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More often than not, professions are used to provide settings for TV series. Whenever we watch a TV show related to the course we are studying, we go, “Hey, I know that feel!”  Internet memes drawing comparisons between such TV shows and various fields of study are also common. And, well, I’ll show restraint and not talk about binge-watching.

Shows that are related to our course make us start fantasising about a life that is majorly similar to that of the characters. Here’s a list of some shows that relate to our college majors:

Law – Suits

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It’s sad that we live in a world where Harvey Specter doesn’t exist. Suits is a legal drama revolving around a law firm called Pearson Hardman. The protagonist of the show is Harvey Specter, a Manhattan-based corporate lawyer who hires Mike Ross as his associate. Mike is a college dropout who takes LSATs for a living and possesses an eidetic memory. Together, they solve cases while maintaining the fact that Mike isn’t actually a lawyer.

Journalism – The Newsroom

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Just the fact that Aaron Sorkin is the creator of this extraordinary political drama show should be enough to make one binge-watch it. Two great things about The Newsroom are an ensemble cast and the intricate Sorkin dialogue. Together with his staff, amidst various obstructions, Jeff Daniels as ACN’s lead anchor presents a show called ‘The News Night with Will McAvoy’. The episodes are based around actual events, an attribute that makes the show seem more realistic.

Medicine – Grey’s Anatomy

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Grey’s Anatomy tells us about the gruelling schedule that doctors adjust with. The show’s protagonist, Meredith Grey, together with a group of other doctors, starts working as an intern in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. During a course of 11 seasons, they evolve into experienced doctors and manage to deal with their adulthood.

Physics – The Big Bang Theory

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The heroes of the show are Leonard and Sheldon, two physicists in California. Their life changes dramatically when Penny, a pretty waitress, starts living across the hall. The men along with their friends, Howard and Raj, represent a group of geeks who face frequent social awkwardness.

Computer Science – Person of Interest

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This show is a quintessential combination of sci-fi, crime and drama. A former CIA officer, John Reese, is hired by Harold Finch, a reclusive billionaire. They join forces to combat crime in New York City. Finch has designed a program called Contingency which utilizes the concept of pattern recognition to ascertain individuals who will soon be involved in violent crimes.

Political Science – House of Cards

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A political drama, the series demonstrates the manipulation and pragmatism required in a political scenario. Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood is deceived by Garret Walker, the President of United States. Frank and his wife Claire begin seeking revenge and decide to destroy Walker and his allies, one by one.

24th May, 2014 – Real Madrid vs Atletico de Madrid, Lisbon.

People sat all over the world sat glued to their TV sets and clenching their fists in anticipation of the results of the UEFA Champions League Final, 2013-2014. It was not Atletico’s night. No, that night was solely meant for Real Madrid’s La Decima. And who made that possible? Sure, it was the collective effort of each member of Ancelotti’s team. But let’s not forget the contribution of Angel Di Maria who zigzagged all over the pitch making things possible for Real Madrid. A match which could have been easily won by Simeone’s force was won by the major efforts of Angel.
Post La Decima, a series of events has happened in Di Maria’s life. His big transfer to Manchester United, his perpetual failure to perform in EPL, the rift between Angel and Real Madrid and so on, are just a few incidences. However, my primary focus is on what could be the exact reasons for Di Maria’s fall at Manchester United. For that, initially we ought to debunk a few myths.



Angel receives 280,000 pounds a week at United. So is it necessary that we assume the burglary is what’s distracting him from playing good football at United? I’m sure his exorbitant pay has covered up the damage costs by now. Gary Neville writes in his blog how ‘unquestionably’ the burglary has affected Di Maria.

He did not want to leave Real Madrid

Unless Di Maria himself clearly says that he wants to stay in Bernabeu forever, it would be wrong on our part to assume things. And with Real Madrid’s letter, United being his dream club and the reception he received at Old Trafford, is it not completely meaningless to spend our time thinking he’s missing Bernabeu?


Here are a few reasons why he might be failing to perform for Manchester United every week.


Van Gaal’s philosophy


The kind of philosophy Van Gaal is trying to implement at Manchester United, does not seem to be working out for the team. Sure, 3-5-2 could have excelled at Ajax or Barcelona or other clubs he’s managed but not for an English club. United has got the most versatile attackers in the league. But is that making a difference at all? The midfield is so compressed that Di Maria hardly ever gets a chance to do anything. Blind is busy giving long balls and Di Maria is left angry and disappointed. United barely has any shots on target this season and it’s a shame how the stats are screaming that United is not attacking.


