It’s the time of the year when the campus is glowing with the enthusiastic and anticipating faces of freshers who are all set to be welcomed in a new city.  From the hustle to get admitted in their dream college to the excitement of finding a new home, they’re all geared up.

While universities all over India focus on providing a world-class education to students, they are unable to fully cater to the demands for student hostels. Eliminating the petite population that gets enrolled in university hostels, more than 80,000 students go about seeking shelter with private establishments like PGs and Flats. And in no time you can find the same enthusiastic freshers lingering on the streets of campus to buy vegetables!  Their objective of education and career advancement takes a back seat as they recognize the necessity to satisfy their basic living needs like comfortable housing, food and nutrition, cleanliness, laundry, EPC support, entertainment and socialization.

Having faced similar challenges while in Delhi University, a group of students from Ramjas College is venturing the opportunity through their startup in the student housing sector -YourShell.

The company provides easy to book, better serviced, and affordable rental homes to students within the campus and thrives on building a co-operative and robust support system for handling student grievances.


YourShell will ensure all your housing needs are met.
YourShell will ensure all your housing needs are met.


Apart from providing fully furnished air-conditioned rooms adorned with carefully crafted decor, four-time meal plan, with regular milk, fruits and additional beverages, dedicated housekeeping, personalized caretaking and a robust redressal system, YourShell properties offer a whole new set of free services to their residents which include library, gaming zone, gym, prepaid electric meters, smart card entry system, online payment portal, career counseling sessions, internship guidance and rent credit facility.

Founded in January 2017 by Sunny Garg, Vishesh Khunger, Shaifali Jain, Gaurav Verma & Vartika Sharma, YourShell has been financially backed by the ‘Startup India Standup India’ scheme of Modi government since its incorporation and is now a government recognized startup. Within two years of its inception, YourShell has managed to grow into the largest student housing community of North Campus, University of Delhi. It currently operates 18 residences and is home to 650+ students. Providing residential services to both girls and boys, the range varies from INR 10,000 to 25,000 to provide a wider range of options to choose from.


YourShell provides comfortable rooms at affordable prices.
YourShell provides comfortable rooms at affordable prices.


The intent of this project is to revolutionize the conventional forms of student housing and to organize the disoriented accommodation sector in all major educational hubs of the country so that the zealous spirits of freshers never recede and they stick to the very idea of why they were here in the first place.


You can check out the official Instagram page of YourShell for more details: Click Here

To book a PG or to enquire about the same, contact :




Paying Guest accommodations can be like the film adaption of books: Almost always terrible without the essence of the original, that is, the home.

While most Paying Guest Accomodation (PG) owners claim zealously to replicate aspects of your home, with some even going to the extent of naming their PGs, “Home Away From Home”, most fail to do the same. Now that the admission season is at its peak, here is a guide to PG hunting for students looking for an accommodation in the city.

The Curious Case of the ‘5-Minute Walking Distance’:

Regardless of whether the PG is at a distance of 1.5 kilometers or 15 kms away from college, the claim of it being at a 5-minute walking distance from the concerned prospective client’s college is universal. As you will realize for yourself, it is wise to manually check the distance between your prospective PG and college or the market rather than accepting your prospective proprietor’s fraudulent claims at face value.

Inclusive Of All Overhead Costs: A Myth:

When I had gone PG hunting last year, one PG proprietor in Kamla Nagar had told me, “Sab Included Hain Ji (everything is included). Electricity, food charges, everything is included in your rent.” While I seemed impressed by the cost effectiveness of the entire proposition, I still wanted to verify these claims by taking first-hand information from the inmates of the PG. When I asked around, I was told that besides laundry and the electricity bill for the AC, the residents also had to pay for the drinking water. I understood that “Everything Is Included” is a tag-line fondly used by proprietors to seize the prospective residents. Students are advised not to fall prey to these fancy claims. Proprietors are like mobile service providers. They promise too much, deliver very little.

