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Forget Pooja, but ABVP, what is this behaviour?

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As student protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act engulfed Delhi University too, members from Akhil Bhartiya Vidya Parishad (ABVP) raised their ugly head.


If you are following the news lately, you know what’s happening all over the country right now. The internet shutdown on North-Eastern states has been lifted only today but since the last week, protests in solidarity with these states have been progressing in full swing. Even though the causes have slightly altered with the student protestors expressing rage against the communal nature behind the CAA, the north-east states (especially Assam and Meghalaya) have been protesting mainly against illegal immigrants.

Yet their enemy is the same, the ruling government.

Clearly the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) backed ABVP supports the Bill as it has been passed under the ruling government’s tenure. Well, they are entitled to their opinions but then in the past few days, they have been trying to force their opinions on others. Ah, this is something which wouldn’t surprise people as this is what makes most of the ABVP leaders (or goons) famous (infamous).

The day before yesterday, when protestors gathered at Arts Faculty for a peaceful protest against the police brutality observed in Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University, ABVP leaders like Ankita Biswas (the president of ABVP’s Hindu College unit) and members like Rahul Choudhary were caught on camera assaulting the protestors. They want to paint these protests as ‘communist’ just because many AISA (All India Students’ Association) and SFI (Students’ Federation of India) members had participated in the demonstrations.

But as per first-hand accounts, no Leftist propaganda is being shared over here. The students are coming together just to protest and express their displeasure at the government. But again, the ABVP unsurprisingly remain adamant with their false claims.

Just take into account Gaurav Chanana’s open proclamations of violence on his Whatsapp stories. Chanana is a zonal coordinator for the ABVP and two days back, he wrote ‘DU mei communist ki safai pichle 5 ghante se chal rahi hai…aap bhi aaye’ (which translates to ‘Communists are being beaten up in DU since the last 5 hours…You’re also requested to join’).

He followed it up yesterday by sharing a report by The Quint detailing the extent to which student protestors in Delhi have been injured and hospitalized. Chanana proudly claims, ‘Yeh hai ABVP ke sher, Agli baar DU mei aane se pehle 10 baar sochna, rashtra vidhrohiyo’ (‘This is the might of ABVP’s lions. Next time, think 10 times before entering DU, you anti-nationals’).

Yesterday in fact, ABVP started its own counter-protest ‘in support of CAA’ at 12 noon (even though they wrote 12 am on their poster, yes that happened). When the protest by other students, and AISA/SFI members against the CAA started in Arts Fac, ABVP tried shouting more and more to show their might but to no avail. So, what did they do?

Of course, they used force.

Prominent incidents that got captured on video include ABVP members pulling out people from the protest at Arts Faculty and demanding them to take out their ID cards (with the police standing nearby and nodding to this). Now, in order to just protest or put forward opinions in a gathering, we need an ID card?

The ABVP person in the forefront in this video was Akshit Dhaiya, President of the Delhi University Students’ Union. A counter-view has been given by some people (some of whom are ABVP supporters themselves) is that he just pulled this student out of the crowd and asked for his ID card for the student’s ‘own protection’. This seems like a very conveniently worded excuse.

The last straw to ABVP’s notorious actions yesterday was another video which was shared yesterday (the cover image of the article is taken from it) where a male student (who has requested us not to share the video) is surrounded by two male ABVP members on a bench. With threatening voices and words, they demand to know the student’s stance on the CAA. Then they go on asking if he was in the protest against CAA, and if he was, then why.

Alas! It’s ABVP which is the dominant party in DUSU and despite these instances of hooliganism, they continue to say that DU stands in solidarity with the Citizenship Amendment Act. Just come to North Campus’ Arts Faculty or Campus Law Centre and you’ll figure out how much DU is actually supporting the Act!

But despite this continuous goonish behaviour, the protestors in DU stand undeterred and continue to take their stand.

The irony is that back in the 1970s, the ABVP itself engaged in large-scale protests against the authoritarian regime of PM Indira Gandhi. And now, look how the tables have turned.


Featured Image Credits- Pinjratod


Shaurya Singh Thapa

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