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Identifying the Red Flags of the Examination Season

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With the examination season around, it becomes important to study well and prioritise one’s actions and acitivities. Here is a piece on how one can identify and circle down things that take away most of the time in unproductive sessions without making one realise it.


1. Netflix and Chill (?)
Just one episode more! This has led to getting caught in an endless cycle of shows and series. Utilise your time wisely this exam season and just hold on to the urge to watch the series a little later. It is an altogether different joy to experience when one watches shows without the pending loom of having to study for exams!


2. Partners
In the garb of productivity we end up wasting a lot of time by talking to our significant others over social media, in the garb of the ‘one WhatsApp message’ or over the video call with the context of studying together but that is a far call from reality. At the end of the day, one needs some ‘me’ time to for a productive study session. So it’s just a matter of little time. Keep that urge to message or call away just for a little while!


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3. Parties
It’s time to reverse the motto of ‘Study Hard, Party Harder’. During the exam season at times, one may find the urge to attend parties after long and tiring sessions of studying. At times it may even feel justified but in the heart of hearts, the realisation does upon that this is not an ideal practice to fall into during the exams. This leads to an endless cycle of partying late, coming home even later and ending up causing a disruptive timetable during this crucial time.


4. The ‘tapri-time’
It seems almost logical and justifiable to go out with our friends and chill over at the Tapri. With the cold winters, a warm cup of tea doesn’t seem a bad option either. However, that tapri trip can turn into a trap and lead to endless hours of unproductivity. It’s important to utilise time wisely and prioritise things during the exam session. The trip can wait, your exams cannot!


Thus, this exam season, let us imbibe ‘delayed gratification’ as the tool to ace the exam season!
Feature Image Credits: Noihrit Gogoi for DU Beat
Image Credits: Noihrit Gogoi and Vaibhav Tekchandani for DU Beat

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