The Delhi High Court has taken significant steps to address concerns raised by law students regarding the inadequate availability of basic amenities and infrastructure at Delhi University’s Faculty of Law. The court has instructed DU to convene a meeting with all relevant stakeholders within a week to evaluate and improve the situation.

In a recent order, Justice Amit Sharma directed the university to hold a meeting involving key stakeholders, including the Dean of Students’ Welfare, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, the petitioners, and the amicus curiae, advocate Rajesh Mishra, who was appointed by the court. The focus of this meeting will be to assess the facilities, particularly the provision of water coolers, purified drinking water, and Wi-Fi services.

The petition was filed by three law students, Ronak Khatri, Umesh Kumar, and Ankur Singh Mavi, who cited severe deficiencies in the basic amenities on their campus. One of their primary concerns was the lack of air conditioning in classrooms, which makes the learning environment unbearable during Delhi’s extreme summer temperatures, which can reach up to 48 degrees Celsius. The students noted a stark contrast between the air-conditioned administrative offices and staff rooms and their own poorly ventilated classrooms.

Additionally, the petition highlighted that one of the campus buildings, constructed with tin roofs and asbestos-lined walls, exacerbates the heat issue, creating an uninhabitable learning environment. They reported instances of heat strokes and fainting, illustrating the dire need for improved infrastructure.

Moreover, the student petitioners argued that the inadequate infrastructure and lack of essential amenities constitute a violation of their fundamental rights under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, which guarantees the right to life and, by extension, the right to education. They stressed that the current conditions pose significant safety risks and are not conducive to learning.

Justice Sharma’s bench issued notices to the Secretary of the Bar Council of India (BCI) and DU’s Dean of Students’ Welfare, seeking their responses to the petition. The court emphasized the necessity of a detailed assessment and required a report on the current status of facilities to be submitted before the next hearing on July 4, 2024.

The court also pointed out the importance of this meeting being well-coordinated by the respondents’ counsel to ensure a comprehensive evaluation and prompt improvement of the facilities.

While the respondents’ counsel informed the court that provisions for water coolers and drinking water are in place, the court’s directive underscores the need for a thorough review to confirm that these amenities meet the required standards and adequately serve the student population.

The forthcoming report from the stakeholders’ meeting will be critical in determining the actions DU will take to address these significant concerns and uphold the students’ rights.

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Internship is devil’s own word. It materialises during first year, solidifies in your second year, and makes you question your whole existence in the third year. In short, it is the experience you get, which makes you decide that you don’t want to do a particular kind of work if you don’t enjoy it, or you want to do it for the rest of your life because it was fun.

While interning there are several woes that a person faces which are not only downright exploitative, but also back-breaking in the amount of work and energy one has to put into it, while getting the bare minimum in return. So, an internship should not be done for the sake of doing something, you need to evaluate your interests, choices and the nature of the work before taking any decision.

The worst kind of internships are those which pay the bare minimum and stress you out so much that instead of learning anything, you feel completely drained out and exhausted. The best thing to do if you are feeling completely worn out and low is to skip it instead of holding onto it and ruining your whole summer.

The tragedy of internship situation here is that there is no fair renumeration for the work and time you put into it. Instead of learning about the organisation, you learn that the corporate world is maybe not for you.

“I joined a company, they promised me a certain amount by the end of the month. Even though some days I was unable to cope with the work pressure, they still promised to pay me the whole amount but in the end,  they backed out of the deal and didn’t even pay me the half of it.” Says a student from Kamala Nehru College.

Don’t get me started on the unnecessary promotional work that they make you do, which is not even in your job description. To all the freshers starting out, there are lot of attractive pseudo-internship offers that are nothing but companies making you do elaborate promotional work. If you are into marketing, carefully choose the company that you want to  work for. It should be authentic and legit. Your time should be valued, taken seriously and directed at things you enjoy doing.

Another student elaborates, “The work they make you do is sometimes completely opposite to what you were supposed to do. They will assign you menial chores and make you do work like filling excel sheets and documents due to which your confidence really takes a blow. At the end of the day, you don’t even feel like you have done anything productive.”

The situation is not that bleak. If you find your calling and right atmosphere, you will grow in the field that you love, while doing the work that nurtures your skills and puts them to right use. Don’t get dejected when one internship crumbles and falls apart. It just means that it wasn’t meant for you, look for another.

