Of rankings and casual talk: Rate-my-college.com

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“Not every college in North Campus is cool.”
Manav Kohli, the CEO of rate-my-college.com says that students are rather misguided by the aged rumors and categorization of colleges in an atmosphere where new rankings by different platforms such as TRA have been in news.
Rate-my-college.com, which celebrated its website launch at the Patel Chest Auditorium, North Campus  aims at providing every college students with the very intricate details on their colleges by introducing features such as ‘College of the week’ and ‘Compare your college’ sections on their website. The website however is not limited to the campus or even to the University as it envisions its extension quite beyond DU.
“It is a platform where students can rate, compare and share their own ideas with us”, says Manav. He adds that he himself is a part of Delhi University as he is currently studying History Honours at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, second year. The co-editor of the team, Jasleen Kaur, is also a part of DU and is enrolled in English honors at St. Stephen’s College.
Rate-my-college.com, as the team puts it, comprises of two parts.

The first would be the main website and the second would be the blog which is, as Manav explains, is the masala to the recipe of their website. And while the main website deals with information varying from facilities to faculties, conditions of washrooms to cut-offs, the blog section deals with more lively gossips and secrets doing rounds of the campuses.

Although the website is still in its nascent stages, the idea behind it has been established quite well as it offers a lots of alumni secrets and at the same time it also aims at putting out a vision for solving more serious issues such as accommodation problems.

Image source: www.rate-my-college.com


Priyanka Kapoor is a student of literature who is currently pursuing her bachelors from Ramjas college. She is a book hoarder, a 24X7 paranormal junkie and somewhat deeply philosophical too.

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