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Capturing through the lens: A story of Daryaganj in Delhi

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Daryaganj is a bittersweet journey. As the day commences, it reminds us of a past that seems within our grasp, and as the sun sets, a far-away past who’s good is interred with its bones. Fittingly then, on Lord’s Day, there is a resurrection, but of a different kind. Push-carts and cartons spill over with history, of tales of our truth and lies. The footfalls on the path increase in all kinds of volume, some tales are picked up while the others get buried again, only to be re-told on another day. And we scurry along, to capture this graveyard shift, to stitch it again with the fabric of the city.

Faint stirrings of the dawn when the dead awaken…
…Man sits up to a distant rumbling.
The streets begin clearing with the coming of the hour…
But the bearer still sleeps with his feet in the clouds.
The cobwebs melt away with the morning dew…
With which the undertaker stirs his magical brew.
The doors open, drawing out another world of truths and lies…
…Of forgotten dreams that broke on forgotten mornings, the hearse ferries them to life.
The merchants of sacrilege, burst the coffins open and the tomes rise.
The doors are locked in vain as the pages continue to proliferate; The passerby looks on in horror.
And the outnumbered man, in dismay.
But, the brew is ready to be served and the graveyard shift is in motion.

About the project: When a banker, an architect, a space designer, a pharmacist and two engineers come together, they capture poetry in pictures. Project Daryaganj is a product of the visual communication initiative by the Young India Fellowship Programme. 100 fellows from diverse backgrounds have come together to capture the essence of Delhi under the banner project of “Dastaan Ae Dilli”. For more such work on the Delhi we love, do visit  https://www.facebook.com/YIF.Dilli.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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