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To address the safety concerns transpiring recent incidents at all-women colleges, DU issued a notification to reconstitute a women’s safety committee to strengthen the security of female students and employees.

On 8 May 2023, Delhi University (DU) issued a notification to reconstitute a committee on women’s safety and security in light of the incidents threatening the safety of students in all-women colleges. The committee, consisting of six members, will be headed by university proctor, Dr. Rajni Abbi.

The competent authority of the university has re-constituted a committee on women safety and security to strengthen the safety and security of female students and employees of the university

–stated the notification issued by DU on May 8 2023.

The notification is issued to address the recent incidents in cultural fests raising concerns regarding the safety and security of female students and employees on campus. On 29 March 2023, male trespassers harassed and catcalled women during Indraprastha College for Women (IPCW) annual fest, Shruti. A similar harassment incident was reported in Miranda College in October 2022 where several men scaled down the college walls and sexually harassed the female students attending the college’s Diwali fest. These incidents have also caused Gargi College’s annual fest, Reverie, to be cut short to only a one-day affair held on April 10, with limited participants and events.

The university felt the need to have a specific committee to look into the issues of female safety. The committee that was formed after these incidents created generalized guidelines. But it was not specific to the safety of girl students

–Dr. Rajni Abbi stated, in conversation with Press Trust of India (PTI).

Alongside Dr. Rajni Abbi as the Chairperson, the six-member committee will consist of Law Center II’s Prof. Vageshwari Deswal as the Member Secretary, joint proctor Prof. Geeta Sahare, Dr. Mallika Kumar from SRCC, Assistant Registrar Sh. Girish Kumar and Advocate Ms. Niyati Sharma as members.

Previously, on 17 April 2023, DU varsity issued an 17-point advisory notice to colleges and departments clearly stating the “responsibility for events shall lie with the college/department authorities” and the college will be responsible for any “untoward incident”.

Entry for events should be through pre-registration like on Google Forms with details of the event, that is, date, venue, and the expected number of participants, should be maintained and submitted to the police with a copy to other above-mentioned departments

–the advisory added.


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Sri Sidhvi Dindi

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The Delhi University Women’s Association (DUWA) has an interesting history. The body was founded in 1964 by the then Vice-Chancellor CB Deshmukh, to bring together women from the varsity who would work for social causes. More importantly, they provided assistance to the soldiers who had fought in the Indo-Sino War of 1962 and the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965, in ways of distributing rations, clothing supplies and the like. In present times, the Mind and Body Centre (MBC) initiated by the association in 2013, is garnering attention.

The Centre provides psychological counselling as well as naturopathic and homeopathic consultation, from Monday to Saturday between 10 am to 6 pm. According to DUWA Secretary Dr. Geeta Sahare, the institution receives roughly about 30 consultations daily from DU employees and students. She adds, “Most of our clients require counselling for psychological issues such as low self-esteem, family discords, anxiety, depression, exam-related stress, relationship problems, etc. We receive a large response particularly during the admission season, as aspirants seek guidance in their selection of college and the admission procedure.” Queries through email and telephonic conversations are also entertained by the centre. Those visiting the facility have to pay an annual registration fee of Rs 50, after which they can use the services for free.

Trained professionals provide homeopathic remedies for ailments such as cough and cold, hair loss, eye infections, migraine, etc.  In addition, free yoga classes are also provided by the centre. Those who are interested simply have to leave their contact details with the office and they’ll be notified once the classes begin. According to the DUWA website, their motive is to provide holistic care to the clients by attending to their physical, mental and emotional health needs.

The centre also houses a day-care facility for children of DU staff. Moreover, through the Durgabhai Deshmukh free school, the centre provides free education to lesser privileged children. Students from various DU colleges such as Lady Irwin College volunteer to interact with and help such children. According to Dr. Sahare, “We hope to expand the day-care centre, which is amongst the best in India.”

According to the Daily Mail, the facility received 18 cases within a month of its initiation and almost a thousand women have approached it so far. However, when asked about the MBC, most DU students are unaware of it. Even the few that know of it seem to be doubtful of the way in which they can approach the counselors. According to Shrishti Yadav, a second year student of Miranda House, “I have seen the facility as it is just across the road from my college. However, I didn’t know about the facilities provided by it. Now that I know of them, especially the yoga sessions, I’ll definitely try to attend them and also speak to my friends about it.”
The Mind and Body Centre can be reached at 1800-3000-7303 for telephonic counselling. Queries can also be sent at [email protected]

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Swareena Gurung
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Delhi University Women’s Association (DUWA) launched its Mind Body Centre on 13th February, 2014. Inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh, this new service of comprises of medication and treatment of physical and psychological health of female students. The center started functioning on 1st March, 2014.

The female students and staff of Delhi University can get themselves registered for Rs. 50 at the DUWA office, located on Chattra Marg opposite Miranda House College’s hostel. This registration will enable them to get free physical and psychological counseling for a year, starting the date of registration.

The Mind Body Center has Dr. Payal for the homeopathic treatment, consulting problems including hair fall, dandruff, acne and menstruation. For psychological problems like stress, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, the center has psychologist Bhawna Chauhan. The center is open Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

As per Mrs. Sunita Arora, EC member of DUWA, the move is another step in welfare of the women in Delhi University and is fully focused on providing better facilities for the girl students.

According to Bhawna Chauhan, most of the students who come for the counseling are undergoing an emotional turmoil due to reasons varying from relationships, family problems as well as peer pressure. She has spoken to various students, who are immigrants from various small towns, facing depression because of change in the culture and atmosphere.

Earlier the registration fee was decided to be Rs. 100, which was later brought down to half to make it even more student-friendly. The identities of the students as well as staff members will remain undisclosed considering the fact that sometimes the students hesitate to come up with problems specially related to psychology.

“Students should take advantage of this program. We have well experienced psychologists and homeopathic doctors for the female students and staff. We are trying to make this program popular and thus helping the girl students through their problems” said Dr. Karabi Mazumdar, the secretary of DUWA.