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How to make the best of the last days before exams

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As exams are just round the corner, a feeling of nauseating anxiety revolves around our minds, inclining us towards stress and tension. Now, with meager time and enormous burden of covering the syllabus, the only way to score decent grades is by realizing that studying ‘hard’ is way more important than studying ‘smart’. The following points will help you in acing the semester, with the minimalistic amount of time left!

 1. Get organized :

The first step is to organise the time schedule in such a way that the last important days are utilized in the best possible way. Note down the maximum amount of time you can devote to studies during the last days. Frame a schedule accordingly.

2. Note down the ‘most’ important things to be covered :

Call up your professor, friend or senior who might have the best knowledge about the subject. Inquire about the important chapter and its contents. Use previous ten years question papers to have an idea about the format and occurrence of questions. Mark them, study them. Summarize all your notes and keep them handy.

3. Highlight :

Now that the time is less, focus on the main headings, underlined words or significant notes. Highlight everything that seems important. Read, memorize, turn to the next page. Don’t spend much time on something that you don’t understand. Mark it, and move on. When you take a break or finish, go through it again or ask a friend.

4. Focus more on ‘understanding’ than on mugging it up:

If you force feed your brains more than it can take, you’re more likely to go blank the next day. Instead of covering too much, understand the concepts and memorize the basics. Relate or link the important points to numbers or alphabets. Focus and learn up the keywords. Elaborate on it later in the exam.

5. Tell yourself you ‘can’ do it :

The only thing that ruins the exams even after proper preparations is nervousness and negativity. Remind yourself to be optimistic about doing well and don’t let stress or fear overcome you.

6. Relax! :

This is where most of the students may lack. Too much syllabus and last day preparations may urge you to stay awake the entire night before the exam. Try avoiding this, because this may cause your brain to be over exhausted, which may prevent you from performing your best on the main day. Have proper food and sleep and give it your best shot with a refreshed mind.

All the best!

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