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5 movies to watch this Christmas eve

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When winter winds dominate outside our houses during Christmas, the enjoyment alternatives are narrowed down to handful choices. Adding to that you also have endless traffic and some extremely over crowded places. Well there is no need to be sad, for one can always enjoy Christmas in our living rooms with the family watching some great Christmas movies.

We list down some top picks for you to watch this Christmas Eve. So just grab your popcorn and find that favourite spot on the couch!

1. Home Alone


The Home Alone series is based on a kid home alone at Christmas and takes charge to defend his home from burglars in the absence of his family. As it throws you and your family into piles of laughter together, watch out for that seamlessly blends humour, pain and human emotions with a bit of family drama. Yes, get on to it ‘ya filthy animal.’

2. It’s a Wonderful Life


This is one of the ageless classic which keeps on charming people with its steer simplicity and message every time. A must-watch for everyone, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ restores your faith in the celestial beings if you’re discouraged with life. It’s an inspiring tale of a man who touches so many lives in his town by his good behaviour. This movie isn’t just a Christmas holiday favourite, but a great movie by all standards.

3. Love Actually


This British movie is known to be the ultimate romantic comedy and one of the best Christmas movies. ‘Love Actually’ weaves ten storylines into the fabric of festive movie. It spreads love all around and explores love in different kinds of relationships. The happy endings and nuances of romance and comedy make this movie impossible to ignore while choosing a movie to watch on Christmas.

4. A Christmas Carol

christmas carol

Adapted into numerous cinematic versions from Charles Dickens’ classic novel, it is a tale that is symbolic to Christmas lore. On our list we have put the 2009 version with Jim Carrey. Like all others, Disney succeeds in bringing Scrooge and his cynicism to life in this version as well.

5. Miracle on 34th Street


One of the perennial Christmas favourites, the cynics who refute the existence of Santa Claus should certainly give it a watch. This movie is sentimental and manipulative and comes out to be a solid family feature that makes it difficult to dislike. The movie has been made twice-in 1947 and 1994 for two different generations but it never loses out it blissful Christmas appeal.

So get on with all that visual celebration! Oh. We almost forgot. Merry Christmas! 😀

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