College Fashion Blunders

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Being college going students, we are busy with travelling, studying, and hanging out, we often forget to focus on our sense of style and the individuality it generates. While it is totally acceptable in fashion to experiment with new styles and pieces, yet there are certain mistakes that we tend to make when it comes to dressing up for college.

1. Occasion, and season appropriate clothing: It is a boon that Delhi University does not have a dress code but as young men and women, we tend to use that freedom and steer beyond a rational sense of fashion. Wearing mini-skirts and shorts with no thigh high boots in winters is a big no-no. Wearing a denim jacket in summers will make you sweaty and that’ll definitely ruin your look, if not your day.

2. The disease of flip-flops: Oscar Wilde tells us that we can never be overdressed, but underdressing is a calamity. I’d be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time I see someone wearing flip-flops to class. Moreover, when they pair it with sweatpants, my instant reaction includes an eye-roll and an urge to give them a Miranda Priestley treatment from “The Devil Wears Prada”.

3. The (fake) designer label hoarder: It’s very natural to be attracted to the sense of high fashion that a designer piece brings but not everyone is fortunate enough. Rather than carrying a fake Louis Vuitton birkin that looks cheap, carry an affordable branded purse that looks elegant and matches your style. Or, try to get your hands on designer items during their sale season and then, show it off unapologetically.

4. Lazy cuffing: If your pants are too long and you haven’t had them trimmed or you just like to cuff them for styling reasons, it is important to learn the art of cuffing. Cuffing shirts does not only make them casual enough for college but also save you from the heat in the summer.

5. Inappropriate sizing and proportion: It is obvious one should stick to their size of clothing, but the aesthetic of baggy clothes can be trendy. The general rule around it is to wear something structured and fitting to balance the look. The lengths of your clothes should be fashionable. Pro tip: A fitting t-shirt with chinos along with vans can be your go-to look whenever you’re running late.

6. Bridal make-up look: It is not wrong for girls (and boys) to wear a full face of makeup. Makeup is an art form and improves your aesthetic but it is imperative not to overstep. A BB cream, mascara and lip tint can go a long way for your everyday college makeup.


Feature Image Credits: Teen Vogue

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