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A large part of our childhood is made of summer vacations at our Grandmother’s house. It is the single most vibrant memory full of being pampered, getting stuffed like a roasted chicken, made-up games that ended up in fights and screaming matches with cousins and days that ended too quickly. 

With dirty faces and flayed knees, we ran around amok like a flock of wild geese with no sense of propriety or fear of parents. In short, it was unadulterated freedom served to us in huge beautiful summer away from studies and parents.   

Even as summer heat roasted us red and brown, it still was hard to tame us and get us to stay put in one place. It feels like another lifetime when our energy was limitless and wicked ideas came to us in spades. 

My grandmother was a warm oasis of affection who told me mythical stories, showed me constellations, fed me mysterious things and scolded my cousins when they left me out from their games because I was the only girl. She protected me from my parents when I fell off a cliff while aping my brothers in acts of daring and bravery which they specifically told me not to do.  

When you are all grown up, the whole meaning of summer vacations changes. In college, it is either interning, vacationing at some exotic place or staring at your ceiling fan filled with the existential crisis while your work is calling your name with the insistence of that one clingy ex. 

The summer vacations at grandmother are not similar to what you were used to. The annoying cousins are all grown up with their noses stuck deep down their books and breaking manly voice under the pretext of which they act like gangsters but come off like cheap cronies. The communication is no longer around a carrom board pulling each other’s leg relentlessly but sitting in the same room and sending each other inane texts. 

The whole ecstatic environment has changed and feels grown-up. 

You are no longer spending your days out in summer heat creating havoc with the relentless energy of a child who has a lot of time and no worries. You are cooped up inside the four walls and still staring at your ceiling fan worrying about the trivialities of life. Even in the face of the broken arm, you were dauntless and strong, a small paper-cut can now result in complete breakdown.

However, Grandmother is the only constant. Even though she is old now and suffering her own health woes. She still scolds you for being thin, not coming to meet her and not regularly calling her. She still sings her hymns in the low lilt and you still wake up to her low humming at the break of dawn. She still protects your bad habits from your parents and spoils you rotten with her affection and love. 

The timeless quality of that one amazing summer is fading and only your memory preserves it. But whenever you are feeling blue and low, that memory will always serve as a constant source of happiness. 

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Make this summer the most unforgettable one by knowing yourself more, and doing what you love. Here is a checklist that you can’t miss to make your summers unforgettable.

The longer days in summers mean more time to take care of the wonderful you. Make use of these summers to do everything that your busy schedule doesn’t allow you otherwise. Take out time for yourselves, try to know more about your own self and practice self-care. Going on beaches and pools is something that you’ve been doing for years; so try doing something new this time. Slow down and unwind. Here are a few tips for nurturing yourself this summer.

  • Take a Break From Technology:

Summer is a time when everything seems to slow down and thus, it can be a good time to take a break from constant use of technology. Try meeting people in person instead of texting them on WhatsApp. Take a day off from Instagram, Facebook, and all other social media platforms and give yourself a chance to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

  • Write:

If you do not already own a journal, then go buy one and pen down your thoughts, ideas, and feelings in it. Write down everything about your life. Journaling relieves you from stress. If you are new to journaling, then start with a gratitude journal in which you can write down about three things you are grateful about, followed by writing the emotional acts and feelings experienced by you throughout the day.

  • Click and Capture:

Summers and photography tend to go hand-in-hand. If you love to capture nature, then go out early morning and capture the sunrise. Click pictures of the pretty flowers that bloom in this month of happiness. Try to get the perfect shot of the sunset. Take your friends out and click good pictures of them to make their Instagram profile a little more colourful.

  • Sketch, Draw, and Paint:

Art is something that provides our mind with peace. Creating and enjoying art has a lot of health benefits as well. It reduces stress and calms down your mind. Painting is a wonderful way of practicing self-care as it lets us know a lot about ourselves. The colours we use and the designs we make reflect the choices that we make in life. To make art is to make choices and making choices necessitates ourselves to pay attention to which elements please us and which do not please us.

  • Binge Watch:

Catch up on all the movies and TV shows that you’ve missed because of your exams, and watch the ones you love all over again. Binge watching shows is a non-isolating way to practice self-care, so make a list of all the shows you need to watch this summer, fall in love with those characters and make them a part of your life.

  • Read More and More:

Reading is an escape for many people, it lets you explore the world without really leaving your room. It provides you with an opportunity to unplug from the world, run away from all the real-life problems for some time and learn something new. If you are not a movie person and someone who doesn’t like noise, then reading is the best way to practice self-care for you. Being involved in a book provides time to our body and mind to relax, rest and get ready for whatever comes next.