Exclusive Electricity Charges: A Tale of Wondrous Deception

In PGs wherein the electricity bill is not included within the rent, there remains room for ghastly swindling and tampering with the power units recorded on the meter. Doreen Barpujari, a student of Ramjas College who was a resident of a PG in Shakti Nagar told DU Beat, “For the first few months, the meter in my room displayed that I had consumed 500 units which is a a massive amount considering the fact that I didn’t even have an AC in my room. As such, I had to pay over INR 1,000 in those months.” She added, “Finally, a group of us who were victims of similar grievances decided to go on a fact-finding mission. We realised that the proprietor had been trifling with the power meters in our rooms to secure extra money from us.”

The Fable of The ‘One Fruit Everyday’:

During the admission season last year, when I had first visited the PG wherein I would spend the next one year, I remember my proprietor bragging, “We give one fruit everyday. That is why, year after year, our rooms get filled up after the first cut-off list itself.”

Both of his claims, I realised much later, were as perfidious as Donald Trump’s hair. The authenticity of all three were questionable. Halfway into my first month in the PG, I realised that far from providing us with ‘one fruit everyday’, the food wasn’t half as good as the sample I was made to taste when I had first visited it. In fact, this act of fabricating their quality of food is a common phenomenon in most PGs. While some PGs send special instructions to the cook to prepare the most appetizing of food for sampling during the admission season, others hire specialists in food making as long as the cut-off lists keep coming. It is important not to be lured by this duplicity and confirm the food-related claims through first-hand information from the residents themselves.

Security Money Scandals:

Most PGs require the residents to deposit a particular amount of money as ‘security deposit’, mostly fixing it as two months’ of rent or more. The idea behind keeping an amount for security is to ensure that the residents do not leave the PG in the middle of the academic session. For if they do, it becomes a herculean task to fetch new residents. While most PGs pledge to return the security deposit when the residents leave, only a few PGs religiously follow this pledge. The DU Beat correspondent was told by Priyanka Singh, a student of Hansraj College, “My PG only returned half of the security deposit.” On the other hand, Tanvi Ghosh, a student Ramjas College testified, “My PG did not return the security deposit at all. Despite repeated calls and warnings of taking legal action, I did not get the security money back. One idea to prevent this swindling of money is to document all cash transactions in legal terms and bonds, the absence of which allows the PG proprietors to fleece money and trick the students.

Washroom Woes:

For rooms without an attached bathroom, most PG proprietors try to accommodate a number of residents within the ambit of one common washroom itself. Pallavi Das, a student of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur (SGTB) Khalsa College lived in a PG in Mukherjee Nagar for a year. She shared her washroom woes with this correspondent, “I had booked a room without an attached washroom and I was told that only 3 people would be sharing the washroom which was allotted to me. Two days after living in the PG, I noticed that the washroom would be occupied every time that I had gone to use it. Two more days later, I realized that my washroom had been allotted to 7 other people.”

Like all other businesses, PGs are also run by both well-meaning and duplicitous people. Moving away from home is a task in itself requiring immense change and adjustment. Your PG adding to your problems and making the transition even more complicated is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, do not be lazy while researching for PGs. Look at all possible accommodation in person,  ask detailed questions, have all transactions and promises on the record, and seek recommendations and feedback from current residents while making this decision that will greatly affect your college life.

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Vaibhavi Sharma Pathak

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My First Day at Your-Space – A Testimonial by Priyanka B.

I arrived from Guwahati early morning by train to Delhi. Excited about college and my course at LSR, but nervous about staying away from home. All throughout the train journey I kept thinking about the beginning of a new life in a new city away from my gang of friends, how we were all moving to different cities/colleges. Staring out of the train window I could see school days and my city lanes flash by at speed. I remained strong and started to think about the all the new people I would meet. I was looking forward to forging new friendships.


Arriving at the station, the hustle and bustle of the city, the speed at which it moved, all was so new. As thrilling as it was, I was getting closer to my new home – “Your-Space”, my hostel that my parents happily chose for me. And I learnt why so, very soon. Similar to the feeling of when one is on their way down from the top of a ferris wheel.


