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Off the beat foodie trail


1. What: Patel Chest bhelpuri

Where: Patel Chest main gate, north campus

A small over laden cart, beside a bald, fat gentleman who whips up the most delicious puffed rice potpourri. Very quaint, I’d call it.

He is well known in the area, and ask any bhelpuri connieussier, they will swear by the Patel chest guy. The recipe is a well guarded secret. The puffed rice is conjured up well with spicy sauces and flavorings, which make this bhelpuri the most unique of all varieties. The bhelpuri can be customized according to your tastes, which is a major add on. The toppings are different too in this case; there is crisp groundnut and fresh coriander, so that makes it all the more eatable.

2. What: Chhole Kulche

Where: right outside Hans Raj main gate.

His chole kulche are definitely understated. The kulche are soft and tender, while his chole are well steamed and nice. All he takes is a mere 10 rupees for a scrumptious meal.

3. What: Momos

Where: A) outside Venkateswara College, Satya Niketan

B) Momos at Bungalow road, Kamla Nagar

Stuffed dumplings couldn’t come cheaper. For Rs 10 a plate, which incidentally includes 5 momos, it’s a total rip off. With hot chilly sauce as accompaniment, this is something every DUzen should experience at least once.

4. What: Chole Bhature

Where: “Chacha’s” opposite Hans Raj hostel gate, Kamla Nagar.

Although I suspect they are a franchisee of the original Chacha’s, their chole bhature nevertheless are up to Chacha’s high standards. They could even be recommended over the original, as there is just enough place to stand and eat, unlike Chacha’s shop. At the same price per plate, this one sure is a must try.

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