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Kalindi College Calls Off Inquiry against Principal

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On one hand the inquiry on financial inconsistencies has been dropped off the teacher representatives, demand action from cop alleging harassment. Read on to find out more.

On 5th March the governing body of Kalindi College, decided to call off its inquiry against Principal Anula Maurya. This action has been taken as not a single response has been made to their reminders by the Delhi University (DU) Vice Chancellor, Mr. Yogesh Tyagi.

This inquiry had been set up as a result of the report by Comptroller and Audit General of India (CAG), in which it had found financial irregularities in Kalindi College’s audit. The governing body’s Chairman Mr. Deepak Marwah has said that despite having sent five reminders over twenty days, regarding the inquiry, the Vice Chancellor has not reacted. And due to political pressure, this matter cannot be figured out.

Mr. Saikat Ghosh, a member of Academic Council, Delhi University commented, “The Kalindi College GB’s abrupt decision to withdraw the inquiry against the Principal is puzzling and shows that the DU administration is unwilling to follow a transparent and due process of examining financial misdemeanour. The teaching community insists on due process and the Principal should not fear an impartial inquiry to establish facts. If she is not guilty, she will come up clean. But to abandon procedures and politicise a routine matter of inquiry when the GFR rules are flouted, is setting a very dangerous precedent for a public institution.”

Rajesh Jha, Executive Council Member of DU Teachers’ Association on commenting on DUTA protesting the inquiry said, “At the time we got to know the GB acted in arbitrary manner, we opposed it. We stand for transparency and accountability, no one should be subjected to such arbitrary decisions. We are not in banana democracy, due procedure in such situations such be followed, and we will have no objection.”

While the members of DUTA protested, the GB members alleged that they were harassed which ended with the Chairman filing a complaint. The teacher representatives wrote a strong worded letter to the top cop stating how a humiliating and an abusive environment was created making them feel harassed and threatened. They further stated that while the police have not seized the CCTV footage, this important piece of evidence could easily be tampered with. Principal Anula Maurya could not be contacted to comment on the developments of this incident.

Image Credits: DU Beat archives

Shivani Dadhwal

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