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On one hand the inquiry on financial inconsistencies has been dropped off the teacher representatives, demand action from cop alleging harassment. Read on to find out more.

On 5th March the governing body of Kalindi College, decided to call off its inquiry against Principal Anula Maurya. This action has been taken as not a single response has been made to their reminders by the Delhi University (DU) Vice Chancellor, Mr. Yogesh Tyagi.

This inquiry had been set up as a result of the report by Comptroller and Audit General of India (CAG), in which it had found financial irregularities in Kalindi College’s audit. The governing body’s Chairman Mr. Deepak Marwah has said that despite having sent five reminders over twenty days, regarding the inquiry, the Vice Chancellor has not reacted. And due to political pressure, this matter cannot be figured out.

Mr. Saikat Ghosh, a member of Academic Council, Delhi University commented, “The Kalindi College GB’s abrupt decision to withdraw the inquiry against the Principal is puzzling and shows that the DU administration is unwilling to follow a transparent and due process of examining financial misdemeanour. The teaching community insists on due process and the Principal should not fear an impartial inquiry to establish facts. If she is not guilty, she will come up clean. But to abandon procedures and politicise a routine matter of inquiry when the GFR rules are flouted, is setting a very dangerous precedent for a public institution.”

Rajesh Jha, Executive Council Member of DU Teachers’ Association on commenting on DUTA protesting the inquiry said, “At the time we got to know the GB acted in arbitrary manner, we opposed it. We stand for transparency and accountability, no one should be subjected to such arbitrary decisions. We are not in banana democracy, due procedure in such situations such be followed, and we will have no objection.”

While the members of DUTA protested, the GB members alleged that they were harassed which ended with the Chairman filing a complaint. The teacher representatives wrote a strong worded letter to the top cop stating how a humiliating and an abusive environment was created making them feel harassed and threatened. They further stated that while the police have not seized the CCTV footage, this important piece of evidence could easily be tampered with. Principal Anula Maurya could not be contacted to comment on the developments of this incident.

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The Delhi Government has recently launched the second phase of the Odd Even scheme, keeping in mind the environmental concerns of the day. Environmental degradation needs to be combated by not just the government but also institutions and individuals to see some changes in the prevalent conditions.

Taking cue from that, Kalindi College, University of Delhi has recently put a ban on the sale of plastic water bottles on the campus. This announcement was made during the Annual Prize Distribution ceremony of the college which was attended by senior officials from the University Grants Commission (UGC) along with other dignitaries.

The college Principal, Anulya Maurya talked about the responsibility of each individual towards environment conservation. She added that the college has started using earthen pots and will discover new and alternative measures for water consumption.

“Every human being has a responsibility towards the environment. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to ban the sale of plastic water bottles in the college starting today,” college principal Anulya Maurya said in a statement as reported by NDTV on April 18th.
“We will discover alternative methods for water storage and consumption. For now we have started using earthen pots. Kalindi is the first DU college to introduce this kind of a ban,” she added.

Kalindi College is the first one in Delhi University to propose and work on such a move.


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One of the 300 Innovation Projects for the session of 2015-2016 approved by the University of Delhi is ‘A Socio-Economic Study of the Condition of the Elderly In the Old-Age Homes of Delhi’. The study aims to undertake an examination of the facilities provided to the elderly residing in old age homes and seeks to conduct an assessment of their well-being.

Principal investigator: Dr. Ruchi Tyagi, Ms. Indu Choudhry

Co-investigator: Ms.Kanika Gaur

Student Members: Priyanka Tiwari, Ayushi Jain, Chanchal Aggarwal, Harshika Sondhi, Banni Chug, Chhaya Gandhi, Cheshta Wadhwa, Anshul Jain, Avisha Alawadhi and Jaidita Seth.

With its findings, the study will contribute towards sensitization of people towards this much neglected and discarded section of the society. This research will be relevant at all times as one cannot eliminate old age from a person’s life; one needs to understand and appreciate all phases of human life.

According to Priyanka Tiwari, a student involved in the project, “Our innovative project will help sensitize people to the issue and bring about new alternatives to the problem.” Therefore, the project aims at revisiting, researching and re-creating aspects of traditional Indian society.