  • Travel and Explore:

Take out some time for a vacation or a staycation. Go out and explore new places, meet new people and learn to see things from a different dimension. Taking a break from everyday life and travelling will give you time to think about yourself and it will make you aware of what you really want in life.

  • Redo Your Room 

Your bedroom can be transformed into a self-care sanctuary by making a few changes. Start with decorating your room with everything you like and give it a new, pleasing look with decent lighting. Imagine an ideal relaxation scenario and convert your bedroom into the same. Remove all the things that prevent your mind from unwinding and make it a work-free zone in order to make it a happy place.

  • Meditate:

Meditate, spend time alone and introspect. Meditation helps us both physically and emotionally. It connects us to our inner self and helps improve and mental and spiritual well-being. It is the perfect practice of sustainable self-care as it is an investment in not just your own personal well-being but also the well-being of others. Once in a while, it is necessary to slow down to focus on yourself. Taking time to channel your inner peace will give you the energy to enjoy the rest of your day.


There is no better time to start taking care of yourself than right now. So start right away by doing one small thing for yourself. Have a relaxing, refreshing and fun summer!


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Digital Detox

Noun: informal

A period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.

Google’s very reliable meaning search, trusted by millions young and old, is the source for this rather accurate definition for the new digital detox fad.
Exam time proves to be a real challenge for us millennials because it comes with the added challenge of avoiding the temptation of checking various avenues of social media every few seconds. For all those wondering how some of us even succeed at this, there are plenty of extremely useful apps available on the Google play store to curb your temptation of phone checking.

Okay, so we’ve managed to make it through our exams without frying our brains with an overdose of Instagram, so is this the end? Is the following summer break going to be two months of a tech binge? Realistically it sounds about right, to indulge in all the idle sins we’ve been denying ourselves of for the past month, but that’s not how it should be.

Here’s a list of five things you can do in place of switching on that television or picking up that phone:

1. Read a book

As cliche as this may sound, it is proven to be one of the best methods to keep you occupied enough. If you’re not particularly fond of reading, the best way to go about this is to pick a genre that interests you, instead of simply reading something the papers or your friends are raving about. It does not have to be a classic or something difficult to understand, it could even be a comic book or graphic novel depending on your interest.

2.Explore your city

While not everyone has the luxury to vacation during summer, you can surely go on your own mini vacation by exploring your very own city! You are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised by the new things you discover by simply walking around and exploring. It may seem like a mighty task to explore in the heat, but an umbrella and plenty of lemonade can work wonders. Evenings are a great time to go about an activity like this if the morning sun is too much to handle. Whether you live in a big city or a small one, there’s always some hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

3. Do some volunteer work

Volunteering is a great way to enhance your CV alongside gaining some good karma. The volunteer work does not have to be with some established or well-known NGO which makes you fill out applications and give interviews. Instead, opt for a non-profit which genuinely needs help for a cause. Your work could even be as simple as getting some pedigree for rescued animals or transportation for the poor from their homes to a nearby hospital.

4. Play a board game

We all loved playing board games with friends and family as children. It’s time to dust off the old monopoly and watch friendships being broken once again with UNO. A brilliant way to not only boost those brain cells but to also facilitate human interaction, these board games get the job done. Great options for board games are Monopoly, Snakes, and Ladders, Guess Who, Scrabble, Pictureka and The Game of Life. And in case you don’t wish to play any of these board games, grab a pen and some paper and relive your childhood with the classic, Name-Place-Animal-Thing.

5. Learn a new skill

Ditch the Youtube tutorials for a second and look up actual skill classes. Whether you want to learn to do the Salsa or learn how to make Salsa, this age and time offer limitless possibilities in terms of skill classes and courses. A favourite among most people is baking classes. A stress-free method to create something delicious the result of which you can even consume, baking classes are great for those with a passion for cooking. Other great options include Pottery, Roller Skating, Painting, and Swimming among many others.

Whatever the method you choose to wean yourself off of technology this summer, a productive distraction will help you feel much better than any screen possibly could.

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Classics are a great way to do go back in time for an escape and introspection. Take yourself on a great getaway this summer with our ultimate list of must-read classics.

