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5 Things to do this summer

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Summer’s here. With the lazy mornings and the scorching heat, all you want to do is get some respite. But hey! There’s more to summers then just aimlessly wandering around in those loose PJs. Here are a few ways you could utilize your summer and make it productive.

1. Learn a new language online

Learning a new language is always fun. It gives you a chance to know about other cultures and surely gives you an edge over others. Instead of going and sweating it out in the sultry weather, you could easily learn a language in your room. Online courses on Edx, Coursera etc. provide a good opportunity to people to increase their knowledge.

2. Read

Believe me when I say that reading is paradise. This is a great time to inculcate this habit and it’ll benefit you in the long run for sure.

3. Start something new

From launching your business to making something innovative, summer is the time to explore your talents. There are so many opportunities brimming around and there’s no greater feeling than making/starting something on your own. You could use your impeccable sense of fashion to start your own clothing line or become a fashion consultant. Anything and everything sells!

4. Retrospection time

How often do you complain about getting no ‘me-time’ during college days? How often do you want to sit down and comprehend as to where you are going? Well, this is your time! Think, analyse and make decisions. Make a rough plan about what you want to do ahead and ways in which you can achieve them.

5. Travel alone

Travelling alone can be liberating and can be a time to learn independence. Backpacking In the hills or going surfing on the beach can be a good way to meet new people.

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Ishita Sharma
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