The fact that United has had an injury-prone season could be one of the major reasons why Di Maria is not performing well. His career graph has been similar to that of Mezut Ozil. If only the formation was more sensible it would have spelled better chances for the team as Di Maria is completely recovered now.

It’s time that Louis van Gaal introduces the classic 4-4-2 to Manchester United’s game and gives Di Maria the chances and position he rightfully deserves.

The ICC World Cup 2015 has kicked off and India is on a winning spree. The tournament is getting exciting with every passing minute and people are looking for places where live screening of the matches takes place. Here’s a list of the most affordable and student-friendly places one can visit.

1. Pocket Bar

Location– Vasant Kunj Mall

Pocket Bar attracts a lot of people especially on days when cricket or football matches are screened. The drinks are cheap, the food is affordable and the music is great. Although they do not have any special deals for this World Cup, the screening begins at 11 o’clock in the morning. Seating is a bit congested here and hence, claustrophobic people should avoid the place.

Contact- 011-46000555

2. Café Delhi Heights

Location– Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Known for its delectable food, Café Delhi Heights has special plans for this World Cup. They’ve introduced special dishes like Time Out with Tomato Bruschetta, Powerplay with Pizza slice and All-Out Jalapeno Poppers. They are well known for their juicy burgers and hot, garlic chicken wings. There are small TV screens at a lot of places in the cafe which gives you the option of personalised viewing as well.

Contact- 0124-6672033

3. Rodeo

Location– Connaught Place

Rodeo is a great place for attending live screenings of cricket matches. For this World Cup, Rodeo has exciting deals and drinks with some very innovative names. The bartenders here have come up with cocktails in accordance with the tournament. The drinks include Virat se Takkar, Gayler Sixer, Dhoni’s Slammer, Pieterson Glory and Zaheer’s in Swinger.  They’ve made some changes in the appetizers too, some of which include Hat Trick Fish Finger, Clean Bold Wings, Molletes Leg Slip and Sixer Tandoori and Murg Nawabi. The place has a nice ambience and the staff are especially praised for their courteous ways.
Contact- 011-23713780

4. Blues

Location- Connaught Place

Blues is probably one of the best places you can visit in Connaught Place. This place is well known for its music, especially 80’s and 90’s classics. They have a TV screen as big as one could be and hence, the place attracts people from all over Delhi. The food is eclectic and one should definitely try the baked nachos, spicy Mexican grande and the paneer sizzler. The prices are reasonable if you are looking for a place with good food and amazing music. For the morning matches of the World Cup, Blues has a special breakfast menu and quite a few  promotional deals on drinks and food.


5. The Chatter House

Location– Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place

Chatter House boasts of a gastropub and is very famous for its comfortable live screenings. The most famous items on their menu are Galouti Kebab Platter, Barbequed Chicken Wings and the Chatter House Vegetarian Platter. The only downside- it only throws its doors open at 12 pm despite the matches being scheduled at 9 am IST.

Contact- 011-26237777

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Josh Talks is a platform for Indians to come together and share their experiences. These people mainly comprise entrepreneurs or achievers in their respective fields. At Josh, they narrate their stories of success, survival and accomplishments to the crowd and talk about the obstacles that they surmounted, the things that hindered their path to success, the pain and the struggle that they had to go through and what one needs to have to achieve one’s ultimate goal.

Josh Talks 2015

When and where?
The event will be conducted in Excelsior American Auditorium, Gurgaon on February 28, 2015.
One can purchase the tickets online from BookMyShow or PayUMoney. Students can obtain a special discount on the tickets. For students, the tickets cost Rs. 749 each and for working professionals, it’s Rs. 999.

Book your tickets here.

Who are the speakers?
Josh Talks 2015 features 20 speakers from all over India. Each one of them has inspiring stories to share in order to motivate everybody present. Some of the speakers one should definitely keep an eye out for include Ankur Warikoo [CEO of GroupOn], Anshu Gupta [founder of GOONJ] and Arunima Sinha [first female amputee to climb Mt. Everest].

