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NSUI Incorporates ABVP’s Entire North East Cell, ABVP Denies Claims

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In a recent press release, National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) revealed that they have incorporated Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad’s (ABVP) entire North East Cell along with other students from the party’s Delhi Unit. Hoewever, ABVP has denied all these claims. 

In a press release sent out on 13th February 2020, NSUI revealed that it has incorporated the ABVP’s entire North East Cell along with other students from ABVP’s Delhi Unit into their party. The students were incorporated via a formal incorporation event that took place at the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) office on 13th February 2020 at 1 pm. The incorporated students had protested against the ABVP’s Pro-CAA stance which violated Constitutional underpinnings of India, and were severely affected by their former party’s role in campus violence across Delhi, and spread of communal hatred during recent elections and therefore, decided to join NSUI in a large number. “NSUI welcomes them equivocally into our fraternity and would enlist more students in upcoming days who are discontented with the divisive politics of right-wing groups,” NSUI stated. The students joined NSUI at the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) Office premises in presence of NSUI National Secretary and Delhi State In-charge, Nikhil Kamble, NSUI National Co-ordinator, Manish Kumar, DUSU Secretary for 2019-20, Ashish Lamba, and others. The 15 students who were present today took the decision under the leadership of the Delhi University Northeast Cell In-charge (Secretary), Sheikh Raisa Tabasssum, ex-ABVP Northeast Cell Joint Secretary, Vishnu Parna Dutta, ex-ABVP Joint Secretary, Liza Gogoi, ex ABVP Cultural Secretary, Aditya Deka and others who joined the NSUI fraternity.

At the press conference, ex-ABVP members strongly and adamantly expressed their discontent at the divisive and communal agenda of ABVP, and insisted that they could no longer support their violence streaks along with attacks on female students.

“NSUI welcomes the students equivocally into our fraternity and would enlist more students in upcoming days who are discontented with the divisive politics of right and left-wing groups. Several students from Delhi University ABVP Unit have contacted NSUI and would like to switch their political affiliation after the indiscreet spread of hatred by Sangh Organisations in recent Delhi Elections. Students of Delhi have denounced their hatred and we welcome them all to join the largest secular, democratic and constitutional abiding student organisation of India,” Nikhil Kamble further stated.

Sidharth Yadav, State Secretary, ABVP-Delhi, said, “The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad is the largest student organization in the country. Over time, it has emerged as the most sincere representative of students across the nation. By way of its inherently plural outlook and approach, specifically in Delhi University, ABVP has been working actively towards mainstreaming of students from the North-East. It is with this spirit of inclusivity that the organization continues to provide platforms to students from varied cultural backgrounds resulting in a diverse pool of activists in Delhi University and elsewhere.

While ABVP supports internal difference of opinions, it must be recapitulated that the decision pertinent to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act has received a unanimous welcome, including by our activists hailing from the North-Eastern states.

The news of resignation of some students from the North-East put up by a local digital portal is completely misleading. Out of the names mentioned therein, while only a handful were loosely associated with our organization, none of them were office-bearers. Our organizational structure is completely transparent and all declarations pertinent thereto are made during the annual state-specific conferences. All our activists and office-bearers from the North-East have declared their uniform support for the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. Therefore, the exaggerated claims of mass defection of disgruntled ‘ABVP’s North-East Cell’ members are completely baseless.

While ABVP is committed towards maintaining a vibrant and democratic atmosphere on campuses, the role of certain student-outfits, specifically NSUI, in attempting to vitiate the environment of peace and harmony on campuses must be foregrounded. Slanderous posts are being circulated online with the intention of dragging ABVP’s name through the mire. An outfit whose parent organization had mercilessly crushed student-dissent during the Emergency and continues to do the same till date has no right to call us communal. It would be instructive for NSUI activists and office-bearers to urge the higher-ups in their parent political outfit to mend their dictatorial mien and not suppress dissenting voices across campuses in Congress-ruled states.”

The ABVP has recently been under fire for their involvement in various violent acts across universities’ campuses which has been condemned by various student organisations, and have been open about their pro-CAA stance.


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