The age-old joint family system has been instrumental in safeguarding the social and economic security of elderly people in the country. With rapid changes in the social scenario, India currently sees an increase in nuclear family set-ups. The elderly are likely to be exposed to emotional, physical and financial insecurity in the years to come.

Keeping in mind the growing numbers of the elderly and the increasing levels of urbanization and modernization, it is imperative to understand the needs of the elderly and to assess if institutionalization of care services for the aged may act as a reasonable substitute for the support to be provided to them in future. Moreover, research on this subject is likely to suggest a way forward for the government to plan and implement policies regarding the elderly and to sensitize the youth (through visits, documentaries and seminars) about the condition of the elderly in old age homes.

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 As part of a social awareness campaign on ‘women safety’, students of Kalindi College braving the rain organized a rally on 22nd January, 2014.

Rallying around Rajendra Place and Patel Nagar, the girls raised slogans to motivate people to take up a hard stand against women atrocities. The Principal of the College,Dr. Anula Maurya, led the rally and at all times kept their dedication and enthusiasm for the cause high.

IMG_3656 The Dramatic Society of the college, RAQS, played an important role in the rally and performed their street play within the procession, raising the slogan, ““Awazutha, shormacha”. “We have been and will be doing these events that will promote women safety and we thank our Principal for initiating this movement,” said Swati, a RAQS member. IMG_3680 Many awareness programs have often been organized to raise the voice for women emancipation in Kalindi College and this rally was one of them. “Nari ka samman jahan, sanskriti kauthan wahan”, “nar-narieksaman, phir kyon bhed kare insaan” were the slogans created to make a difference in the society towards gender equality. With a gathering of 2000 students, the rally was a huge success under the coordinatorship of Dr. Harvinder  Kaur and Dr. Manju Sharma. They were praised for their efforts by the observers of the rally. The police personnel of Rajendra Nagar police station, Prasad Nagar police station and Ranjeet Nagar police station helped in the smooth movement of the rally. While observing the rally one of the women said,” ye cheesein thodi soch zarur badalengi… Bahut achha kaam hai.”]]>

The young and enthusiastic talents of the NCC were provided with an amazing platform to portray their tremendous skills. The first NCC Inter College Fest “Uddan” was organized by Kalindi College, University of Delhi on 27th February 2013.The Chief guests for the auspicious occasion, Brigadier Shivander Singh, Colonel S.S Chauhan and Lieutenant Parvinder Sehgal were warmly welcomed by the faculty and students of Kalindi College. Brigadier Shivander Singh felt privileged to talk to the kids and motivated them to face the worst challenges in their life. “India will be next to China by 2050, this generation will take India to that position with enthusiasm,” he said. The principal of Kalindi College, Mrs.Anula Maurya, expressed her happiness and addressed everyone with the inspirational words on the grand opening of the event. “I am obliged to be a part of this institution and wish a successful future to these upcoming cadets,” she said. The fest commenced with the cultural program in which Karela’s local dance performance, group song and yoga was performed by the students. The Squad Drill competition comprised of 9 students from each team headed by their leader. The various colleges in this category were Shahid Bhagat Singh College, P.G. DAV collge, Laxmi Bai College and B.R. Ambedkar College. P.G. DAV College was awarded with the first position and second position was given to Laxmi Bai College. Priyanka Mehta and Sweety Dass of Kalindi College won the colorful Rangoli competition. The participants were most excited about the ‘Best Cadet Competition’, which was awarded to Manoj Kumar of A.R.S.D College in boys and Shriya Bhalla of Kalindi College in girls. About 17 colleges participated in the NCC run, which consisted of 2 people per college. Brigadier Shivander Singh awarded ‘Guard of Honor’ to Manoj Kumar of A.R.S.D College. All the participants were given certificates for merit and participation. Thus the hard work of the candidates and their teachers paid off by the successful ending of the ceremony with a hope of an even better fest next year. Media Convener:  Mrs. Rajni Grover Contact- 9582244734]]>