 As the summer is dawning upon us, most of us have already made our post-exam plans. To help pass time in the long vacation, we present a list of time-honoured novels:

  1. Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë (1847):

Powerful and passionate, this novel explores two generations of characters in the windy moors of 18th and 19th century England. The gothic elements of the novel brings alive the disturbing and haunting melody of the moors through its vibrant characters like Catherine and Heathcliffe.

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (1813):

Probably one of the most famous English novels ever, Austen’s brilliant satire and irony exudes through her characters. A strong-willed Elizabeth Bennet, and the broody, gentlemanly Edward Darcy. As Elizabeth discovers and confronts her faults and her vanity, she unravels what is probably one of the greatest love stories of our time.

  1. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov (1955):

This disturbingly thought-provoking novel is bound to shake you to the core. The story follows the raw, bloody desire of the middle-aged professor Humbert Humbert, for the 12-year old Dolores Haze (whom he nicknames Lolita). Nabokov’s controversial work remains one of the most vibrant explorations into the dark side of human nature.

  1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (1847):

A must-read for all feminists, this novel follows the blossoming of Jane Eyre into spiritual and emotional maturity. Brontë’s magnum opus is often considered revolutionary as it highlights themes of sexuality, religion, classism, and religion through the fiercely independent and perceptive nature of its protagonist.

  1. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (1873-77):

What is considered to be Tolstoy’s most autobiographical work, the novel follows the web of lives of Anna Karenina, Count Vronsky, Oblonksky, and Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin, in a period of turmoil in Russian history. However, it is the brutal realism of Tolstoy’s words that is the most redeeming quality of the novel.



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With the longer days and harsh sun, the weather has seen a steep rise in the temperature. In this weather, we bring you exclusive add ups to your summer wardrobe that can set your style quotient high.

1. Wrap on skirt – Tight jeans become suffocating when the weather is hot and humid, and hence on steamy summer day a breezy skirt will be the best pick. Besides, one feels very romantic while wearing and twirling the skirt. You can simply pair it with a simple tee or do some light layering with a denim vest over a tank top.

Image credits: India Mart

2. Palazzo Pants – Palazzo pants are loose, flowing pants that are are amazing because they’re so incredibly comfortable. They are just like pajamas, but only more presentable. You can wear bright palazzo pants with a classic striped shirt for a really cute look or add a crop top for a hint of sexiness.

Image credits: Garage

3. Deodorant – It goes without saying: deodorant is a must. Unless you like to torture people with your body odour.

Image credits: nippaku.wordpress.com

4. Bright nail paints – Fuchsia, turquoise, cobalt or lemon. Choose your pick amongst these spirit-elevating hues. In the exhausting summer, a pop of colour on your hands will give you a strange sense of being put-together whether you hold a chilled soda bottle or the sweaty metro pole.

Image credits: StyleCraze

5. Shrugs – They are lightweight, breezy, and super stylish. The best part is they’ll protect your arms from harmful UV rays.

Image credits: Koovs

6. Basic t-shirts: A few pairs of basic t-shirts in black, white, grey, and stripes will make sure that on days when you don’t have a minute to spare, your look will still be sleek. Make sure to choose a neckline (a v-neck/scoop neck/crew neck/boat neck) that is flattering on you. I personally wear my basic t-shirts with shorts, pants, and leggings, all day, every day.

Image credits: Teen Vogue

7. Face wipes – It’s inevitable to turn greasy and dull, thanks to the hot-dusty loo winds. But worry not – just swipe a cleansing wipe over your face and you’ll feel brand new.

Image credits: The Frisky

8. Lip balm – You may think that lip balms are a thing of winters, but lips also need care in summer because they lack the natural glands to keep them moist. And as the temperature rises your lips are exposed to harmful UV rays and suffer from dehydration, which subsequently makes them dry and chapped. Therefore to keep your lips supple and healthy, use a lip balm that has an SPF of at least 15.
Hope you enjoy a stylish and cool summer ahead!

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As the weather and newspapers report the sudden wave of summers, a collective sigh envelops the heat-stricken inhabitants of this nation. Reports of woes and whines are being heard in great proportion from the collegiate-section as the temperature continues to rise and temporary respite of rain appears sporadically. Amidst the sudden arrival of the sunny season, here are a few ways to survive the heat.

  1. The Deluge of the Sunscreen

Scientific facts time: Global warming, harmful UV rays, skin cancer. Weather and skin maintain a perpetual caring relationship. While winters cause dryness, summers can cause major skin damage due to the glaring sun rays. Summers call for shorts, skirts, dresses, and sleeveless shirts. Hence, cover every spot of your exposed body with sunscreen.