Finally, I reached my destination, arrived at Your-Space at Kailash Colony – a beautiful red building with massive gates.  There were such pretty decals of images and quotations on the building walls. It look so funky and cool with a young vibe. I was already feeling giddy on the inside about my new home. I was escorted inside by the security guard and introduced to the warden who is on site 24 hours. Received such a warm welcome from Poonam Ma’am and the Your-Space operations team.

I was taken to the office where I submitted by form alongside all the required documentation that I had already completed. I was so happy when they gave me some Your-Space goodies too.


Poonam Ma’am took me to my room and helped me unpack. She told me about the other students on my floor and who was from my college and who all were pursuing the same course. I was going to meet students from LSR and it gave me such comfort to know that that we could go to college together everyday. I would make friends in the same course and we could share notes and study together in the dedicated study area provided on site.

I met my roommate, Akriti, and she made me feel at home instantly. We decided how we will share the room, who takes which cupboard and shelf. She is so chirpy, outgoing, and friendly. I was really at ease. She gave me a tour of the entire building and told me about all the local attractions. Akriti showed me the laundry pick-up and drop-off area, which I can even schedule from my phone anytime. I can give up to 10 items of clothing per week and they get washed, ironed, and delivered. WOW! There is housekeeping so my room, attached balcony, walk-in closet, and en-suite bathroom are always going to be spanking clean.

I spent around two hours setting my room and closet and putting away my woolens in the under-bed storage. I was so happy to find that I have a pull-out caster built in to my bed. I placed all my heels and shoes here.

Then I headed down to the lounge in the building to meet make new friends. I was excited yet a little nervous. The lounge – OMG – blew me away. Such vibrant colours, with cool furniture and prints on the wall, big screen TV, movie area, vending machined for coffee and soup, a pantry, a gym attached. It felt like a swanky cool arcade. I grabbed a cup of coffee, plunked myself down on the sofa and met the other girls. What fun it was just talking about how nervous we all were before getting here. And now?? We were already getting to bond well. We were served hot snacks. The aloobondas with chutney was so delicious that we gobbled them up immediately.

We decided to venture out and check out the local market – GK M Block, N block, or Kailash Colony market. We all agreed to head to The Big Chill Cafe since the Your-Space management recommended it. Being Your-Space students we get discounts at a host of places at all the neighbouring markets, from restaurants to spas. Big Chill was YUMMM – chocolate super fudge ice cream shake and the blueberry cheesecake.


By the time we decided to leave, it started to rain but we ran back since our building is just 200 meters from Big Chill. It brought back memories of childhood when we would jump in puddles and dance in the rain. I felt good, I felt happy, I felt I was among good friends.

After drying up and taking a nap, I went to my friend’s room and we ventured down for dinner. I am in love with this place; the food is so yummy. We had rajma raseela, zeera aloo, raita, salad, rice, and roti – home food goal (tick).

After dinner, we all hung out at the lounge and just gossiped. We stayed up chatting till late so started to feel a little hungry. Since every floor at this place has a separate private kitchen for the residents of that floor, equipped with a fridge, microwave, induction place, and cooking ware, we decided to toss up a midnight snack. Akriti cooked us all Maggi and we thoroughly enjoyed our little pyjama party. What a day, such a warm fuzzy feeling. I felt at home! This is my space! Thank you, team Your-Space.


For those of you who are still looking for a place, do check out www.your-space.in. I am sure you will also fall in love with the place. See you here soon!

Your-Space is an eco-system that serves as a safe residence for students in Delhi. They foster holistic living and create a jovial atmosphere to provide not only a form of accommodation, but a true home for students. They offer safety, convenience, and comfort for the youth by building a brand of uniform, standardised, secure private accommodation that is trusted by students, parents, and institutions across India.

Your-Space provides a number of luxurious facilities that are otherwise unavailable at regular hostels and paid guest accommodations. They range from beauty parlour services to vending machines to yoga zones.