List of one set of speakers for Josh Talks 2015
List of one set of speakers for Josh Talks 2015

Why should I attend?
If you feel confused and need some guidance, the stories at Josh Talks will motivate and inspire you. In the words of Gaurav Singh, one of the team members of JOSH Talks, “This conference is all about ordinary people coming together and sharing their extraordinary stories. Just the idea of learning through stories should be a great reason to attend this event.”

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Bollywood is often criticized for poor direction, lax scripts and over- the- top stories. But there are a few movies which keep airing on television, and we love to keep watching, and re- watching them, even if they aren’t exactly cinematic masterpieces. Here’s our list of 5 Bollywood that have proved to be timeless:

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge


tumblr_mfliwfrJrt1r9bvumo1_250The fact that Maratha Mandir has been screening DDLJ till date since 1995 and that Barack Obama chose to say, ‘Senorita, bade bade desho mein… You know what I mean’ in Siri Fort, leaves us with no choice but to include this movie in the list. The story involves a romantic relationship between Raj and Simran who fall in love on a European vacation. Needless to say, this movie is loved by many, be it for its timeless dialogues, its appeal to the Indian diaspora, the music of Jatin-Lalit or the highly anticipated happy ending.

Rang De Basanti


A remarkable Bollywood movie which is a complex mixture of rebellion, young spirit and patriotism, this one remains close to our heart. The movie serves as a wake up call to the young people of India to let go of their nonchalance. It revolves around five friends in New Delhi who are approached by a British filmmaker for acting in her documentary. They agree and that’s when they are transformed to being passionate individuals who sacrifice their lives for the country.


3 Idiots


 Based loosely on Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Five point someone’, this movie gave us the much adored phrase- ‘Aal izz well’. Aamir Khan, the protagonist, is a non-conformist who believes in procuring knowledge more than scoring marks. Together with R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi, the trio raises questions about the dysfunctional education system of India. The movie is set in an engineering institute where most students are enrolled because of either societal or parental pressure. The movie also has a hint of romance with a relationship between Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor.



Nayak is a political thriller with Anil Kapoor as its protagonist. Kapoor plays the role of Shivaji Rao, a TV reporter who interviews Chief Minister, Balraj Chauhan. Balraj coerces Rao to become Chief Minister for a day. The city begins to thrive under Rao’s rule and Chauhan makes attempts to kill him. The movie was critically acclaimed and no doubt, we see a mild reflection of Shivaji Rao in Arvind Kejriwal, don’t we?



Considered to be an all- time Bollywood classic, Sholay is one of the most popular movies in the history of Indian cinema. It’s an action movie revolving around the lives of two criminals, Jai and Veeru. They are hired by a retired officer called ‘Thakur’ whose hands have been cut off by a local dacoit called ‘Gabbar Singh’. The movie also involves Hema Malini and Jaya Bachchan, who are the love interests of Veeru and Jai respectively. The movie is worth watching repeatedly for its timeless dialogues like- ‘Basanti in kutto ke saamne mat nachna’, ‘Toh tera kya hoga Kalia?’ among many more.


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CampusDope serves as a common and an interative platform for all college students across the world to share their campus stories. The website is an initiative of Harmeet Hora, an IIM-Indore alumnus who co-founded CampusDope in October 2014 with Ramandeep Arora.

CampusDope, according to the founders is a product of their idea to do something creative and unique for college students. The website is created to bridge the gap between students of different colleges. To join this website, one can easily sign in with the Facebook account and start posting their stories. For this, a person needs go around the college campus and interact with new people. He/she can then click a picture and upload it on the website along with a small summary of the conversation they had.

CampusDope in this way also provides a platform to prospective photojournalists who love to communicate through pictures. The initiative is now supported by several new members from Delhi University colleges and IITs. A team member can join as a content writer and if his/her stories are frequent and appreciated well, he/she gets promoted to the position of a college brand ambassador.

The list of photo journalists and photographers making it to the ‘Top Contributors’ with links to their work profile.

Satvik Sinha, one of the College Brand Ambassadors for CampusDope from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College says, “Every college that CampusDope covers, has a five member ambassador-team. As a position holder, I can say that CampusDope is a productive experience for both the ambassadors and students who connect over the website.”

The websites has inculcated innovations since its moment of inception and is on a continuous mission to connect a lot more college campuses on a common platform.


To know more, visit their webiste:

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