CoHo Dorms offer alternatives to Hostel and PG accommodations in DU

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With the Class 12 results out, an entire new batch of students is all set to be caught up in the frenzy of Delhi University admissions. While getting into a good college and a course of your choice are the concerns on top of everyone’s lists, another concern that ranks not much far under those is that of accommodation. Delhi University sees a huge number of outstation students – and this year even a higher number of foreign students- applying every year. While hostels, Paying Guest accommodations and independent flats are definitely an option, they all come with their own sets of issues.

Hostels offered by Delhi University and the colleges under it are limited, to say the least. They are also usually not open for students from Delhi, which becomes an issue for students who, while in Delhi, live two hours away from the campus. DU hostels have recently been surrounded by controversies brought up by the lack of availability of necessities like water supply and the Pinjra Tod campaign which has been fighting against discriminatory rules against women. A notice has been issued by the Delhi Commission for Women to all hostels in DU and institutions around Delhi. PGs come with their own sets of restrictions and accompanying high costs too.

Keeping all these issues in mind, CoHo.in has come up with CoHo dorms to bridge this gap of demand-supply for students. CoHo dorms are state-of-the-art rental accommodations. They are fully-furnished and fully-maintained, with a spacious common lounge area suitable for college clubs’ meetings too!


The dorms are vibrant and suit the enthusiasm of starting a new phase of life in college. There are thematic photo-frames on the wall with guitars and drums on the couches and games on the desk. They also offer study areas to all students with a place to keep their books and build up a personal library of sorts. Understanding the situation of most college students, who are tempted to visit the various food joints around the university but are often too broke for it, they have partnered with foodpanda, Pizza Hut, Beer Café and others which will offer CoHo residents exclusive discounts.

The rent, including AC, 24/7 high-speed internet, and wholesome meals, starts from INR 10,000 and isn’t exorbitant!

CoHo will be coming up with dorms around Malka Ganj, Hudson Lane and Kamla Nagar areas, all of which are very near to the North Campus, before the session begins. One of their dorms in Shakti Nagar is available for viewing and will be ready for moving-in in June.

CoHo.in will be hosting a fun Gaming Night on May 28. For more information, visit their Facebook page. Find out more about them here.

Guest post by Chirutha Kalra, Team CoHo


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