After the successful launch of the first girls only hostel in Greater Noida, Your-Space has now expanded to Delhi University and brought the luxury student living experience to two South Campus girls’ hostels. Admissions are now open for the following locations:
Kailash Colony, New Delhi – 110048
Greater Kailash I, New Delhi – 110048


They will also soon be expanding to North Campus, thereby offering over 170 new rooms this academic year.
Here is a preview of the locations they currently offer.





Your-Space has also launched an app which allows you to pay bills, book meals, view other available properties, relocate between different campuses, and sign up for ancillary services such as seminars and laundry.


This organisation is not merely an experimental project. In fact, it has attained recognition and coverage by several national media outlets, highlighting its uniqueness and innovation.


Not only are parents such as Mr Uppal and Mrs Sharma extremely pleased with how their daughters were treated at the Greater Noida hostel, but an independent investor survey revealed that the average student score for this establishment was a whopping 8/10.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Your-Space and apply now! You can also contact 8383027664 for further queries.

A mass hunger strike, ‘Hostel Satyagrah’ was organised under AISA’s “A Room of My Own” program near Arts Faculty on 26th and 27th of August. Students from around 30 colleges across Delhi University participated to demand the availability of more hostels, rent regulation and rent allowances. The hunger strike was a part of a campaign started by AISA (All India Students Association). More than 20,000 students had given their feedback on postcards distributed by AISA earlier this month.  The postcards were submitted to the DU Vice Chancellor and a demands memorandum was submitted to the Principals of around 20 colleges.

In addition to students, a number of intellectuals, artists, poets and theatre groups joined in support of the movement. Alongside the hunger strike, various other events were organised. The events included lectures by Prof Nandini Sundar (Sociology Dept DU), Dr P K Vijyan (Hindu College) and Anil Chamadia.

On the ‘Idea of University’ Professor Nandini said, “The need for hostels is not only for a cheap accommodation but rather it should be linked to an idea of a closed campus where students live and share their ideas throughout day and night. One must link it to freedom of living and sharing academic ideas.”

By addressing the issue through the lense of ‘Una Movement and Dalit Upsurge’, Anil Chamadia added a crucial perspective. “ The movement for hostels is necessary for the students coming from reserved category and financial weaker sections of the society. There is an attempt by the government to make the campuses elite to exclude people coming from the lower sections of the society from coming to campus. One must link this struggle inside campus to the struggle going in Una”, he said.

The event also witnessed some cultural performances by by Hirawal (People’s Band from Patna), Sangwari (Resistance Cultural Group) and Moksha (Aurobindo Theater Group).

According to Sudhanshu Shekhar, President of DU AISA,” The ABVP which is winning all posts in DUSU from the past two years has not only overlooked the issue of accommodation for DU students but rather it openly advertises for private PGs and private hostels. We are positive that DU students will stand with us this time saying no to ABVP which has completely failed on this issue.” The issues related to accommodations is likely to be one of the main agendas of AISA in the upcoming DUSU elections.

Featured image credits: Tooba Towfiq for DU Beat

Tooba Towfiq
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With the Class 12 results out, an entire new batch of students is all set to be caught up in the frenzy of Delhi University admissions. While getting into a good college and a course of your choice are the concerns on top of everyone’s lists, another concern that ranks not much far under those is that of accommodation. Delhi University sees a huge number of outstation students – and this year even a higher number of foreign students- applying every year. While hostels, Paying Guest accommodations and independent flats are definitely an option, they all come with their own sets of issues.

Hostels offered by Delhi University and the colleges under it are limited, to say the least. They are also usually not open for students from Delhi, which becomes an issue for students who, while in Delhi, live two hours away from the campus. DU hostels have recently been surrounded by controversies brought up by the lack of availability of necessities like water supply and the Pinjra Tod campaign which has been fighting against discriminatory rules against women. A notice has been issued by the Delhi Commission for Women to all hostels in DU and institutions around Delhi. PGs come with their own sets of restrictions and accompanying high costs too.

