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Google wrapped up the year more beautifully than anyone ever could with ‘Year in Search 2014’, featuring everything from Germany’s brilliant World Cup win, the disappearance of MH370 to the fight against Ebola and much more.

The trend charts of the Google 2014 tell us a lot about our society and the world or perhaps our ability to analyse tells us so.

Most searched people

Sunny Leone and Jennifer Lawrence are the two actors that managed to top the list of the most searched people in India and worldwide respectively. Does this tell us anything about ourselves? Pretty much I would say — but only if you’ve got the eyes to see that. And by eyes I mean, sense of reason and analysis. So, while J-Law got her nudes leaked this year, Sunny Leone had some shady background that every Indian felt responsible to research. You know, for general knowledge. Secondly, in a totally awkward turn out of events, Sunny Leone beat the current Prime Minister of India to number two on the Indian list. Now that is some achievement that one can put up on their gravestone.

Most searched trends

IRCTC (Most searched India) and the late Robin Williams (Most searched Global) top the list. Well what can I really say about IRCTC? (FYI: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) There can be two reasons of course. 1. We love trains. The whole lot of it. We relate to the character of Sheldon Cooper too much. 2. We keep on punching the refresh button. We try hour after an hour and the site remains unmoved and the tickets un-booked. If only Indian government could see that. Secondly, losing Robin Williams was one of the most shocking news that came across us in the year 2014. This and also the fact that the ‘Dead Poets Society’ actor committed suicide. O Captain! My Captain!

Most searched words

The most searched word of the 2014 is ‘Love’ fending off the Spanish ‘Amor’ and the Malaysian ‘Cinta’. This according to the Google Trend writers is reflective of the digital dating trend. Sites such as and come out as the most searched dating sites of the year. Because yeah, on the internet there are plenty of fish and love conquers all for the phrase ‘I am in love’ beats ‘I am alone’ by 3.

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Everything about How to get away with Murder speaks about the presence of an unsettling competition, ticking like a time bomb from a flashback unto the future. Nonetheless, it is one of those shows which are meant to make you cringe with a need to pause, rewind and catch-up because just before you think, you have got everyone figured, BAM! Human nature is unpredictable.

We follow a jolly looking Wes (Dean Thomas of the Harry Potter world) into a crowd of somewhat glamorous-looking class of Criminal Law 100 , helpfully renamed as How to get away with Murder by one of the most attractive characters of this showViola Davis as Annalise Keating. But this is not it. We are supposed to get a double treat since we are not only to keep in the past story built from power-lusts and career-fights but we are also helped into the consequences of a terrible future that is much darker and of course, involved with burying up the dead bodies (Literally).

I am indeed tempted to say that the best thing about this show is everything but since that pertains to my fan-part, I intend to leave that. Now firstly, the actors know their jobs pretty well. Cover up by a murderer is one thing. But covering up a murder by methodical diplomacy and tact, on a full- blown-bureaucratical-scale is indeed a treat to watch. For deception is one heck of a thing. Secondly, you can hardly know who is manipulating who. In a world full of lawyers, if manipulation is not used aptly by the writers, I say the show is a waste. So I guess, if you are one for scandalous crimes and the art of deception- A win-win is sure!

But according to that truthful cliché line—‘everything has its setbacks’; I am bound to set out the limitations as well. Accordingly, this show tries too hard sometimes to connect the dots. I mean what kind of a student goes barring in the house of a professor, unannounced?

Perhaps, Lawyers! The answer is always Lawyers.



“Not every college in North Campus is cool.”
Manav Kohli, the CEO of says that students are rather misguided by the aged rumors and categorization of colleges in an atmosphere where new rankings by different platforms such as TRA have been in news., which celebrated its website launch at the Patel Chest Auditorium, North Campus  aims at providing every college students with the very intricate details on their colleges by introducing features such as ‘College of the week’ and ‘Compare your college’ sections on their website. The website however is not limited to the campus or even to the University as it envisions its extension quite beyond DU.
“It is a platform where students can rate, compare and share their own ideas with us”, says Manav. He adds that he himself is a part of Delhi University as he is currently studying History Honours at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, second year. The co-editor of the team, Jasleen Kaur, is also a part of DU and is enrolled in English honors at St. Stephen’s College., as the team puts it, comprises of two parts.

The first would be the main website and the second would be the blog which is, as Manav explains, is the masala to the recipe of their website. And while the main website deals with information varying from facilities to faculties, conditions of washrooms to cut-offs, the blog section deals with more lively gossips and secrets doing rounds of the campuses.

Although the website is still in its nascent stages, the idea behind it has been established quite well as it offers a lots of alumni secrets and at the same time it also aims at putting out a vision for solving more serious issues such as accommodation problems.

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