Delhi University collaborates with DUWA for health center for girls

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Delhi University Women’s Association (DUWA) launched its Mind Body Centre on 13th February, 2014. Inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh, this new service of comprises of medication and treatment of physical and psychological health of female students. The center started functioning on 1st March, 2014.

The female students and staff of Delhi University can get themselves registered for Rs. 50 at the DUWA office, located on Chattra Marg opposite Miranda House College’s hostel. This registration will enable them to get free physical and psychological counseling for a year, starting the date of registration.

The Mind Body Center has Dr. Payal for the homeopathic treatment, consulting problems including hair fall, dandruff, acne and menstruation. For psychological problems like stress, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, the center has psychologist Bhawna Chauhan. The center is open Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

As per Mrs. Sunita Arora, EC member of DUWA, the move is another step in welfare of the women in Delhi University and is fully focused on providing better facilities for the girl students.

According to Bhawna Chauhan, most of the students who come for the counseling are undergoing an emotional turmoil due to reasons varying from relationships, family problems as well as peer pressure. She has spoken to various students, who are immigrants from various small towns, facing depression because of change in the culture and atmosphere.

Earlier the registration fee was decided to be Rs. 100, which was later brought down to half to make it even more student-friendly. The identities of the students as well as staff members will remain undisclosed considering the fact that sometimes the students hesitate to come up with problems specially related to psychology.

“Students should take advantage of this program. We have well experienced psychologists and homeopathic doctors for the female students and staff. We are trying to make this program popular and thus helping the girl students through their problems” said Dr. Karabi Mazumdar, the secretary of DUWA.

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