Keeping all these issues in mind, CoHo.in has come up with CoHo dorms to bridge this gap of demand-supply for students. CoHo dorms are state-of-the-art rental accommodations. They are fully-furnished and fully-maintained, with a spacious common lounge area suitable for college clubs’ meetings too!


The dorms are vibrant and suit the enthusiasm of starting a new phase of life in college. There are thematic photo-frames on the wall with guitars and drums on the couches and games on the desk. They also offer study areas to all students with a place to keep their books and build up a personal library of sorts. Understanding the situation of most college students, who are tempted to visit the various food joints around the university but are often too broke for it, they have partnered with foodpanda, Pizza Hut, Beer Café and others which will offer CoHo residents exclusive discounts.

The rent, including AC, 24/7 high-speed internet, and wholesome meals, starts from INR 10,000 and isn’t exorbitant!

CoHo will be coming up with dorms around Malka Ganj, Hudson Lane and Kamla Nagar areas, all of which are very near to the North Campus, before the session begins. One of their dorms in Shakti Nagar is available for viewing and will be ready for moving-in in June.

CoHo.in will be hosting a fun Gaming Night on May 28. For more information, visit their Facebook page. Find out more about them here.

Guest post by Chirutha Kalra, Team CoHo


Delhi University’s admissions began from 28th May 2015. Every year these admissions with their mind boggling cut off lists determine lives of scores of students. There are over 54,000 seats in DU and people from all over the country come to Delhi to get admitted in the most prestigious and the only central university the nation has!

These dates are full of anxiety and excitement amongst parents and students alike. While which college you end up going to and which course you end up pursuing now solely depends on the kind of marks you have secured in your boards (unless you are talented and ECA admissions help you sail through – more about that later), where you live for the next three years, or well at least the next one year is in your hands-still.

The PG and flat renting business around the university – both North Campus and South Campus – is thriving. Why shouldn’t it? The classroom demographics for almost every course in every college, as you will see once you start, is dominated by outstation students. The number of college and university hostels fall very short of the accommodation that these student people required.

So, it is only inevitable that people flock to these PGs and flats. Rent Mafias are pretty common here. The exorbitant rent is unaffordable to many. The living conditions are pitiable for others. However, if you look real carefully, you will find something that suits your budget and gives you the facilities that you require.

But when outstation people come for admissions, after the tiring haul of choosing a course, college, submitting documents, getting them verified, depositing fees, opening new bank accounts – and all in the not so friendly Delhi heat, mind you – it’s only very rare to have the energy to find a good PG on your own.

The easiest way, it seems, is to go via a broker. But the brokers are involved in the crazy Rent Mafia system that has developed here, and hence you’ll end up paying much more if not as much to the broker as you pay for a semester’s fees at DU!

That needn’t be the case of course. There is an alternative available.

Zocalo.in with its easy user friendly interface helps you find broker-free, authentic and verified PGs all over Delhi! Not just that, they have reviews of every PG listed on their website – the reviews are written by people who have lived in these PGs, so you will know the truth like it is and not just how the owner wants you to know it! This is a gem when it comes to finding the right accommodation. You don’t have to pay a thing to Zocalo.in and also you don’t need to bear the Delhi heat. Download them on your Android Phone (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.queppelin.zocalo) and find a PG on the go!

With the admission hurdle almost past, the next thing that is now on the minds of outstation DU freshers is looking for the right accommodation to spend the coming four years in. Since most colleges don’t provide a hostel facility, students are obligated to look for alternative accommodation like PGs, and so begins the rather difficult task of finding an affordable and comfortable PG.  Following is a compilation of the details of some PGs in North Campus-

