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‘No event without Police NOC’: DU Releases New Guidelines for College Fests

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In response to the recent events at IPCW, DU released new rules for the conduction of forthcoming fests and events by colleges.

On Monday, April 17, Delhi University’s advisory committee outlined certain suggestions for the subsequent conduction of fests and events in the university. According to DU officials, the new guidelines were framed by the proctor’s office in consultation with the Delhi Police, following the unfortunate incident that occurred during the annual cultural fest of Indraprastha College for Women on March 28. Men were seen entering college by scaling the boundary walls and allegedly molested students attending the fest.

According to DU proctor, Prof. Rajni Abbi, the college officials would be in charge of conducting events and they should exercise due diligence while planning such programmes. The rules suggested carefully evaluating the venue’s capacity in proportion to the anticipated number of participants.

Information on the capacity of the various venues should be mapped and the total number of participants allowed should be in accordance with the available space. Keeping in mind the number of their own students, teachers and staff members present at the event, the number of outside registrations should be kept below the venue’s capacity” -DU proctor, Prof. Rajni Abbi

Guidelines stated that a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the police would be necessary for holding events that permit outsiders’ entry. Similarly, prior to the conduction of any event, colleges will mandatorily have to hold a “proper Advance Security Liasoning (ASL) meeting” with all the concerned stakeholders. These include the police, the electricity department, college representatives, college security and the event management company. The suggestions also call for the institutions to expand their security infrastructure. Authorities must install concertina wires to stop miscreants from scaling the college’s boundary wall if it is low. The recommendations call for several gates equipped with operational CCTVs and public announcement systems. The police department has also asked colleges to hire door frame metal detectors to ensure the safety of attendees.

Sagar Singh Kalsi, Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) claimed that the police were taking a number of steps to maintain a safe campus atmosphere.

“We applaud Delhi University for its recent actions. We are devoted to keeping the community a place of peace and harmony. Additionally, we are setting up cyber training and self-defence seminars across colleges.” – Sagar Singh Kalsi, Deputy Commissioner of Police


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Featured Image Credits: Anshika for DU Beat

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