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Word on the Street : Hard Rock Cafe

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Hard Rock Café. I could club the three words into one: “AWESOME”.

I have had the pleasure of visiting HRC Mumbai and Pune and was always impressed by the vastness, décor and sheer class of the phenomenon known as HRC Mumbai. Even Pune managed to impress me with its beautiful location and great style. Amazing drinks, delectable snacks and the best service in the business meant that one did not mind the gaping hole in one’s pocket at the end of the night. However this previously unblemished image of HRC changed Memorabilia and garish RED lighting made it seem more like a discothèque than HRC. Suddenly the drinks at 350-450 a glass come across as exorbitant, my Long Island Iced Tea was I suspect only Benadryll cough syrup mixed with coke, the Mojito tasted Virgin, the Burger –HRC’s Signature dish- was absolutely unpalatable! I like to believe that HRC Mumbai can accommodate the entire Mumbai and still make the band fully visible from every nook and cranny, unlike Delhi where the main section of seating is in a corner from where the stage is not even visible. As for the service- intrusive, irritating, and unaccommodating are probably words that best describe it. Bombay team’s Wasim and Tariq need to impart better training at Delhi. The high point of HRC Delhi was the panels engraved with various Band names in the washroom. All in all HRC Delhi left me disappointed and it ruined the overall impression I had of the brand

I shall attempt to make an express trip to Mumbai HRC in order to make my HRC memories “AWESOME” again.

-Aditi Malhotra

“I think it’s a great place. I like the ambience and the crowd, and the food is decently priced. A must try.”- Shweta Jain

“The music is the best best part. It is the only place where I enjoy jiving!”- Titiksha Fernandes

“It really isn’t what I expected. The music is too loud to have a normal conversation which isn’t true of Hard Rock Café’s abroad”- Mehvash Arslan

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