One stage, twenty stories and infinite thoughts: Josh Talks 2015

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Josh Talks is a platform for Indians to come together and share their experiences. These people mainly comprise entrepreneurs or achievers in their respective fields. At Josh, they narrate their stories of success, survival and accomplishments to the crowd and talk about the obstacles that they surmounted, the things that hindered their path to success, the pain and the struggle that they had to go through and what one needs to have to achieve one’s ultimate goal.

Josh Talks 2015

When and where?
The event will be conducted in Excelsior American Auditorium, Gurgaon on February 28, 2015.
One can purchase the tickets online from BookMyShow or PayUMoney. Students can obtain a special discount on the tickets. For students, the tickets cost Rs. 749 each and for working professionals, it’s Rs. 999.

Book your tickets here.

Who are the speakers?
Josh Talks 2015 features 20 speakers from all over India. Each one of them has inspiring stories to share in order to motivate everybody present. Some of the speakers one should definitely keep an eye out for include Ankur Warikoo [CEO of GroupOn], Anshu Gupta [founder of GOONJ] and Arunima Sinha [first female amputee to climb Mt. Everest].

List of one set of speakers for Josh Talks 2015
List of one set of speakers for Josh Talks 2015

Why should I attend?
If you feel confused and need some guidance, the stories at Josh Talks will motivate and inspire you. In the words of Gaurav Singh, one of the team members of JOSH Talks, “This conference is all about ordinary people coming together and sharing their extraordinary stories. Just the idea of learning through stories should be a great reason to attend this event.”

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