  • Aanchal Residential Accommodation for Girls offers facilities such as A.C. rooms, WiFi enabled premise, medical and first aid facilities, housekeeping and laundry facility and other necessary facilities. Address: G-14, Single Storey, Vijay Nagar. Contact: 9899554491, 9911554454, 9213786744, [email protected]
  • Home-2 is a PG accommodation for girls, offering single/ two/ three-seater rooms and A.C. rooms with boarding and lodging. Other facilities include television, refrigerated water, security guard services and a hygienic, homely and secure environment. It is walking distance from the Campus and from the Metro (GTB Nagar and Vishwavidyalaya). Address: E-9, Vijay Nagar, Single Storey, Nr. Community Centre, Polo Road, New Delhi-110009. Contact: 9310365050, 9350685050, 9350615050, 011-20467231.
  • Shakun Sadan is a PG for girls. It is newly built, with a posh set up and a roof garden. Facilities like A.C./non-A.C. rooms, WiFi, T.V., full security are provided. Electricity and water are free and there also a provision for a kitchen. Address: E-134, Kamla Nagar Contact: Prof. M.L. Gupta 9810083501.
  • Garvita Niwas is a girls’ PG offering services like WiFi, four meals a day, A.C. rooms, attached toilets and laundry facilities. Address: F-55/56, Kamla Nagar, near Stellatoes, behind Udipi, New Delhi Contact: 9312838925.
  • She Dreams is a girls’ accommodation with fully furnished rooms, providing all necessary facilities. Address: 5-UB, Jawahar Nagar Contact: 9310013035, 9818805788.
  • Anand Niwas is a PG for boys offering services like WiFi, four meals a day, A.C. rooms, attached toilets and laundry facilities. Address: 30-UB, Jawahar Nagar, near McDonald’s, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi Contact: 9873242883.
  • Sawhney Niwas is a boys’ accommodation with fully furnished rooms, providing all necessary facilities. Address: A-9, Kamla Nagar Contact: 9310013035, 9910907258.
  • Bhagwati Niwas is a girls’ PG providing all necessary facilities. Address: 37, 1st floor, Bunglow Road, Kamla Nagar, opposite Amitabh Banquet Contact: 011-47046104, 9899965598, 9213990212.
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If you happen to roam around North Campus, there are two things you won’t miss seeing: one, a fast-food corner and two, students. They are everywhere, be it Kamla Nagar, Roop Nagar or Aadarsh Nagar. This is not news since North Campus is all about DU colleges. With these students, comes the question of their accommodation as more than 70% of them are outstation residents. It is here that these ‘fancy’ PGs play their role, and how! The students are provided with a fully air conditioned room, a gym, “all kinds of beauty treatment facilities”, Maggi and cold drinks a phone call away, 24 hours power back up, Wi-Fi, personal bathrooms, any time cab facility and so on! The rates of such PGs range from Rs 14000 to 20000 per month.

“In our times a student’s life was considered to be one filled with hardships, where a good result was the fruit of multiple sacrifices that the student made by leaving the comfort of his home and by surviving the brutalities of the world outside. And look at the scenario now!” comments a DU teacher. The students, away from home, live in much luxury now, and their parents think nothing of the 20 or so grand they lavish on their kid each month. The worst part is that the quality of all these PGs tops the scale during the first few months, but it’s downhill after that. Reportedly, the Wi-Fi stops working, the food quality deteriorates and the AC does not work half of the time. “We don’t have an alternative to leave the PG and move elsewhere since that would result in us forfeiting the security the landlords take in the beginning (which is rent of two months)” says Ridhima, a paying guest.

Most of the PGs are not even registered, meaning that they are not legally permitted to carry on a commercial business. The tactics that they use to exploit the comfort-seeking students is deplorable. Just half a decade back the maximum a hostel or a PG charged was Rs 7000.

However, a respite from these fraud PGs is DU hostel. The newly opened Undergraduate hostel and the Rajiv Gandhi hostel for girls are not only cheap but far better than these PGs.  They are clean, spacious and the food is hygienic and delicious. And all this in around Rs 24000 per year! The admission to the hostel is however on merit basis since they provide accommodation only to 800 girls.


Aishwarya Chaurasia
[email protected]

Image credits: Sapna Mathur