  1. The Periodic Water Intake

Doctors reiterate a few things during your monthly/annual/contingent visit. Exercise daily, don’t eat an excess of junk food, and most importantly, drink LOTS of water. Besides the obvious health benefits, a sufficient water intake is of monumental importance to keep you sane and active during your eventful days.

  1. The Wardrobe Makeover

The primary reason which leads to shopping is the seasonal transition. Bidding adieu to jackets, mufflers, and sweaters, summertime calls for airy clothes which shall be your sustenance in the heat. This summer complement yourself with shorts, dresses, or skirts, or go wild and buy a skort. The right outfit selection can prove to be your saving grace.

  1. The Strategic Hang-Out Spot Selection

Gone are the days when the whole gang would sit under the sun anywhere and everywhere for cold comfort, for the troublesome heat waves will prevent you from occupying your spots of liking. You shall find yourself constantly in search of restaurants and cafés which offer the luxury of ACs, because that shall be your respite in the coming future.

  1. The Recreational Bonanza

The theory of fun constitutes a direct relationship between rising temperatures and the frequency of plans involving water. Pool parties, Goa trips, and water park plans shall all emerge at once, so ensure your friends don’t bail out on trivial grounds. Are you ready for some fun in the sun?


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‘Eat, Sleep, Repeat’ – Is this your vacation motto? Are you binge-watching television shows and binge-eating simultaneously? Are you watching your favourite YouTube videos for more than 6 hours continuously? Or are you stuck in an internship where you are desk-bound the whole day? If any of your above answers are teeming with an agreement, then its pretty obvious that going to gym or working out sound too intensive and cumbersome to keep yourself healthy.

So if you’re losing motivation to stay fit this summer, worry not!

We present to you our ultimate package of 4 fun ways that are bound to keep you happy as well as healthy.

1. Rope Skipping

We all have tried skipping at least at some point in our life. According to Science Daily, 10 minutes of skipping rope is about equivalent to running an 8-minute-mile. It’s a great calorie burner as well as a stress buster. It’s in fact, a full body workout in one. So this season, grab a rope and skip towards a healthy life.

2. Swimming

Swimming serves as the most perfect regime for this hot summer season. It burns more calories than walking, and you know what the best part is? Its sweat free! It manages your weight, boosts your mood and reduces stress level. Additionally, it will tone your muscles and help you sleep well. So, say goodbye to insomnia and swim towards happy days.

3. Cycling

It’s about time you take out your bicycle from the garage and get on with it. Cycling is one of the best ways to keep oneself healthy as it is a low impact exercise which is suitable for all ages. Cycling not only helps you combat depression and obesity but also, improves your strength, balance and coordination, thus improving your brain functions as well. So, hop on your bicycle and ride towards a smarter and healthier life.

4. Dancing

Dancing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to stay in shape. It’s fun, enjoyable, and a great exercise which not only keeps you physically healthy but also, helps to build your personality, improve your self-expression and boost your confidence. So this summer, dance away from all your health worries.

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Summer’s here. With the lazy mornings and the scorching heat, all you want to do is get some respite. But hey! There’s more to summers then just aimlessly wandering around in those loose PJs. Here are a few ways you could utilize your summer and make it productive.

1. Learn a new language online

Learning a new language is always fun. It gives you a chance to know about other cultures and surely gives you an edge over others. Instead of going and sweating it out in the sultry weather, you could easily learn a language in your room. Online courses on Edx, Coursera etc. provide a good opportunity to people to increase their knowledge.

2. Read

Believe me when I say that reading is paradise. This is a great time to inculcate this habit and it’ll benefit you in the long run for sure.

3. Start something new

From launching your business to making something innovative, summer is the time to explore your talents. There are so many opportunities brimming around and there’s no greater feeling than making/starting something on your own. You could use your impeccable sense of fashion to start your own clothing line or become a fashion consultant. Anything and everything sells!

4. Retrospection time

How often do you complain about getting no ‘me-time’ during college days? How often do you want to sit down and comprehend as to where you are going? Well, this is your time! Think, analyse and make decisions. Make a rough plan about what you want to do ahead and ways in which you can achieve them.

5. Travel alone

Travelling alone can be liberating and can be a time to learn independence. Backpacking In the hills or going surfing on the beach can be a good way to meet new people.

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