Home Away From Home – My Your-Space Hostel Experience

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My First Day at Your-Space – A Testimonial by Priyanka B.

I arrived from Guwahati early morning by train to Delhi. Excited about college and my course at LSR, but nervous about staying away from home. All throughout the train journey I kept thinking about the beginning of a new life in a new city away from my gang of friends, how we were all moving to different cities/colleges. Staring out of the train window I could see school days and my city lanes flash by at speed. I remained strong and started to think about the all the new people I would meet. I was looking forward to forging new friendships.


Arriving at the station, the hustle and bustle of the city, the speed at which it moved, all was so new. As thrilling as it was, I was getting closer to my new home – “Your-Space”, my hostel that my parents happily chose for me. And I learnt why so, very soon. Similar to the feeling of when one is on their way down from the top of a ferris wheel.


Finally, I reached my destination, arrived at Your-Space at Kailash Colony – a beautiful red building with massive gates.  There were such pretty decals of images and quotations on the building walls. It look so funky and cool with a young vibe. I was already feeling giddy on the inside about my new home. I was escorted inside by the security guard and introduced to the warden who is on site 24 hours. Received such a warm welcome from Poonam Ma’am and the Your-Space operations team.

I was taken to the office where I submitted by form alongside all the required documentation that I had already completed. I was so happy when they gave me some Your-Space goodies too.


Poonam Ma’am took me to my room and helped me unpack. She told me about the other students on my floor and who was from my college and who all were pursuing the same course. I was going to meet students from LSR and it gave me such comfort to know that that we could go to college together everyday. I would make friends in the same course and we could share notes and study together in the dedicated study area provided on site.

I met my roommate, Akriti, and she made me feel at home instantly. We decided how we will share the room, who takes which cupboard and shelf. She is so chirpy, outgoing, and friendly. I was really at ease. She gave me a tour of the entire building and told me about all the local attractions. Akriti showed me the laundry pick-up and drop-off area, which I can even schedule from my phone anytime. I can give up to 10 items of clothing per week and they get washed, ironed, and delivered. WOW! There is housekeeping so my room, attached balcony, walk-in closet, and en-suite bathroom are always going to be spanking clean.

I spent around two hours setting my room and closet and putting away my woolens in the under-bed storage. I was so happy to find that I have a pull-out caster built in to my bed. I placed all my heels and shoes here.

Then I headed down to the lounge in the building to meet make new friends. I was excited yet a little nervous. The lounge – OMG – blew me away. Such vibrant colours, with cool furniture and prints on the wall, big screen TV, movie area, vending machined for coffee and soup, a pantry, a gym attached. It felt like a swanky cool arcade. I grabbed a cup of coffee, plunked myself down on the sofa and met the other girls. What fun it was just talking about how nervous we all were before getting here. And now?? We were already getting to bond well. We were served hot snacks. The aloobondas with chutney was so delicious that we gobbled them up immediately.

We decided to venture out and check out the local market – GK M Block, N block, or Kailash Colony market. We all agreed to head to The Big Chill Cafe since the Your-Space management recommended it. Being Your-Space students we get discounts at a host of places at all the neighbouring markets, from restaurants to spas. Big Chill was YUMMM – chocolate super fudge ice cream shake and the blueberry cheesecake.


By the time we decided to leave, it started to rain but we ran back since our building is just 200 meters from Big Chill. It brought back memories of childhood when we would jump in puddles and dance in the rain. I felt good, I felt happy, I felt I was among good friends.

After drying up and taking a nap, I went to my friend’s room and we ventured down for dinner. I am in love with this place; the food is so yummy. We had rajma raseela, zeera aloo, raita, salad, rice, and roti – home food goal (tick).

After dinner, we all hung out at the lounge and just gossiped. We stayed up chatting till late so started to feel a little hungry. Since every floor at this place has a separate private kitchen for the residents of that floor, equipped with a fridge, microwave, induction place, and cooking ware, we decided to toss up a midnight snack. Akriti cooked us all Maggi and we thoroughly enjoyed our little pyjama party. What a day, such a warm fuzzy feeling. I felt at home! This is my space! Thank you, team Your-Space.


For those of you who are still looking for a place, do check out www.your-space.in. I am sure you will also fall in love with the place. See you here soon!

An enthusiastic Ravenclaw, Vineeta is a keen learner and does not shy away from expressing her opinions. Her passion for discussion around gender and sexuality is only matched by her passion for French fries and naps. To chat about these or just to say hi, email her at [email protected].

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