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The 5 types of brothers that we know

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It’s Raksha Bandhan! A day sisters celebrate their brothers (usually from the same mother) and the special bond they share with them. Here are five types of brothers that we might have experienced in our lives:

The Cool Rockstar Brother– This brother is everything you want. He is normally elder to you and lets you have all the fun in the world, but takes care of you just the same. He earns and showers you with gifts all year round. Kinda hard to come by.

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The Annoying Little Brother– HE WANTS EVERYTHING. Whatever you own, whatever you want to own, everything. He’s a cry-baby and would pester your parents relentlessly till you give him what you want. Normally younger to you, so a smack on the back can set him just right.

The Young Diva- This one is the absolute favourite of all sisters. He doesn’t give into the social norms of being masculine and tough. He will go out shopping with you and would probably try on your new heels before you do. He is more like a best friend who would keep your secrets perfectly safe, no matter how bad a fight was last night. This is the type you simply adore.



The Over-protective Elder Brother– Probably the most common and recognised of the whole species. He absolutely adores and spoils you, but would not stand anybody who hurts his little sister. He won’t tell you that he loves you, but his actions will always make you feel loved.

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The Teacher– This one will miss no opportunity to tell you where you went wrong and what you could have done. It’s not because he hates you or anything, quite the opposite, he loves you and wants you to have all that you deserve and more.


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