Delhi University Raises Concerns by Relocating Health Centre to Basement

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Concerns have been expressed regarding the decision to temporarily relocate DU’s health centre to the Umang Bhawan basement, as it is deemed unfit for the proper functioning of a medical facility.

The University of Delhi recently decided to renovate its health centre on its North Campus. While that process continues, the centre has been temporarily shifted to the basement of Umang Bhawan at the Law Faculty. This decision has raised multiple concerns among the teaching and non-teaching staff. 

Many have stated that the basement has no proper sunlight and ventilation and is therefore not fit to run a health centre in. Staff members at the World University Service (WUS) have urged DU to reconsider this choice. WUS is the Geneva-based non-governmental organisation that commissioned the health centre in 1955. The centre assists 600-800 patients every single day. Approximately 7,200 superannuated university employees, 18,500 permanent employees with their dependents, as well as various resident and non-resident students, avail themselves of the services of this health centre. 

In addition, all staff (teaching and non-teaching) are members of the centre and contribute to it as an insurance charge. It is therefore being said that the university needs to show more responsibility and concern for the health of all members instead of taking a decision that neglects it. 

The inadequacy of available provisions, such as limited toilet facilities and the low height of the building, has raised concerns about the potential spread of infections and diseases in such an environment.

Both students and teachers utilise the facility for regular and emergency purposes. With classes functioning on other floors, the environment won’t be right for unwell people,”

-Seema Das, a member of the Executive Council.

A worried teacher conveyed concern by saying that it’s not wise to make the health centre function from a basement, especially since the construction of the renovated one could take multiple years. A medical facility ought to follow some rules regarding hygiene and safety that are being ignored by the university.  

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