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Five facts you did not know about the Delhi Metro

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The metro has become an important of all of our lives, hate it or love it, we just can’t ignore it. We might end up cribbing about the crowd and the journey but we just can’t deny the fact that the way DMRC has connected almost every part of Delhi/NCR giving us a cheap and fast mode of transport is simply remarkable.
Being a regular and old metro commuter I thought that I knew almost everything about metros but (and this is hard to accept) here are some facts that even I had no idea about.

  • Do you roll your eyes at times when metro goes through a slight power cut where all lights and AC go off for a few seconds? This is actually called the neutral zone where the power supply is being shifted from one sub-station to another because the overhead extension (OHE) cannot supply power from just one station to such a vast metro line and hence, has designated sub-stations.

And we always thought there was something wrong with the metro!


  • Delhi metro has more than 200 trains. Together, these trains travel 69,000 kms everyday. The Earth’s circumference is a mere 40,075 kms.


  • DMRC have kept in mind their social responsibility and have made an orphanage for street children at Tis Hazari which is run by an NGO called Salaam Balak Trust. These kids are provided a library, computer room, study room, music room and open space for other activities.


  • Delhi Metro premises have no dustbins except in restaurants because eating or drinking is not permitted in the Delhi metro. Despite this, people do drink and eat but the metro premises are still mostly clean.

I have personally seen people keep the wrappers back in their bag instead of throwing them on the floor.
Metro is even inculcating good habits in us, apparently.


  • Most of the Blue line stations harvest rain water and Delhi metro is also the first railway project in the world to earn carbon credits after being registered with the United Nations under the Clean Development Mechanism and have earned 400,000 carbon credits by saving energy through the use of regenerative braking systems on its trains.


The DMRC has indeed made me a proud citizen and I will make sure I am more informed about the Delhi metro from now on.

This is not it, for a few more unknown Delhi metro facts, hit the link – Facts and trivia about Delhi metro

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