of London School of Economics which was established in 1895 by Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw and Graham Wallas. Mr. Hall illustrated LSE as an institution which strives to make a positive difference in the society by creative policy makers of tomorrow. He said, “People come to LSE not because who we are but because who we are. When you go home after your classes at LSE, you have a unique insight and far more exciting experiences, knowledge and skills.”

He described the procedure of selection programmes, scholarships, financial aids and accommodation facilities at London School of Economics. He went on to throw light on various graduate, undergraduate and general courses offered at LSE. On choice of degree at LSE he said, “When you are choosing a degree, look carefully. If it’s not according to your interests then it’s not right for you. Tailor the degree according to your interests.”

“Being the president of the department, I want to give my best to the students. In today’s world it’s essential to get global to understand the socio-cultural contest at the local level. The seminar was an attempt at this. We hope to keep having such informative seminars in the future too”, said Pooja, the president of Political Science Department of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce.

Mr.Hall concluded the event thanking the gathering,”It is I who must thank you for being such a welcoming and gracious host.I hope those present found my talk helpful and I would be delighted to visit you again in the future.”

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