Humouroscope: 23rd April-30th April, 2014

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Aries: With exams getting closer, you will soon realize that there are almost 5 unknown topics you weren’t aware even existed in the syllabus. This is likely to happen around the midnight before the exam.

Taurus: Your shoelaces are likely to get stuck in the escalator. Beware in malls and Metro stations.

Gemini: You are going to find out that your crush has a crush on you. Enjoy this week.

Cancer: The most beautiful/handsome professor of your college is going to send you a love letter.

Leo:Keep your phone away from your parents. They might discover something you don’t want them to see.

Virgo: Child. You are special. And this time, you are going to top the university. Also, you are stupid enough to believe this, aren’t you?

Libra: If you are planning to cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend, then please do it after exams. Something bad is likely on the cards.

Scorpio:Avoid having a shower during the exam season. You will score better marks.

Sagittarius: You will receive a letter from one of the PM candidates whose trolls you have been posting on Facebook all this election season, to join their party.

Capricorn: Sunny Leone will WhatsApp you in near future.

Aquarius: You are lucky this week. You are going to get free movie tickets; a date; a car from your parents and a slap if you believe all this.

Pisces: You just need to sleep and sleep more to pass this semester. You will fare well.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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