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Top 5 trends that freshers end up following

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College is seen as a land of magical dreams and abundant freedom. After slogging for their Board Exams, freshers look forward to letting their hair down and experimenting with everything under the sun. While every fresher takes a different route, we look at some common trends among freshers in the first few months after college begins!

  1. Getting their hair coloured-Ah, come college and you’ll notice many hardcore freshers dyeing their hair in a variety of colours. Red and light brown are too old school now and people have moved on to more off beat shades like purple, blue, green and even white. In case you dislike everything that is main stream and want to stand out, just shave your hair off completely; that should do the trick!
  2. Joining societies and ‘youth organisations’– It is common knowledge that the batch of first years is easily the most enthusiastic lot in a college at any given point of time. Fresh out of school, they want to try their hand at anything and everything, and usually end up joining about 5 different societies in colleges, or the many ‘youth organisations’ comprising DU students. Needless to say, they don’t think too much about it and jump into such activities. This zeal fades, eventually, and students end up in the one or two societies that they really like.
  3. Getting tattoos and piercings-Nothing screams freedom and individuality like tattoos and piercings, right? There are many fucchas who line up outside tattoo studios and jewellery stores to get inked and pierced respectively the minute they get into DU. They get their ears, noses, eyebrows and even unmentionable body parts pierced. Cryptic tattoos are definitely in, though most like to keep it simple with the symbol for infinity being a popular option.
  4. Adopting a hippie outlook- This transformation is relatively slow and not something that everyone goes through. But slowly and surely, you’ll notice some freshers adopting certain habits. Such students claim to hate all that is main stream and switch to loose, brightly coloured pants and tops and can be seen smoking around campus. And no, that’s not a cigarette they’re smoking! They’ll start growing out their hair and adopting an ‘I don’t care about anything’ attitude. Many of them even start listening to Pink Floyd to seal the deal.
  5. Creating LinkedIn Accounts-This isn’t an immediate occurrence, but within a month or so, students start creating LinkedIn accounts for ‘professional purposes’. Especially those in Commerce, Economics and Business courses feel that a profile on LinkedIn will help them get important contacts. Only problem is that the next time they log into their account is about a year later, if at all.

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