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2014 in Google Searches

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Google wrapped up the year more beautifully than anyone ever could with ‘Year in Search 2014’, featuring everything from Germany’s brilliant World Cup win, the disappearance of MH370 to the fight against Ebola and much more.

The trend charts of the Google 2014 tell us a lot about our society and the world or perhaps our ability to analyse tells us so.

Most searched people

Sunny Leone and Jennifer Lawrence are the two actors that managed to top the list of the most searched people in India and worldwide respectively. Does this tell us anything about ourselves? Pretty much I would say — but only if you’ve got the eyes to see that. And by eyes I mean, sense of reason and analysis. So, while J-Law got her nudes leaked this year, Sunny Leone had some shady background that every Indian felt responsible to research. You know, for general knowledge. Secondly, in a totally awkward turn out of events, Sunny Leone beat the current Prime Minister of India to number two on the Indian list. Now that is some achievement that one can put up on their gravestone.

Most searched trends

IRCTC (Most searched India) and the late Robin Williams (Most searched Global) top the list. Well what can I really say about IRCTC? (FYI: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) There can be two reasons of course. 1. We love trains. The whole lot of it. We relate to the character of Sheldon Cooper too much. 2. We keep on punching the refresh button. We try hour after an hour and the site remains unmoved and the tickets un-booked. If only Indian government could see that. Secondly, losing Robin Williams was one of the most shocking news that came across us in the year 2014. This and also the fact that the ‘Dead Poets Society’ actor committed suicide. O Captain! My Captain!

Most searched words

The most searched word of the 2014 is ‘Love’ fending off the Spanish ‘Amor’ and the Malaysian ‘Cinta’. This according to the Google Trend writers is reflective of the digital dating trend. Sites such as Match.com and Plentyoffish.com come out as the most searched dating sites of the year. Because yeah, on the internet there are plenty of fish and love conquers all for the phrase ‘I am in love’ beats ‘I am alone’ by 3.

Read more: http://www.google.com/trends/2014/

Priyanka Kapoor is a student of literature who is currently pursuing her bachelors from Ramjas college. She is a book hoarder, a 24X7 paranormal junkie and somewhat deeply philosophical too.

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