DU Non-Teaching Staff Protest Demands Pending Promotions

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Entering the 10th day of protest on Wednesday, 9th October 2019, many libraries and labs of several Delhi University (DU) colleges remained shut as the staff protested demanding pending promotions since the past 20-25 years. 

Outside the Arts Faculty building, flustered staff members demanded the implementation of Recruitment Rules (RR). Earlier, a draft had been made in 2018 by a Comprehensive Committee for Delhi University (Non-Teaching) Recruitment Rules (RR) according to which staff members who have been working for a long duration to be given promotion after considering their qualifications. 

Sanjay Singh, President, Delhi University Library Association said to the Millennium Post, “No promotions have taken place for the staff associated with library and labs in DU from the past 20-25 years. These people have been working in the same post for the last two decades.” Allegedly, the University aspires to fill the posts from outside, thus, they are delaying the implementation. 

Around 700-800 members from DU are yet to receive their promotions. These include library staff, lab staff, clerics, assistants and senior assistants among others. Shalu, who has worked in the fraternity over the past 30 years quoted “All we are saying is implement the RR so that the staff can get their promotion. The authorities agree with it and are not denying it, but they have still not implemented the rules.”

The decision has to be taken by Tarun Das who is presently the Registrar, at Delhi University. Lokesh Kumar, Technical Assistant at DU also quoted to the Millenium Post, “We are demanding the implementation of RR rule that was filed by the Comprehensive Committee as soon as possible.” 
Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives


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