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TV Review: How to get away with Murder

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Everything about How to get away with Murder speaks about the presence of an unsettling competition, ticking like a time bomb from a flashback unto the future. Nonetheless, it is one of those shows which are meant to make you cringe with a need to pause, rewind and catch-up because just before you think, you have got everyone figured, BAM! Human nature is unpredictable.

We follow a jolly looking Wes (Dean Thomas of the Harry Potter world) into a crowd of somewhat glamorous-looking class of Criminal Law 100 , helpfully renamed as How to get away with Murder by one of the most attractive characters of this showViola Davis as Annalise Keating. But this is not it. We are supposed to get a double treat since we are not only to keep in the past story built from power-lusts and career-fights but we are also helped into the consequences of a terrible future that is much darker and of course, involved with burying up the dead bodies (Literally).

I am indeed tempted to say that the best thing about this show is everything but since that pertains to my fan-part, I intend to leave that. Now firstly, the actors know their jobs pretty well. Cover up by a murderer is one thing. But covering up a murder by methodical diplomacy and tact, on a full- blown-bureaucratical-scale is indeed a treat to watch. For deception is one heck of a thing. Secondly, you can hardly know who is manipulating who. In a world full of lawyers, if manipulation is not used aptly by the writers, I say the show is a waste. So I guess, if you are one for scandalous crimes and the art of deception- A win-win is sure!

But according to that truthful cliché line—‘everything has its setbacks’; I am bound to set out the limitations as well. Accordingly, this show tries too hard sometimes to connect the dots. I mean what kind of a student goes barring in the house of a professor, unannounced?

Perhaps, Lawyers! The answer is always Lawyers.



Priyanka Kapoor is a student of literature who is currently pursuing her bachelors from Ramjas college. She is a book hoarder, a 24X7 paranormal junkie and somewhat deeply philosophical too.

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