DUB Speak


Even though the wider perception about Delhi University is that it is completely chilled out, believe it or not, and most students will believe it, it gets pretty hectic sometimes. With attendance woes, several assignments and sometimes travelling long distances to college, everybody looks forward to a break. And what better way to take a break but by going on a trip with all your dearest pals from college? So all  the bright (not dull) Jacks and Jills in DU have been packing their bags and heading off on college trips.

These trips are known to be really affordable, a lot of fun, and obviously a magnet for scandal and gossip. Of course, they may also be educational. Most of the trips happened over the extended 15th August weekend or are going to happen in the upcoming October break. Most of the trips head off to hill stations to get away from the scorching heat. The Economics department of St Stephen’s college went to Dalhousie for 4 days and they only had to shell out Rs 2500. The students of BA programme went to Rohtang Pass while the History Department went to Gwalior and Khajuraho to admire the beautiful sculptures in the temples in the Madhya Pradesh village.

The trips that are scheduled to commence this October Break include the excursion of the Botany Department of Hansraj College to Dharamshala and Mcloedganj for almost a week at a very inexpensive price of Rs 3000. The English Department of Lady Shri Ram College will be going to an adventure camp, called Camp Bodhisatva in Rajgarh in Himachal Pradesh where the students will be able to participate in all kind of adventure sports. The cost is somewhere between Rs 3000 and 3500.

However some other departments have not been so lucky. For instance, the Economics Department of Hansraj College has not had a trip in a very long time. The annual trip was cancelled apparently due to misdemeanours of a few students some years back. The Economics Department of Hindu College has also not had an official trip in a while, though the students have organized unofficial trips themselves.